25 April 2010

UFL - Mendiola Egames Walk Out

by Coco Torre

Ascom, Fort Bonifacio- 9:25am- Mendiola Egames conceives a defeat without finishing the entire match. The loss was due to a decision of the team to walk out from the vicinity right after the half-time whistle has been blown.
The team’s decision might have been a result of the referee’s issuance of two yellow cards to each of the Orcullo brothers, Gerome and Gerard. The Orcullo brothers were sent off with red cards in minutes nearing the half-time whistle- with a score of 2-0 favoring Airforce Rider.

Opponents Airforce Rider were dismayed at Mendiola Egames’ decision as the team is currently finding means to overtake top team Kaya Digiprint in terms of goal average-a 3-0 win to them is not enough.

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Comment : I expect Mendiola to be kicked out of UFL before next weekend !

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