12 August 2012

Limpag: Hey coach, this is crazy...

By Mike T. Limpag
Fair Play
Sunday, August 12, 2012
TOO BAD I missed most of the Azkal match due to a seminar yesterday. I left home after the first half and was planning to catch the second half at the hotel lobby, and it turned out, you can’t watch a damn football match in the lobby.
And in the second half, it turns out, the Philippines played much better after holding the Inferno scoreless and nabbing one goal, but, judging from the various comments online, it seems we’re back to the same old argument about positions, possessions and, well, the effectiveness of these training camps.

I think, too, some critics would love to tell coach Weiss, “Hey coach, here’s his number, field him maybe?”
So, is coach Michael Weiss’ experiment a big flop?
Just before the game, there were a lot of reactions already on the fielding of Jason de Jong and Jeffrey Christaens, when there are more established defenders in the team.
But I think that’s basically the case, the coaching staff knows what the veteran defenders can and cannot do, and the coaching staff wants to see if de Jong and Christaens, who are both young and are way below the pecking order on offense could contribute as defenders.
And we really do need options in the backline, considering that team captain Aly Borromeo isn’t 100 percent yet, and defenders get carded a lot.
At least that’s what I think.
What do you think?
By the way, this discussion reminds me of what happened six weeks before the Challenge Cup, when the Philippines struggled in all those friendlies in the Middle East.

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  1. Ok ka...but call me maybe. Maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong. Maybe it is all just excuse in saying it is a test match.
    It is maybe because we do not have our strongest team here but there are lessons learned here. Maybe we have a weak defense and our GK. Our GK is consistently being scored with goals.
    I agree with you, and say "Maybe there'll be no falling stars this time around."