31 August 2012

Azkals meted sanctions over Jalasco complaint

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Football Federation’s disciplinary committee has cleared Azkals Angel Guirado and Lexton Moy in a “sexual harassment” complaint filed against them by former match commissioner Cristy Ramos, but meted sanctions on the two players and four other members of the team for either “breakdown in discipline” or “failure of leadership.”
Ramos took offense in Moy’s “Cup B” remarks and Guirado being in his underwear while she conducted the pre-game inspection for the Azkals versus Malaysia friendly at Rizal last Feb. 29, actions she claimed qualified as “sexual harassment” under Republic Act 7877.
“We do not find any grounds upon which to favor her claims as the elements under RA 7877 are absent,” the committee headed by lawyer Enrico Ingles said in the ruling released six months since it began its probe.

Still, the disciplinary body suspended Guirado, Moy, and James Younghusband, the team captain that time, for one international game each for “breakdown in discipline.” Also banned for two matches apiece were coach Michael Weiss and team manager Dan Palami while assistant coach Edzel Bracamonte got a one-game sit-out for “failure of leadership.”

Denis Wolf, who was supposedly the subject of Moy’s chest size remarks, was likewise reprimanded.
Palami said he’s filing a “motion to stay execution of decision pending appeal,” claiming he wasn’t a respondent in the complaint and he wasn’t given due process.
“I’ve always been confident there’s no basis for a sexual harassment case. Of course, we’re happy with the decision regarding that matter,” said Palami.
“When we saw the decision, though, there were people who were not complained of but meted suspension by the disciplinary committee. So the decision is being partially appealed insofar as the penalties imposed on those who weren’t parties is concerned,” he added.

The Azkals are set to play a series of friendlies next week as part of their buildup for the AFF Suzuki Cup and they are asking that the penalized parties be allowed to take part pending appeal with the PFF appeals committee.


  1. Palami is absolutely right. The PFF looks like idiots. You cannot punish people who have not been charged with anything. Meting out punishmentdge without giving a party an oppurtunity to defend themselves, or even knowing that they were on trial, shows a profound ignorance of due process. They are unfit to judge. I'm an attorney. On behalf of my profession, I apologize for the role that Atty. Enrico Ingles played in this fiasco.

  2. I am not an attorney nor a judge. Nor I do not know about law. I am a father and there are instances that my children makes error or mistakes but before I penalize them, I hear them out and ask about their story and reasons before I say my judgement about what they did.
    Why punish somebody when you have already decided that they have done nothing?
    Why punish your child when you found out that he did not break the vase, it was the cat?
    I mean...are we uneducated people. Are we unreasonable people. These punished have their names and their integrity that they are protecting, if you punish me for something I did not do. You are stepping on my name, my integrity and my "RIGHTS" as a human being. WOOOOOOOOWW. LABO NAMAN.