18 April 2012

4 friendlies in June for Azkals ?

1. June Philippines vs Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
5. June Philippines vs Indonesia , Rizal Memorial
8. June Philipines vs Hong Kong , Panaad, Bacolod
12. June Philippines vs China , Rizal Memorial

All matches at 7 pm on Studio 23


Comment :

Dont really think that all matches are confirmed ?

1. June friendly : has been confirmed by Malaysia

5. June friendly : has not been confirmed by Indonesians yet. Indonesia could be suspended by FIFA within 15. June. PFF has confirmed this friendly

8. June friendly vs Hong Kong seems not sure , when Hong Kong playing Vietnam at home on 10. June , why would they play in Bacolod two days before?

12. June friendly : Media reports just recently that China has not responded to PFF invitations, why do ABS CBN announce this friendly ? China NT or China U22 ?
Manila Standard today wrote today that Thailand been invited for 12. June friendly


  1. I dont think any friendly should be considered as confirmed until the opponents confirm the friendly. I dont trust PFF , they announce friendlies before they even invite national teams !

    1. haha! Agreed! It's a farce! Part of the problem is the media. They just report and report things as if everything is already confirmed. And then you have the the [gullible] people who just believes everything that's being reported without thinking for themselves.

      Anyway, the only friendly which is pretty much sure to go ahead so far is the away game to Malaysia.

    2. at least two friendly matches are mentioned in the official FIFA website (Malaysia and Indonesia matches)....I guess the other 2 are just again hot air like we are used to it from PFF

    3. not just the PFF but the supposed "official" site of the team such as Facebook. lol!!

  2. the official site administered by gay cunt louie encabo LOL! hes such a lolcat!

    didnt he write an article about gino pavone? hes such a lolcat!

    1. the wannabie insider louie shitface encabo. feeling "official" site... ungas siya!