30 November 2010

Azkals arrive Hanoi

Philippines NT arrived Hanoi airport at 8 Pm today.

Vietnam FA

29 November 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup - TV and Livestream

Star Sports will show Philippines matches in AFF Suzuki Cup.

Livestream at www.bet365.com , same as in the qualifiers. Need to register but no payment needed.

Livescores at www.futbol24 or www.spbolive.com

First match 2. December Philippines - Singapore , 17.00 in Vietnam (18.00 in Philippines)


MANILA (30 Nov 2010) - Jose Mari Martinez is no longer the president of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) following a unanimous decision of the 7th Ordinary Congress of the federation which was held on the weekend at the Audio-Visual Room of the Philsports Complex in Pasig City.

Twenty-five presidents out of the 29 present members football associations (from a total 33) of the PFF voted to approve a resolution by the eight members of the Board of Governors recommending the removal and replacement of Martinez as president.

Mariano V. Araneta, the current head of the Iloilo Football Association was named as the interim president who will serve out the last year of Martinez’ four-year term.

Araneta was also the chairman of the PFF’s Finance Committee who launched the probe into the federation’s finances.

Ismael Batiles of the Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental Football Association was named the Executive Vice President.

The PFF Congress also took him to task for alleged misuse of the Financial Assistance Plans annual subsidy from the Federation de International Football Association (FIFA).


Martinez insists ouster was illegal

Jose Mari Martinez said yesterday he’s both happy and sad about his ouster as president of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) following a vote at the National Congress acting on a motion endorsed by the Board of Governors.

“I’m happy because now I know that all it takes is to pay off the representatives of the provincial associations for their votes but I’m sad because they did it in violation of the PFF Constitution and By-Laws,” said Martinez. “If it’s just a matter of money, that’s no problem. I was told the pay-off was only P50,000 to vote for my removal.”

Martinez said nobody can pin him down on accountability for the so-called missing funds amounting to about P2.8 million. “I dare anyone to take me to court,” he said. “If all they want is money, I can give it to them, anytime. When I want or need money, it’s there. Two weeks ago, I got a commitment for P2 million from my foreign sources. The first P1 million arrived and I used it to pay off obligations from the recent hosting of the under-16 ladies tournament. When I was told a budget of P150,000 was required for a tournament in Tagum, I gave my own money. But after what they did to me in the Congress, I got my money back.”

Martinez said his allies in FIFA, AFC (Asian Football Confederation) and AFF (Asian Football Federation) won’t take his ouster lightly.

“I’m definitely going to court,” said Martinez who attended the Congress at the PhilSports Audio-Visual Room last Saturday with two lawyers Arnold Perez and Voltaire de la Cruz. “I’m not worried. The vote they took was both amazing and shocking. One by one, I saw them voting me out. But the vote was illegal. For the Congress to call for a vote to remove the president, there must be an endorsement from the Board. A Board meeting was held a few hours before the Congress but it was not legal. You need a 30-day notice for a Board meeting. They forced a meeting at the PFF building. I was in my office in the same building but didn’t attend because there was no notice. They insisted on holding the meeting without my consent and brought up the motion but it couldn’t be lawful because it was an illegal meeting. We will bring this up in court because it was a clear violation of the PFF Constitution and By-Laws. This case isn’t over.”

Martinez said if necessary, he will call on his brother-in-law Tarsy Cruz, a top-notch lawyer from the Romulo, Mabanta, Buenaventura, Sayoc and De los Angeles group, to bring up the matter in court.

More : Philstar

28 November 2010

PFF Congress boots out Mari Martinez

by rick olivares

The tumultuous and controversial three-year reign of Jose Mari Martinez at the top of the Philippine Football Federation is over as he was unanimously ousted in the PFF 7th Ordinary Congress held last Saturday November 27, 2010 at the Audio-Visual Room of the Philsports Complex in Pasig City.

Twenty-five presidents of the 29 present members football associations (out of the total 33) of the PFF voted to approve a resolution by the eight members of the Board of Governors recommending the removal and replacement of Martinez as president.

Mariano V. Araneta, current head of the Iloilo Football Association, was named interim president who will serve out the last year of Martinez’ four-year term. Araneta was also the chairman of the PFF’s Finance Committee who launched the probe into the federation’s finances.

Ismael Batiles of the Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental Football Association was named the Executive Vice President.

