18 April 2012

Limpag: Waiting for PFF and a tailgate party

By Mike T. Limpag

Fair Play

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SO, what’s the latest on the complaint by Cristy Ramos against Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado?

I’m not familiar how long things like these go, but the lack of news and the delay--perceived?--has led some critics to cry whitewash.

But I see no reason for the PFF to tilt the probe in the players’ favor. What good would that do? Besides, I don’t think Dan Palami has any influnce over the
disciplinary committee as it is a separate entity from the PFF and is led by Goyo Larrazabal. Didn’t Dan get banned, too, for failing to answer the committee on time just a few months ago?

Is the investigation really delayed or has the committee found no merit in the complaint, hence the lack of news? And if there’s a decision, would the parties ---and their supporters--accept it?

Ah, the thrill of the waiting game.

Last Tuesday, I spent about an hour watching the final day of Paolo Pascual’s clinic at Aboitiz sportsfield, and a few more afterwards downing a few cold ones in a
tailgate party of sorts.

I have to hand it to Paolo. What he did--sharing what he learned in the past 18 months to Cebuanos for free--was a great move. One that should be emulated. The participants were more than satisfied and were asking when the next one would be as it seems they found the three-day clinic too short.

I know Paolo’s always willing, but for the next one, a little help--from the CFA?--would be welcome. The clinic was free for participants but the Pascual family, led by Pao’s Titas Jogen, Joseli, had to shoulder field rental, shirts, refreshments,
certificates and a few freebies for them.

Even Pao’s cousins and sisters also helped in the clinic too, with their designated roles as photogs and ball boys, while Gary Garciano, his teammate during the Palarong Pambansa days, assisted in the conduct of the drills.

Canduman coach Jun Santillan also dropped by during the last day of the clinic and even helped in one of the drills. He also said he’s going to adopt one of the drills—where the keeper’s reflexes were tested—in his own training with Canduman and MTI.

Anyway, after the clinic, I with Albert Flores, Joel Pascual, Mark Concha and Egay Salvacion spent a few more hours talking football under the stars, with a few cold ones.

What bliss.

I think, the Aboitiz Sports Field is perfect for a tailgate party. See you in the Bro Cup?


Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on April 19, 2012.

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  1. Here is another one of the group of lap dogs, who will do a "plug' for their friends. What does a tail gate party have to do with the investigation, and findings.

    Again, justice and fairness may take time, but these people just want a 'hanging spectacle", and will not settle for nothing less. Note that the mantra is the same, Ms. Ramos is right becuase of her position, because of her work, becuase of her mom, because of her dad, becuase of other pols' support, beecuase of some media. Has anyone examine the evidence, as to what she said, and what they said, and compare the independent witnesses? Absolutely not, not these people.

    Ms. Ramos' public 'assail" of the Azkal captain is alright... The 'apologies', a decency - even from people who have been pushed in a jeepney would say, 'oh, sorry or excuse me', becomes evidence of guilt.. etc etc Politicians' uproar are the laws... PI, PI we cry for thee. You have suffered, not at the hands of foreigners, or outsiders, but the own hands of your native sons and daughters who have used what you stand for, and abused you!!!!