03 August 2012

Squad List for US Training Camp

The Philippine Football Federation has named the following players to participate in the United States training camp where they will face both Chicago Inferno and U.S. Virgin Islands as part of their preparation for the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup this November.

The 24-man squad are as follows:

Marwin Angeles

Marvin Angeles

Ian Araneta

Misagh Bahadoran

Aly Borromeo

Emelio Caligdong

Jeffrey Christiaens

Ref Cuaresma

Jason de Jong

Roel Gener

Robert Gier

Andres Gonzales

Chris Greatwich

Nestorio Margarse

Carlie de Murga

Paolo Pascual

OJ Porteria

Patrick Reichelt

Jason Sabio

Eduard Sacapano

Denis Wolf

Demit Omphroy

Matthew Uy

Angel Guirado (to be confirmed)

Source : Azkalsfootballteam


  1. Why is Roel Gener, Nestorio Margarse and Ian Araneta still with the team?

    Roel Gener is a proven idiot. Because of him, all our hardwork in the Challenge Cup was wasted. And it only took 10 minutes! So it took him 10 minutes to waste our chances for a finals apperance and end up 2nd or even as champions. 10 minutes! 10 minutes to flush it down the toilet, what the whole team worked hard for 3 games! 10 minutes! Sikyu!

    Ahhhh Nestorio Margarse. Makes me wonder why after being dropped from the squad, is all of a sudden back with the team? Who is your padrino? Dont tell me, I already know. He looks like a besugo right? Why are you back with the national team when you are not even good enough for the under 22 when you played as one of the over aged players? You even embarrassed the country by getting a red card, losing your temper at an underaged kid!

    Ian Araneta. You have not scored a goal since that chamba goal (it hit the post, chamba) vs Bangladesh in the Challenge Cup preliminaries. In some countries, when a player especially a striker is not doing well, not scoring goals they are eventually dropped to make way for other players. Everytime you play you dont contribute, you dont do anything to complement your team mates. You hog the ball, yet you have nothing to show for it. You cannot get to the ball because something stupid always happens like tripping on your foot, slipping, too slow, or simply kick the ball back to the keeper. You do not have a good football IQ, you do not know when to make a run, you do not have a good first touch, you do not have good dribbling skills, you cant make a pass, you cannot read runs, YOU CANT PLAY FOR SHIT!

    What the hell is going on here? Are these three stooges going to the US for a vacation?

    1. Yeah cos they are ace brights good friends if you haven't noticed. If you know ace and have a good connection with him yore automatically on the team. If he doesn't like you you'll never be on the team. End of story. And yeah the three stooges suck balls.

    2. You might as well add Caligdingdong on that list. The guy is so fucking overrated and people can't see that he actually sucks ass! He's also one of ace bright's buddies.

    3. What about Misagh? He is also one of Ace Brights bestfriends. LOL

    4. ^^At least he's got a bit quality about him unlike the mentioned players above!

  2. I dont think Uy, Omphroy , Angel and Gier are in the training camp?

    Josh Boone seem to be part of the squad.

  3. maraming magaling maglaro dito....hehehe....it better for me stay those people need to fold there uniform because of their age....not because the suck...it you better player than those people then you have the right to comment and replace them as a player.if not then better comemnt in a professional way....

    1. Oh shut up you goodie-two-shoes!! Piss off!!!

    2. hahahaha tinamaan ka? bano ka siguro hahahahahahaha

  4. Anonymous8 August 2012 18:22
    Oh shut up you goodie-two-shoes!! Piss off!!!

    Bakit kaw magaling ka ba?o simpling nagmamagalingan ka....i know Azkal have a open try-out, why would you join......
    on the lighter note, wanna try to play against me chose your type futsal, beach, street, 7-aside, 9-aside or 11 aside???

    1. ^hayaan mo yan. insecure lang yan! hahaha ban ban siguro yan

  5. Anonymous10 August 2012 05:54
    ^hayaan mo yan. insecure lang yan! hahaha ban ban siguro yan

    yan nga ang prob.....marami magaling magcomment.mga naimention na banban na azkal players ay long time player na ng phl.kahit napagiwanan na sila ng panahon dapat respetuhin pa rin.mentallity kung local ang nagbubuwakay o mali ang laro katakot takot na ang pangungutya...eh bakit kung ang halfbreed magkamali mapuna man kakaunti lang.

    1. ^yun nga rin pansin ko bro. yung mga fil-for na players mataas lang din confidence nila shempre kapag nagkamali sila, ang dami nilang oras para makabawi kasi most of the time sila babad sa laro. mga local players, kung ipapasok man 10min lang, ano mapapatunayan nila dun, tas kung magkamali pa sila, hirap na bumawi, tas yung mga walang alam, mga alam lang magsalit ng masama, kung ano ano pinagsasabi

    2. agree....well pinoy eh..gusto sa biglang sikat...