Martinez was accused and charged in court for the falsification of public documents when he had notarized a Secretary’s Certificate where one Henry Tsai was named a signatory to the PFF accounts in Banco de Oro and Bank of the Philippine Islands. The board unanimously claimed that there was no motion to include Tsai in the list of signatories.

Tsai, Martinez’ old officemate at Soriamont Steamship Agencies which is owned by Andres Soriano, was first named as “Managing Consultant” and later as “Executive Vice President.”

The audit by Campos, Campos & Co. showed that over PhP 5 million of PFF funds were entrusted by Martinez to Tsai with close to PhP 4 million unliquidated. There were also numerous entries in the accounting where Martinez was purported to use the funds to pay for personal usage such as groceries, medical and credit cards bills, as well as shares in the Valle Verde Country Club.

The PFF Congress also took him to task for misusing the Financial Assistance Plans annual subsidy from the Federation de International Football Association.

In his first year as president, Martinez survived an ouster move when Asian Football Confederation Mohammed Bin-Hammam made a guest appearance and announced a gift donation to the PFF of PhP10 million. Opponents of Martinez decried the move as a “bribe.” Several members then of the opposition bailed out at the last moment when key persons wavered in the move.

Last Saturday, there was no such break in the ranks. In fact, it was even bolstered by a change in heart of several BOG members who were perceived to be allies of Martinez.

Those who voted in favor of the resolution were Eric Pocon (Agusan del Sur), Richard Montayre (Cebu), Abenir Labja (Compostela Valley), Mariano Araneta (Iloilo), Arturo Pacificador Jr. (Laguna), Alex Macabangkit (Iligan Lanao del Norte), Cabili Sinsuat (Maguindanao-Cotabato City), Felix Rivera (Masbate), Ismael Batiles Jr. (Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental), Jug Jimenez (Misamis-Ozamiz), Juan Luis Carpio (Naga City-Camarines Sur), Jose Vito Borromeo (NCR), Mario Narola (Quezon), Dick Emperado (Negros Occidental), Mayor Joselito Piñol (North Cotabato), Ronald Patulin (Oriental Mindoro), Elipio Daypa (Quezon), Mario Garovillo (Rizal), Dave Araral (South Cotabato), Antonio Oculto (Sultan Kudarat), Mario Semorlan (Surigao del Norte), Glenn Caratativo (Tarlac), Antonio Buca (Zamboanga del Norte-Dipolog), and Flaviano Fucoy III (Zamboanga del Sur-Pagadian).

Renato Cosmod (Davao) and Jose Reneva (Camarines Norte) abstained from the voting while Leopoldo Arnaiz (Baguio) and Taghi Kashef (Legazpi-Albay) left without casting their votes.

“The decision has been made by a few,” noted Martinez who retreated to his old office at the PFF House of Football that was a few hundred meters from the Philsports Complex immediately after his removal. “I only worked for the best of football in this country but apparently, some people want my job because they are envious. Their move was unconstitutional. My lawyers will prepare a rebuttal and we will take this to the next level.”

Martinez conducted one last staff meeting at 8pm. As he closed out his meeting, he had one last pronouncement: “This is a sad day for Philippine football. But Mari Martinez will be back.”

Said Araneta of the whole affair, “There is such a thing as accountability. Obviously, there was none with the previous president.”

Araneta outlined some immediate concerns that the new administration of the PFF will put in effect. “First, we have to hire a lawyer to look into who is culpable in the missing funds and if we should file charges. Hopefully, we can recover them. Two, the BOG will meet every quarter to implement the programs that we want to put in place. We will get the chairman of each committee from the board so it is functioning. Third, we plan to revive the national tournaments maybe beginning with the Under-19. And fourth, we will look into the operations of the PFF and see how we can streamline the operations. Of course we will reach out to the AFC and to Mr. Hammam regarding the change in leadership and how this came about.”

Johnny Romualdez, Chairman Emeritus of the PFF and Martinez’ predecessor said that he expects Martinez to contest his ouster with the AFC and FIFA. “It might be bloody but what can we do? We have to do the right thing. This is to save football in our country.”

Bleachers Brew'

Phil Football Federation ousts its president

YouTube - Nakhon Pathom FC vs Philippines

PFF boots out Martinez as prexy

Cedelf P. Tupas

Citing total loss of trust and confidence, the Philippine Football Federation yesterday removed Jose Mari Martinez as president and voted Iloilo Football Association head Mariano “Nonong” Araneta to take the reins until the elections next year.

Acting on a board resolution calling for Martinez’s ouster, 25 of the 33 football associations voted to oust the former national player-turned official at the PFF Annual Congress.

