24 April 2012

UFL - Loyola 3-4 Pasargad !!

April 25, 2012

0-1 14 min Ohadi (Pasargad)
1-1 16 min Jeong (Loyola)
1-2 19 min Jafaridastjerdi (Pasargad)
1-3 45 min Jafaridastjerdi (Pasargad)
2-3 58 min James Younghusband (Loyola)
3-3 74 min Jeong (Loyola)
3-4 84 min Jafaridastjerdi (Pasargad)


Global FC1190234132127
Loyola Meralco Sparks FC1181241192225
Kaya FC108021811724
Stallion Gilligan's FC95312371618
Phil. Air Force Phoenix FC103341820-212
Pasargad FC113261219-711
Phil. Army Fritz & Macziol FC112361220-89
Nomads Auction Manila102351124-139
Green Archers United FC102261819-18
Phil. Navy Red Juice FC11119944-354


  1. Pasargad beat Loyola 4-3. What an upset!

  2. Meh. Loyola has always been and is still pretty much a very average side at best! Take away the Younghusband brothers, or even just Phil alone... it's quite shitty side! If it wasn't for the Younghusband brothers signing for them, the team wouldn't have all these "fans" and they wouldn't be branded as supposed big club in the country!

    1. Thanks for updating the standings jonny.

  3. Big club in the country? There are no big clubs in the country! Football is still developing here and you talk as if these so called big clubs have a big following everywhere in the Philippines. The only big club here is the azkals bcos that's treated like a club!

    1. Umm... do you know how to read?! Where did I say that there were big clubs in the country?!?!

    2. Umm.... "and they wouldn't be branded as supposed big club in the country" haha Idiot!

    3. "supposed"??? have you heard of read between the lines or in the context to? Loyola in the context of Philippine football is, again, "supposed", a big club. get it??? learn how to read not just the words but what was meant in the context to whatever. stop coming on here and say things just to make you look and feel smart. maybe you are. heck I'll say you are. happy now? just beat it kid and this is getting old here. everytime I go on here and check for updates from people I always see comments like yours. always trying to catch people on what they have written when all you have to do is read and put in the right context. I mean c'mon who in the right mind would really claim that Loyola is a "big" club as in the Baca, ManU, etc. level. But there you are thinking the comment the person made was meant as such. just stop kid... that's all I'm saying.

    4. Who's Baca?

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