23 August 2012

Dream match slated

Brothers James and Phil Younghusband become rivals as Clear Philippines holds the first-ever Clear Dream Match on Saturday at the University of Makati football field.
The match will feature some of the best players from the United Football League, members of the Philippine national team, some of the country’s best collegiate players, and celebrities.
The Clear Dream Match was launched last June 25. Fans chose from an all-star ballot of 60 players through the event’s Facebook page. The list was trimmed to 40 players who will form two teams that will meet for the Dream Match.
Each team will be captained by the Younghusband brothers.
Team Phil’s roster includeS Saba Gamaroudi (Kaya FC), Park Minho (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Yves Ashime (Pachanga FC), Roxy Dorlas (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Armand Del Rosario (Kaya FC), Eric Tai, Fabio Ide (Team Socceroo), Rafael Rosell, Paolo Bediones, Daniel Matsunaga (Team Socceroo), Tony Toni, Yannick Tuason, Davide Cortina (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Byeong Jeong Yeol (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Dexter Versario (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Janrick Soriano (Pachanga FC), Alvin Ocampo (Green Archers), Oussenyou Diop (Pachanga FC), Paulus Reyes (Team Socceroo) and Micheal Menzee.

Team James consists of Anton Del Rosario (Kaya FC), Nate Burkey (Kaya FC), Pat Bocobo (Green Archers), Jonah Romero (Kaya FC), Patrick Deyto (Green Archers), Rudy Del Rosario, Eric Dagroh (Kaya FC), Andrew Wolff, Marvin Kiefer, Jolo Durian, Jake Cuenca (Team Socceroo), Slick Rick, MikkoMabanag (Ateneo), Patrick Ozaeta (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Raymark Fernandez (Diliman FC), Ronald Ong (Pachanga), Andrew Santiago (Diliman FC), NicoBolzico (Kaya FC), Steven Silva (Team Socceroo) and Ref Cuaresma (Loyola Meralco Sparks).



  1. Am I the only one who vomited bile because of this shit?

    1. Not quite. I didn't exactly vomit but I'm in the same boat where I think this is a useless celebrity match which mainly caters to fan girls and homos as well as band wagoners.

    2. Oh well, doing more for football in the Philippines then you are sitting at home on your computer

    3. ^^How typical. You're clearly a numpty just like everybody else. Thinking everybody is required to do something.

      That's everybody's response to most things. "At least they're doing something" or "buti nga meron, eh kaw? ano ginawa mo" or in your case, "doing more for football in the Philippines than sitting at home on your computer" and all that bullshit!

      Complete joke! Get a fucking brain will you!!

  2. yes u r! if u dont like it dont say anything!

  3. haha don't really know why a football match being set up can make sum1 vomit!

  4. good lord. really, im vomiting bile. i see what has become of the younghusbands and i laugh. from their time at chelsea to playing for the philippines, getting their pics taken in their undies, and now this... a stupid celebrity football match that doesnt add up to anything. its really embarassing, our asean neighbours are laughing at us now for this gay pageant disguised as a football all star match.


  5. this is what the YH bros skipped US training for? to participate in a celebrity football match? these two idiots should be dropped from the national team, now!

  6. Everybody should have skipped US training. That was an embarrassment. So what if they do a charity match? Many of the all time greats have done charity matches. Don't watch if it offends you.

  7. Pa-ingles ingles pa kayo mga baliw kayo. Alam nyo kung di dahil sa mga kinukutya nyo ni hindi kayo makakapagsulat dito.
    Ok lang sana kayo magsalita nang negative kaso pag me halong insulto eh...baliw na talaga kayo.
    Tama yung sabi nung isa kanina...mga wala kayong isip (este utak pala).
    Marunong lang kayo mag-ingles ay may karapatan na kayong magsabi nang opinyon nyo na nakaka-insulto.
    Sa tingin nyo una kung hindi sa mga nagawa nang football team natin ay walang mga imbitasyon sa Pilipinas at gaya nang dream charity match na ito.
    Siguro kung sinasabi nyo na panonoorin lang ito nang bakla at mga babaeng naglalaway sa mga YH, eh siguro bakla na rin si Manny Pangilinan. Sya ang may pakana nyan eh.
    Mga utak alimango talaga kayo. Pwe.

    1. Bugok ka pala eh! Bakla naman talaga is MVP! lol! Face palm for you dumb ass!!

      Another thing, you're just jealous that you can't speak English to save your life! So just stfu!

      And insults?! The above comments aren't insults, those are facts!! You just can't accept it and therefore think they're insults!