Two FA presidents—Taghi Kashef of Legaspi-Albay FA and Leo Arnaiz of Baguio FA—left before the Congress voted on Martinez’s fate, while Rene Cosmod of Davao and Jose Reniva of Camarines abstained.

Araneta, who was nominated by M’lang Mayor and North Cotabato FA president Joselito Pinol, called for unity and pledged transparency as the PFF moves on from the controversy.

“Unity is essential to football,” said Araneta. “I want to work with the stakeholders to make football better.”

The board recommendation said it was proven that Martinez made unauthorized disbursement of PFF funds and falsified documents apart from his non-return of the P2.8 million he took from the federation’s coffers.

“That board meeting is unacceptable,” said Martinez, claiming that he wasn’t even invited to the meeting, a contention disputed by PFF general secretary Chito Manuel.


27 November 2010

Martinez ousted as PFF head

By Joaquin Henson

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) underwent a change in leadership as Jose Mari Martinez was booted out as president by over a 2/3 vote of 32 provincial associations and Mariano Araneta was elected in his place during the National Congress at the PhilSports Audio-Visual Room in Mandaluyong yesterday.

But Martinez, accompanied by two lawyers, questioned the legal basis of his removal, insisting that Congress could not act on a motion for his ouster unless it was endorsed by the PFF Board of Governors. The speculation was he would go to court and try to hang on to his position despite a vote of 26 affirming his removal with two abstentions and five absensions.

The voting in Congress was witnessed by former PFF presidents Rene Adad and Johnny Romualdez, POC chairman Monico Puentevella and former POC president Cristy Ramos.

The Congress was preceded by a Board of Governors meeting at the PFF building in Pasig in the morning. Martinez refused to recognize the legality of the meeting and did not attend even as secretary-general Chito Manuel confirmed a quorum of 11 of 13 members.

Araneta said the Board was convened to continue the Oct. 29 session where action on certain matters was deferred. Tarlac representative Glenn Carecativo was elected by the Board to preside in Martinez’ place. The Board endorsed a motion to raise the issue of Martinez’ ouster before the Congress. Martinez said the Board meeting was unlawful.

Martinez was previously given an ultimatum to produce about P2.8 million of missing funds from the PFF coffers. When he failed to deliver, the Board decided to endorse his ouster at the Congress.

Araneta said the PFF will exhaust all means to get back the missing amount from those accountable as confirmed in an external audit report. “We will determine culpability,” he said. “No one will get away with this. We’re doing this for the love of football.”

After Martinez was ousted, the Congress voted Araneta as new president unanimously. “Now, the hard work begins,” said Araneta.

Aside from the change of leadership, the Congress also approved Leyte as a regular member and Sorsogon as a probationary member. The 2010 budget was ratified as the same for next year.

“We hope this ends the dissension in the PFF and we begin working together for the good of football,” said Araneta. “If Mari wants to contest the decision of the Congress, it is his right.”

Romualdez earlier issued a memorandum to the PFF provincial associations, calling for justice to be served. He urged Martinez to return to the PFF unauthorized payments and investments made without Board approval. He threatened Martinez with a legal suit and impeachment if the money was not returned. Romualdez made good his threat to remove Martinez when he couldn’t settle his accountability.

The Congress was initially set at the Legends Hotel but the PFF had to relocate because it still owed over P200,000 to the place and couldn’t pay up. The obligation was incurred in line with the recent PFF hosting of the under-16 ladies tournament which used the Legends Hotel as the host facility. The tournament wound up with a deficit of P2.2 million.

The PFF’s shaky financial condition was traced to poor management, resulting in the removal of Martinez as a signatory in all the organization’s bank accounts. It was estimated that the PFF receives an annual subsidy of over $400,000 from external sources, primarily FIFA, but has been unable to make both ends meet.

Araneta’s election as PFF president will give him the mandate to finish the remaining year in Martinez’ term.


PFF President Martinez ousted !!

At the PFF Congress Martinez has been removed a few minutes ago. 25 FAs voted for his removal. Nonong Araneta has been voted as new president to finish Martinez's term. Martinez vowed to fight the decision, and will elevate case to AFC

Thanks to Cedelf Tupas !!

More updates later...

Today : Nakhon Pathom FC 8-0 Philippines

Philippines played today against Nakhon Pathom FC who play in Thai Division 1 League (level 2)

They finished as number 5 in the League and will be playing playoffs for Thai Premier League from 4 december

Nakhon Pathom FC Website
Nakhon Pathom FC Wikipedia

Latest :

Philippines lost 8-0 (!) today ,half time result was 4-0.

