19 August 2012

Ceres Fc , Bacolod to UFL ?

Romours that Ceres Fc , Bacolod wants to join UFL Div 2...


  1. The PFF should already create a proper national league (and perhaps be fully pro) and not just persist with this UFL trying to be the national & recognized league in the country BS. There are teams that have some form of money compared to the majority and also being the more notable club wherever they're from.

    Ceres (Bacolod)
    Stallion (Iloilo City)
    Queen City (Cebu City)

    The Metro Manila clubs although don't really represent a city:
    Pachanga ??

    Find one more club for an inaugural 8 team national league! But this is more or less a pipe dream which is sad!

  2. You are so right. For football to progress nationally there has to be a NATIONAL football league mentored and monitored by the PFF.
    But without more, decent regional playing places, and as long as HQ continues to blow most of its donated development money on these useless overseas 'training trips' for the elite, the pipe dream will only get bigger until it eventually bursts.

  3. The solution lies not with restarting yet again, but rather expanding the league to include provincial clubs. I am sure the UFL would welcome talent from the provinces, but the onus is on the provincial clubs to make it happen and show everyone that they are indeed at par with what we have now.

    1. With the way the UFL is going, its not the way forward! Sometimes you need to take a step or two backwards in order to really move forward. Creating a proper national league under the PFF would be just that. The UFL should then be converted into a NCR specific league.

    2. I don't know about that. The UFL with the help of the Football Alliance, from the start had a sound business plan organized by passionate organizers who knew how to run and sustain a business. The PFF on the other hand, is famous for starting professional leagues that didn't make financial sense and was dependent upon organizations like FIFA to sustain them. As a result these leagues failed. I think they should retain the UFL under its present leadership and let it gradually expand nationwide as the economics improve to be able to handle such a move. Inviting provincial clubs to compete in Manila is a stopgap measure, especially with the lack of adequate facilities nationwide, that will eventually can expanded to include home and away games nationwide.

    3. First of all, the football alliance may have 'passionate' organizers who also have deep pockets, it doesn't mean they know how to properly develop a sport.

      The PFF on the other hand... you're right, they've fucked up competitions that they've themselves have created but its different this time. Football is actually more recognized and there is a little more money within the sport now. They should be able to create a proper national league and sustain it. They can even get the football alliance to help them in the business side to help sustain it.

      As has been said, with the way the UFL is going, its not the way forward. The present leadership seem to be these happy-go-lucky people that does things without much thought or structure. There's so much to say regarding that but I don't even know where to start!!

      As for inviting the provincial clubs. That's very ironic. The provincial clubs don't really have the resources to begin with and you want them to go back and fourth to Metro Manila to compete in the UFL? Even if this is just a stopgap measure? lol!

    4. You still to consider the lack of facilities nationwide. There are only a few provinces, mostly in the Western Visayas region that have facilities at this time that can host AFC caliber tournaments. If the pro clubs wish to compete in those tournaments you can only hold games in Manila as well as in those areas. Until those facilities in other areas are built elsewhere a national professional league will always be a pipe dream.

      The UFL might not be perfect, but it allows our local players to be exposed to a higher level of competition and has even allowed us to participate in the Singapore Cup where we were able to hold our own.

      Professional leagues sink or swim depending upon the ability of their clubs to be profitable. Having experienced business people esp. those with passion for the sport, run organizations both public and private, will help more in ensuring that those organizations will not fail, compared to those who establish leagues without that knowhow from the start.

    5. Sure there are a lack of facilities but there is at least one playable stadium/field in the cities of the clubs mentioned above!

      Who ever said anything about AFC tournaments!?!? We're talking about the domestic game here!! lol!

      "The UFL might not be perfect, but it allows our local players to be exposed to a higher level of competition"

      Sure, but that's not the point!! It's about having proper structure, organization (being more orthodox) and professionalism in building the domestic game (at least at men's senior level). With the way the ufl is going, it's barely in of any of that.

      "Professional leagues sink or swim depending upon the ability of their clubs to be profitable."

      Well this is what I'm talking about above with regards to professionalism! There would be rules/regulations/guidelines when it comes to things like finances and many other things!

    6. Are you saying the PFF will run a more professional league than the UFL as setup currently, financial or otherwise? They have not showed this in the past. What makes you think they can do this now when they were never able to run a pro league that can sustain itself. On their own, they will not be able to fund this league as they are focused on grassroots development which is requires a lot of capital.

      It is better if they focus their efforts on that end, let the UFL run their own affairs while at the same time making sure the UFL follows FIFA and AFC criteria that will allow them to eventually compete in international club competitions.

      As for facilities, a national league as you seem to imply cannot just be based on two cities. Hopefully facilities can be built in Cebu, in Mindanao, possibly the Iglesia ni Cristo stadium in the Southern Tagalog provinces and even possibly one in Baguio before you can say that a national league is feasible. The league also would need an airline sponsor to help defray travel expenses.

      As for the UFL, from what I have been reading, they are contemplating holding some of their matches in Cebu as soon as the San Carlos stadium is finished. The Western Visayas could do the same, but just like Cebu they must have an organizer who will commit to setting up and financing a pro club and work with local government to ensure that this venture becomes a success.

    7. Here is a news report of a Western Visayas team joining the UFL.


    8. It sounds like the UFL Cup will be national Cup competition this year complete with qualifying stages similar to the PFF Smart mens championship.

  4. Its about time Bacolod will be represented in the UFL.

  5. I know you guys want a league that would represent other cities in the province, I share that dream to. But we have to understand that that is not feasible right now. Weve been talking about this for years. I dont know where you guys were when we were discussing this, but as I said, Its not feasible. Lets support UFL na lang. peace

    1. "I dont know where you guys were when we were discussing this"

      Oh STFU!! Who the hell are you referring to when you say "we"?!? You also make it seem like everyone should have/should be in an actual Philippine football forum of some sort. So what are you now, a big shot?!?

      Yes this has been discussed many times IN THE PAST!! To say the same NOW when times have changed is pretty much BS!! Just refer to the post at the top!

      Also, you're so typical. You would rather just go with the safe and easy route. The way the UFL is going, it's very unorthodox (not in a good way), it's boring, it lacks structure. The name "united football league" is already quite pretentious but here you are (along with a lot people like you) would rather just tell everyone to "support ufl na lang". lmao!

    2. UFL league is a lot better than none, it's the only way to improve the quality of our local players with the presence of good foreign players. As for the provincial games it is a very good move to also develop the grassroots program of the provinces, it is just financially draining.. The team owner has to have deep pockets... One solution is for UFL to get airline sponsors and offer this to provincial teAms, since bulk of expense s thru transportation, this would be a very big help..

    3. Bottom line is...... ufl shouldn't be the long term model/structure for senior men's football in the country!!