29 April 2010

Mendiola E-games and Green Archers Orient Freight Final Decision

After both parties were given an opportunity to appeal for the sanctions received, below are decisions agreed upon by the UFL technical committee.

1. Uphold original decision of a 2 match suspension for all Archers players who were given red cards.

2. Paul Concepcion - Reduce Mr. Concepcions’ suspension from a 2 year ban to a 6 match suspension.

3. Mr. Aris Caslib, Mr. Marlon Solas, Mr. Bernie Solas and Mr. Fadrigalan - uphold our original sanctions on these players and official since they did not appeal their case.

4. Mendiola FC - uphold the original 5 point deduction. The Club must pay the P10,000 default fine prior to their next match. The club is also warned that a second default may lead to expulsion from the tournament.

From UFL website.

Comment : They walked out in next match , what will be the penalty for the walk out ? Expulsion ?

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