25 April 2010

UFL - Mendiola E-Games and Green Archers Orient Freight Await Fate After Rumble

by Josue Jamlang

Last Sunday proved to be an eventful round of matches in the UFL, but not only because of the usual fascinating action that took place, but also due to the unfortunate and bizarre scenes in the match between Mendiola E-Games and Green Archers Orient Freight.

The game, pivotal for both team’s ambitions in the League, had to be abandoned early in the second half, after a small altercation between opposition players turned into an all out free for all in a blink of an eye. It was a scene of players throwing strikes and others trying to cool heads down for a solid three minutes.

When the fiasco finally came to an end, the referee dished out a total of nine red cards to the two teams, with further fines and possible penalties still yet to be announced. The League’s Technical Committee had a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the events that transpired on Sunday, and to debate over the subsequent repercussions that should take place

Football is undoubtedly a game that involves plenty of passion, intensity, and physicality, but such altercations such as what took place, are a rarity and should not be seen as accepted behavior in the sport. The shameful event, which marred an otherwise fantastic week of football in the UFL, will surely be met with plenty of heavy penalties and strong actions from the governing body.

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