11 August 2012

Chicago Inferno 3-1 Philippines

Starting XI :

Jason De Jong
Marwin Angeles
Chris Greatwich

Video : Link


  1. Borromeo is injured and will not play.

    Predictions ?

  2. I know that the lineup isn't official yet, but damn, that's a shyte lineup! For the most part I back Weiss, but effing hell, this is what you get when continuously calling up morons that you don't have faith in such as Gener and Margarse.

    Prediction.... I expect us to concede. This will most likely be a 1-1 draw or a hard fought 2-1 win.

    1. errr weiss doesnt have a say in player selections.

      and im not really convinced that palami wants these idiots in the team as well. if he spends his own money on the team, why waste it on inferior quality?

      its the besugo. the besugo

  3. No - you're up against a minor US college team which has the facilities and the fervour which this half-assed Azkal team could never match.

  4. lol 0-2

    Inferno leads!

  5. any livestream???

  6. This team is horrible and shouldn't even be funded. They are going there for a vacation!! Losing to a PDL team is ridiculous. It doesn't matter if they have their bench or reserve playing. We are talking about a NATIONAL team not a regular team. They should be ashamed of themselves and probably won't do any better against the US Virgin Islands. So embarrassing

  7. Now, dont tell me this is just a learning experience, a "football club" vs Philippine national Team ? hehehehehe... this is for the preparation for SUZUKI CUP 2012? So why we kept on preparing the NT if we are not serious to form the "REAL" and true players for our NATIONAL TEAM ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Good Second half. They were passing a lot and building plays much better. Omphroy and Recheilt are really good addition to the team.

  9. absolute embarassing result......total ridiculous!

  10. To some of these negative observerrs of the game: Anonymous 12:09 / 08:26 / 02:25 / specially anonymous of 7:28.

    I don't disagree with you that the starting 11 was not a good choice. But men, most of your comment is also BULLSHIT.. this is a new form team and Philippines is just starting to develop football and etabilate the quality of the country's national team.

    Anonymous 7:28 - you are ashame? You shoul be ashame of yourself with your very idiotic comment. Well maybe ur not a Filipino. There are some players in that team at the moment who are there knowing that the quality of their playmate knowledge in football are poorer than them. Playing just to be in the Philippine team because they are happy to be running for flag of their mothers.

    And if you are a Filipino then you have these crab Filipino mentality saying these team shoul not be funded. A lot of money from Germany flowed to the Philippines to help and develop the country's football. You should learn a bit from the German mentality when it comes to sport and development. And to develop it needs time and patience. And a lot of the Filipinos don't have these. All they all doing is complaining instead of contributing to develop. And you are one of them.

    What do you mean vacation? That's again another BULLSHIT reaction from you. When a football player trains 2 times a day there is a risk of injury and the risk is higher if that player trains together with team mates who did not have the opportunity to be trained in their youths with professional and capable trainer and right facilities like what they have in Germany and around Europe. Mind your words because some of these players with European blood have already seen parts of the world and can afford to spend a holiday with their own money.
    This is not a vacation at all..

    Criticsm is good but to a certain extent and constructive. And specially if it's not your money envolve in these project, then shut up.

    1. agree on your comment...well pinoy eh...hehehe

  11. If this embarrassment by a bunch of amateur teenagers doesn't show that all these foreign training trips are a complete waste of time and money then nothing will.

    Developed Asian football nations like Japan and the Koreas put all their resources into developing the sport at home before even thinking of being competitive internationally.
    Until the PFF does the same and every interested kid in every province has the basic space and support to get involved in the game there's little hope of PH football ever moving above the lowest ASEAN football nation level.

    1. Don't compare Philippines to Japan and Korea. You yourself wrote "Developed Asian football nations". Philippine football is yet developing and the Filipinos sadly still has to learn and a lot of PFF officials as what is written everywhere and seen in there choice of players sent to the USA (Gener, Magarse, Araneta, Caligdong)are corrupt.
      But if every Filipino complainer will start thinking of how in little ways they can contribute to develop football the we can move and be there someday. Typical Filipino reaction a lot of you here,, just wanting finish products without exerting efforts

  12. Philippine football are beyond far from the ASEAN nations until we can not produced our homegrown natural talented football players, from any grassroots program nationwide, for now we have to face the reality that we are still need the support of our "FIL-FORS" based in different part of the world,unfortunately, they have also their own duties and responsibilities,..that's why we can not expect them to be present during the AZKALS camp through out the whole schedules even the "friendly-games schedules" they have also priorities.. but still we hope that they can play and complete the list during the SUZUKI CUP 2012, same as what they did in last AFC challenge Cup in Nepal,.. some of the important players are not present in their "Middle East" training camp but they are still available during the game..perhaps because of thee love of the country....

  13. Remember all 'developed' football countries were once 'emerging' then 'developing' FIFA nations.
    It's how much effort their football associations put into growing the game at home - not pissing around on foreign fields - that decides whether their future will be bright or bleak.

  14. Did Philippines really play Chicago Inferno ? Reports from some of the filipinos at the friendly said that the team that played against Philippines was not Chicaco Inferno but a "select" team from Chicago !