12 August 2012

Did Philippines play Chicago Inferno ?

"but there is more to it. the club owner Todd brought in players from all over the country, but players who came up from the soccer system here in Chicago;a "selection." one of those guys purportedly flew in from brazil. and their right back already signed for an MLS team. so it mustve been like a reunion for them. past midnight in the stadium, the grounds keeper went over and helped me bring down the A-boards and while we were shooting the breeze he goes, "THOSE GUYS WEREN'T THE INFERNO. The current Inferno practice here and I've never seen any of these guys before." props to Todd tho, for actually taking the effort (and shelling out the dough) to put together a hyper competitive team."

-ebong joson (BlueHaired Fan)

Paulino19 :

"Ebong is exactly correct. That was a makeshift Inferno squad. The guys who played last night were not the real Inferno, but players from around the Chicago area and Player Development League teams ... so, these guys had every bit the same preparation time as the Azkals. The real Inferno are not very good and needed to be beefed up big time to provide good competition. The real Inferno players went back to school, so they needed to be replaced."

From : Usapangfootball forum


  1. Whether we played the real inferno or not still its better we played a strong team. Pero namannn...bakit si Sacapano na naman? Butas ang kamay at kili-kili nung tao at maliit pa. Yung top corner shot sa unang goal kuha sana yun nang matangkad na goal keeper.
    Di maganda ang record ni Sacapano...andyan naman si Cuaresma...
    Saka isa pa malas si Christiens na defender...payat at maliit...kaya itulak...
    Sana maging lesson sa coaching staff...aralin nyo mabuti ang kalaban at ang players nyo...
    Sorry na lang sa magandang comment ko. Peace.

  2. Who cares if they weren't the actual Chicago Inferno. It doesn't matter...we played a team that in my opinion was stronger than Guam and the US Virgin Islands put together. We'll learn from this experience.

    You only get better by playing good quality teams.

  3. Cuaresma is better than Sacapano, I thought Weiss lets Cuaresma played on the first half or even on the second half. Kung si Sacapano goal keeper natin, the higher na mag kakapuntos ang mga opponents natn. Tignan nyo mga previous na laro nya, sa UFL pa nga lang.... Mas may bilib pa ako kay Cuaresma.... Sana sa next Sunday, si Cuaresma muna ang GK....

  4. Cuaresma suffered injury during the first days of the training camp. And from what ive seen, also Pascual is/was injured.

  5. ang team ni cuaresma mas malakas sa team ni sacapano. walang back 4 ang team ni sacapano.

  6. The inferno team needed to be beefed up big time to provide good competition? WTF????


    Fact is, that azkals sucks without the foreign based players, and that those comments are pure excuses.

    1. @anonymous 17:34

      I don't realy think your a real follower of the Philippine football and even you urself don't understand what the Azkals are composed of. The Philippine National team called the Azkals is composed of Filipino football players playing in the Philippines and outside of the Philippines. Your statement "the Azkals sucks without the foreign based players" is very idiotic. Jesus hammer it into your brain that the Philippine football is developing and it takes time. And playing againts a strong team will only make the team learn and develop. The Philippine Football National team at the moment needs the help of Filipino players from abroad which has the opportunity to learn football at the early age of six. That's a fact and it takes time. And people like you with very negative and unconstructive comments are not needed in country which is trying hard to develop in these sport called Football.

    2. WTF!!!

      When someone says "fil-foreigners" they get bashed called names, racist, etc. So what the f@ck is wrong with saying foreign based players? They ARE based ABROAD arent they? How do you want me to put it?

      Btw, ive followed the azkals and Philippine football in general since the 90s, before they got named the azkals. Do you know how hard it was back then to find info? So pls do me a favour, and STFU ok.

      Playing a strong team will make the team learn, i agree, but who in hell said that the Chicago Inferno is a good team? No one. They arent good, and thats a fact.

      Please, dont tell me that Philippines is developing, coz that is clear, aint it? And btw, players in Philippines also learn to play the sport by the age of six. Do you think that only happens abroad? Well, LOL at you mister for being really ignorant.

      The azkals couldve had a stronger lineup for the US training camp, but im sure you will say that EVERYONE in that squad deserves to be there.......... So much for your expertise.