Nakhon Pathom FC

26 November 2010

Congress decides PFF head's fate

By Joaquin Henson

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is set to hold its National Congress at the PhilSports audio-visual room this morning and unless there is legal basis to hold off a motion for the removal of Jose Mari Martinez as president, it is likely that representatives of 33 provincial associations will call for a vote of no-confidence.

Martinez recently evaded an attempt by five members of the PFF Board of Governors to file a resolution calling for his ouster before the Congress by voting to break a 5-5 tie in exercising his right to resolve the deadlock. But since the escape act, there has been a clamor for Martinez to account for about P2.8 million of missing funds from the PFF coffers with at least two of those who voted in his favor now insisting on an immediate settlement of the obligation or face removal.

Mariano Araneta Jr., president of the Iloilo Football Association and newly appointed chairman of the PFF finance committee, said yesterday he will raise the issue of accountability in the Congress preparatory to a call for Martinez’ ouster.

“I think those who voted against the resolution for Mari’s removal have realized the future of football is at stake and we all want a clean slate,” said Araneta.

A 2/3 vote in Congress will remove Martinez as president with secretary-general Chito Manuel empowered to call for an election within 60 days. Araneta said former PFF president Rene Adad and POC chairman Monico Puentevella will attend the Congress to observe the proceedings.

Former PFF president Johnny Romualdez warned that unless the missing funds are recovered, FIFA may suspend its subsidy to the organization under the Financial Assistance Program. Ernie Nierras, who is in charge of the national women’s football team, estimated that the PFF receives at least $400,000 a year from external sources.

Romualdez cited no figures but it was estimated that Martinez is liable for about P2.8 million, including an amount that disappeared in an unauthorized investment, excesses in his personal account and unliquidated sums. Romualdez said if Martinez does not settle his accountability by today, he should resign or face impeachment and a legal suit. If Martinez is able to produce the missing funds, Romualdez said he will be spared from a court case but not from a vote of no-confidence.

“The Filipino is compassionate and forgiving,” said Romualdez. “If amounts are returned, mistakes might be forgiven. If Mari and his executive vice president (Henry Tsai) decide otherwise, a court suit by the Board and impeachment by Congress are called for. The loyalties of members of the Board and Congress are to football and not to any one man who gives them free trips abroad and other perks.

“There are rumors that elections in FIFA, AFC and AFF next year will be used to solicit funds to fight an impeachment and any court case. These are not believable and candidates surely realize the Philippine vote can still be theirs even with a new PFF president. In the unlikely event these rumors turn out to be true, members of the PFF Congress should take the money and vote with their conscience.”

Nierras said the coaches, players, managers and parents involved in the national women’s program will speak out to denounce Martinez in the Congress.

“We’ve raised at least P6 million on our own to finance the national women’s program since 2008,” said Nierras. “We’ve received about P1.2 million from the PSC. But the PFF has given only about $12,000 when it has the obligation of setting aside 20 percent of its subsidy for the women’s program. We held the AFC under-19 girls tournament here recently and incurred a deficit of P208,000 which the PFF is supposed to cover. The entire budget was P3.7 million. Then, we held the under-16 tournament and we still have a payable of P2.2 million. There is supposed to be money for these tournaments but the funds are missing.”

Araneta said the conduct of the Congress could be “messy” as he expects Martinez to exhaust every possible ploy in derailing a motion for his ouster.

Romualdez took issue with Martinez in helping himself to PFF funds. “He must pay all amounts FIFA is charging the PFF in connection with the South Africa World Cup trip he took with his cohorts,” he said. “No past PFF president has ever upgraded any FIFA, AFC or AFF trip and extended hotel stays without paying for the amounts in excess of what these entities normally pay for.”

Martinez was stripped of signing authority in all PFF bank accounts when the audit confirmed his accountability for the missing funds. But Martinez rejected calls for his resignation because he claims the support of AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar. Martinez explained that with his foreign connections, he has saved the PFF over P15 million in costs because of sponsorships. He said if the Board removes his P20,000 monthly allowance and P8,000 monthly salary for a driver, he should pocket 20 percent of what he delivers to the PFF in terms of savings.

Martinez returned from a brief trip to attend an AFC meeting in Kuala Lumpur the other day with the promise of Hammam’s full backing of his administration.


