25 April 2010

Cebu Football - Keeping it perfect

By Mike Limpag

FORMER RP team member Joshua Fegidero made Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) pay for their loose defense in the dying minutes. He salvaged a 1-1 draw for Doraemon in their Men’s Open match in the 10th Interclub Invitational Tournament at the University of San Carlos (USC)-Technological Center yesterday.

Fegidero, who used to coach USC, chested in Rocky Garciano’s free kick from pointblank range in their final play to stay undefeated in the six-team event.

Doraemon, which used to be known as Crazy Horse, now has four points. Host CAFC also has four points and leads on goal difference owing to its 12-1 win over Count
FC last Saturday.

Had CAFC held on to its lead, it would have been three points ahead in the standings.

From the get-go, both teams showed they weren’t afraid to create chances in the offensive end.

CAFC, which also boasts of former RP team member Arni Pasenabo, had the first shot but Martin Bontia’s attempt sailed straight to the keeper.

A minute later, Fegidero’s low shot was tapped out by keeper Benjamin Sanchez.

Rommel Cuizon, who stood a foot shorter than his defender, scored the first goal in the 13th as he found the top corner from an acute angle from left flank.

Rocky Garciano had his first chance for an equalizer but was denied by Sanchez in the 22nd. Another lob by Fegidero in the 25th was also punched out.

In the 30th, CAFC’s Rene Menchavez’s free kick from 35 yards sailed just inches high, while Cuizon’s second attempt was caught by the keeper.

Both teams’ pace slowed dramatically in the later stages of the first half as they struggled with the morning sun but both also managed to pick it up in the second.

Pasenabo and Junard Aguilar played a beautiful give-and-go early in the second but the final shot sailed high. Fegidero eluded his defenders from the right flank, but no teammate was there to receive his perfect pass, which sailed harmlessly pass the goal mouth.

In the 89th, Fegidero made sure he wouldn’t miss as he rushed past everybody to redirect Garciano’s kick for the equalizer.

Before Garciano took the kick, the CAFC defenders and keeper were all pointing at Fegidero and were warning each other to look out for their blindside.

But that didn’t help them.

Crazy Horse will have a rest day today and will next face Count FC on Tuesday, while CAFC faces USC at 1:30 p.m. today.

After struggling against Crazy Horse yesterday, USC could have showed up sans keeper Paolo Pascual and it would have still won.

Striker Philipp Kenei had a field day yesterday as he helped USC to its first win, 8-0, against Count FC.

USC is now currently third with three points, while Count FC is last. FC Intercebu and the University of San Jose Recoletos were set to play their first game yesterday.

In the Boys 12 division, Springdale got its goals from Lorenzo Ceniza, SAbin Veloso and Terence Colmenares for a 3-2 win over M. Lhuillier.

Aflred Patigayon and Lendon Colina scored for M. Lhuillier, which will face Fugsports on Tuesday.

Today, MTI, a team manned by the first batch of players trained by M. Lhuillier Canduman, will have its debut against Sacred Heart SChool-Jesuits in the boys 14 at San Roque, while the host will face Springdale.

In the 38-above division, host SRFC will take on Erco while sister teams--and bitter rivals--Queen City A takes on Queen City B.

In the 12-under game at Springdale, the host will face fugsports, while SRFC A will also take on the host in the Players 10 division.

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