    3. Again a very idiotic, opinion of you. If you ever see how these younster been taught football in Germany and aound Europe. You are fantasizing, when you say that the filipino kid learns to play football at the age of 6. That is not only ignorance that is again idiotic. Have you ever see the facilities a 6 year old german boy starting to learn football and the facilities a 6 year old Filipino boy has? Man, these youths in Europe have trainers that really played football and are qualified,in comparison to the trainers here in the Philippines. On top of that they are training almost every day and on weekends games againts other teams. In winter they have all the facilities of a hall to train and have their tournaments. Yes the Filipino kid learns to play fooball but not the proper way cause unfortunately the Philippines don't have the right facilities and the knowledge of the European youth trainer. Look, the Philippines don't even have the proper pitch for the amateur so how can you say that a 6 year Filipino boy also starts to learn football at the age of six.

      The Philippine Football needs time a lot of time and needs positive thinking people who can contribute to the development. Lamenting, negative thinker and sour graping people like you, is not at all needed. Move and and help rather than giving negative comments pulled out from the clouds.

    4. Do you think all german 6 year olds have fantastic facilities? Then youre arrogant and dead wrong. Just because its abroad doesnt mean that EVERYTHING is better than in the Philippines. Yes, 6 year old kids in the Philippines learn the game, but i didnt say theyre the best. But they still learn the game someway or another. So again, pls STFU. You dont know squat.

      Btw, did you hear of the kid from Manila who got picked up by Barcelona? I wonder where he learned the game. Probably not in Germany, and probably not with world class facilities. Oh, pls do check where players like Messi and Ronaldo learned to play the game. Some of the best players in the world learnt the game on the streets. Pls eat your words and STFU.

    5. A 6 year old kid in Germany competes against tens of thousands who play football in their country. A 6 year old kid in Philippines competes against a few hundreds who play football here. That is the big difference. Ergo, the more popular the sport becomes, the better our kids will be. Don' t be a dumb-ass by your negative comments. Instead be happy that football has become more popular in the Philippines - whether this was a result of shrewd player recruitment or otherwise. Anything to make the sport more popular will eventually lead to real gains.

    6. Who said im not happy? Im happy and stoked that the sport is getting bigger and bigger by the day and becoming more popular, but that doesnt stop me from being realistic and seeing things as they are. And that is, that the azkals still suck without the foreign based players.

      Im not like other fans thinking that the azkals are amongst the best in SEA just because the rankings say so. Fact is, we are still waaay behind our neighbouring countries despite what the rankings say.

    7. @anonymous 14:36

      Yes you are exactly right and Amen I say say to your comments.

      @anonymous 16:37 and 12:56

      German 6 year old kids have fantastic learning facilities beacuse these sport is supported by the state and private institutions and companies are also supporting this sport. I am not arrogant and difinitely not fantasizing as my house is right beside a football pitch where I could watch the kids training every after school, parents rushing from work bringing their kids to the training and volunter fathers putting up the goal and arranging the balls and training accesories before the training starts. On top of that in the summer the grasses are watered and sprinkled 2 times a day by pitch taker to maintain the its growth. In the winter they have sport halls completely equipped with sport facilities where the kids will have their trainings and tournaments. And these kids are trained by trainers who played football in their young years. The triners also have assitant trainers. Aside from that, lectures also take place in addition to field training. I myself brought my 2 sons to their respective training schedules after school when they were in grade schools. And even now that they are concentrating in their University studies they stll go play football once in a while and help in small little ways in the Football Club.

      Yes when it comes to football Germany is much much better in facilities than in the Philippines.

      Yes a Philippine kid learn football someway or the other as what you say but you cannot compare their learning to a German kid who has all the facilities to learn proper football with theory and practice.

      Fact is the Philippine Football needs a long way to go and needs a lot of patience and supportive people. The Germans are helping, what about if you start thinking of a way to help instead of posting here negative comments.

  7. real fans criticize the team.. i don't get this don't criticize the azkals bullshit.. and azkals still suck without the fil-fors.. im still a fan even though they suck right now haha.. go azkals pa rin..

    p.s. i think fil-fors is not a degrading word since they get special treatment anyway..

    tara na azkals!!!

  8. Lessons learned...be ready...scout your opponents...field quality players especially on defense...
    Kung sa military kailangan may intelligence group ka, in sports...scouting to be ready with your opponent...di ginawa nang coaching staff natin yun kaya ayun...mahina ang inilagay nila defense...Sana ilagay sa ibang pwesto si Christiens...malas sya eh.