15 August 2012

US Virgin Islands squad blames promoter for cancellation of Azkals friendly

The US Virgin Islands Soccer Association said it is not to blame for the cancellation of its squad’s friendly match against the Philippine national men’s football team originally slated Friday (Saturday morning Manila time) in Indianapolis, Indiana.
In a news release, USVI Soccer Association secretary-general Chantel Bird said it was the promoter that pulled out of the planned series of matches, which also would have included a match against the semi-professional Chicago Inferno squad.
“We were working with a promoter and due to low and slow ticket sales he pulled out,” said Bird. “This is a very disappointing situation, but is out of our control. As a remedy to this situation the President of the Chicago Inferno, Todd Short tried to book a private plane for both the St. Thomas and St. Croix players and staff, however, it was extremely costly and out of budget.”



  1. I think we're all aware that this trip, this USA tour....was not planned out properly. I don't know who they picked to plan out this tour for the Azkals, but they did a half-ass job.

    Whoever it was, didn't know anything about marketing and they didn't know anything about Soccer in general.

    It's looking very bleak that we will be playing this Friday, which is a shame. We need to start taking advantage of these international calendar dates...

  2. Wasn't it Dan Palami's relatives? I am not concerned about the marketing or lack thereof. My understanding was that the purpose of the trip was to bring Euro based players in for a camp because it is a lot easier to bring them to Chicago than Manila. This did not happen. The second goal was to get in games against high level pro teams and an international opponent. This also did not happen. As the kids say "Epic Fail".