UFL - UFC sets 2-day tryout in San Carlos

MANILA-based Union Football Club (UFC) headed by its general manager Charlie O. Cojuangco has set a two-day try-out on December 4 & 5 in San Carlos City.

The activity is in line with the upcoming United Football League in Manila next year, which the club intends to participate in.

UFC's goal is to give opportunities to potential players in the Visayas area to play in a semi-professional football competitions in Manila and avail some benefits provided by the club.

At present, UFC advances to the quarterfinals tomorrow with an undefeated record of 3-0, keeping on top of Bracket A in the ongoing United Football Clubs Association (UFCA) Cup.

The team headed by its Uruguayan-Spanish coach Maor Rozen is composed of players Janrick Soriano (Talisay City), Lemuel Unabia (San Carlos City), Kent Guevarra & Louie Magallanes (Bago City), Jason Cutamora (Dumaguete), Neckson & Nicolas Leonora & Mark Sorongon (Sta. Barbara) and some players from Manila.

Interested football players to join the tryout may contact UFC Visayas Coordinator Paulline Javelona at 0922-8210466. (Jerome S. Galunan Jr.)

Sun Star Bacolod

25 November 2010

UFL - Quarterfinals Beckons for Global Smartmatic and Stallions

It is starting to become clear who will be progressing to the Quarterfinals of the LBC-UFL Cup, as superior teams have stamped their authority and flexed their muscles in their respective groups.

Although there were no matches held at the weekend, November 18’s midweek encounters between Global Smartmatic v Loyola ATR KimEng and Nomads v Stallions were surely more than enough to whet the Filipinos’ growing appetite for quality football action. With the Quarterfinals just around the corner and as clubs start to feel the massive pressure to win in every match, the tension is quickly building among the teams.

Global Smartmatic proved they could more than handle the strain however, bouncing back from a heartbreaking defeat to Union by booking their place in the last eight with a 2-0 win over Loyola ATR KimEng. The victory seals Group D’s qualifiers into the next round, with Union and Global Smartmatic playing on November 28 to determine who will take top spot.

Guest team Stallions are making a name for themselves in the LBC-UFL Cup, proving they belong amongst the nation’s elite as they edge ever closer to qualification in Group B. Still unbeaten with seven points, another win on December 5 against Japan will seal their progress into the Quarterfinals on December 19.

Five matches will be held on Sunday, November 28, check www.footballalliance.ph for all fixtures, results and news. This is the UFL. IT’s OUR Game!

UFL website


DILI (25 Nov 2010) - Following the unanimous decision of the AFF Council this afternoon, it was decided that the eight teams playing in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 next month will be allowed to make changes to their registration of 30 players.

But they will only be allowed to make three changes to the list and where they have to submit the final list by Saturday afternoon.

On the day of the team managers’ meeting (30 Nov in Jakarta and 1 Dec in Hanoi), teams will have to trim down the list to 22 players of which 20 can be registered on match days.

The decision to allow the last minute change was due to the fact that several teams suffered heavy casualties at the Asian Games in Guangzhou and where they have had to look for alternatives.


Philippines host 2011 AFF Futsal Championship

The AFF Futsal Championship 2011 will be held in the Philippines provided they pass an inspection visit in early January.


24 November 2010

Tune-up games await PHL eleven in Bangkok

The Philippine national men’s football team left for Bangkok on Wednesday to play tune-up matches before plunging into action in the preliminary stage of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Suzuki Cup will be jointly hosted by Vietnam and Indonesia from December 2 to 9. Matches will be held at the Gelora Bung Karno and Gelora Sriwijaya stadiums in Jakarta and Palembang, and at Hanoi’s My Dinh National and Hàng Đẫy stadiums.

Despite encountering problems during their training, like lack of a regular practice venue, the Nationals’ American coach Simon Alexander McMenemy remains optimistic of their chances in the tournament AFF-organized tournament.

McMenemy said his wards face a tough campaign after being grouped with defending champion Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar in Group B of the tournament that offers a total of $100,000 prize money.

"Realistically, we’re the underdogs, with Singapore and defending champion Vietnam in the group," said McMenemy. “But anything we achieve in this tournament will be a bonus. It will be difficult because they are stronger and most of their players are full-time professionals,"

"We can beat Myanmar. We can gain three points against them and if we can be competitive against Singapore, then we have a good chance," added McMenemy.

"That will be the gauge," said MccMenemy. "It has to be a continuation of the good that this team has done during the qualifier."

Veteran players Ali Borromeo and Anton Del Rosario were also optimistic about their chances.

"We have to make a big impact against Singapore. If we can do that, then we have a good chance to advance," said Borromeo.

"Actually, we can match up with them. Our team is very passionate and we really want to do well," added Del Rosario. – JVP/KY, GMANews.TV

23 November 2010

Azkals get a boost for the upcoming Suzuki Cup

by rick olivares

The Philippine Men’s National Football Team got a nice send off yesterday November 23, 2010 at the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) House of Football as Gatorade, the world’s leading sports drink, came on board as a team sponsor on the eve of their participation in the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup 2010 that will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from December 1-19.

“Having Gatorade behind us is literally a big boost for us,” said an exuberant Dan Palami, the national team manager. “The press con, the media being present – I don’t think this team has ever seen so many media persons in one room interested in writing about them – and having the backing of a multinational like Gatorade definitely lifts up our spirits.”

“Football is one of our three priority sports for 2011,” underscored Gatorade Brand Representative Ton Gatmaitan. “We are excited to be able to be behind not just the national team but also Philippine football in general. Not only will we provide them with powered Gatorade to last them from Thailand (where the team will train briefly) all the way to Vietnam but we will also have equipment such as coolers, towels, water bottles, and next year even sweat tests to determine a hydration plan for all of the players.”

The Nationals qualified for the biennial tournament when they placed second in the Qualifying Stage last month in Vientiane, Laos. The Philippines beat Timor Leste 5-0 in its first match before they drew their final two matches against eventual group winner Laos 2-2 and Cambodia 0-0.

Laos and the Philippines will join the top six seeded ASEAN nations – Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand – in a battle for the AFF Suzuki Cup trophy and US $100,000. The Azkals, as the nationals are fondly nicknamed, are bracketed with defending champion Vietnam, dangerous Singapore, and Myanmar.

“I’m expecting three very very tough games where we’re the underdogs in every match.” said head coach Simon McMenemy who had one international cap with Brunei as a contracted foreigner and was a former assistant manager with non-English Premier League team Worthing Football Club. “Being here is already achievement but were certainly not satisfied with that. We’re in for a tough fight but if we start out well against Singapore in our opening match then who knows how far we can go? Anything we achieve in the tournament is a bonus. We know we are capable of beating the other teams. Whether that works in our favor on game day or not, without wanting to be very cliché-ish about it, football is a very strange game where the ball is round and anything can happen. The way the lads have been training, we are certainly capable of doing things.”

“None of the other countries are expecting anything from us,” noted team captain Alexander Borromeo. “We always play better when we’re underdogs and we’re in high spirits now so that has to be a good combination.”

The composition of the national team is a balance of veterans like Emelio “Chieffy” Caligdong, Borromeo, Ian Araneta, Anton del Rosario, Phil and James Younghusband, Neil Etheridge, Matthew Hartmann, and Eduard Sacapaño; and newcomers Michael Atienza, Jerry Barbaso, Yanti Barsales, David Basa, Christopher Camcam, Jose Alfe Caminos, Joel Ballo-Allo, Jason de Jong, Mark Anthony Ferrer, Roel Gener, Robert James Gier, Peter Jaugan, Ray Anthony Jonsson, Manuel Ott, Ray Mark Palmes, Jose Paolo Pascual, Gino Angelo Pavone, and Kristoffer Relucio.

Assisting McMenemy is former Ateneo High School and Air Force coach Edwin Cabalida, Edzel Bracamonte, and Rolando Piñero as well as physiotherapists Walfred Javier and Josef Malinay.

The Philippines sees its first bit of action on December 2 when they go up against Singapore at 5pm at the My Dinh Stadium.

They play hosts Vietnam on December 5 at 730pm once more at the My Dinh Stadium before they close out their group stage assignment Myanmar of December 8 at 5pm at the Hang Day Stadium.

Bleachers' Brew

Cebu Football - UC booters score in Aboitiz Cup

THE UNIVERSITY of Cebu (UC) posted its first win in the Men's League of the 13th Aboitiz Football Cup by outclassing DB Magone FC, 3-1, last weekend at the Aboitiz Sportsfield, North reclamation Area in Mandaue City.

DBUFC also put up an impressive performance to beat the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), 2-1.

In the Men's Cup, USPF Alumni and DBUFC 1 inflicted identical 4-3 whippings of their opponents.

USPF Alumni dismissed SRRU while DBUFC 1 slipped past DBUFC 2.

In the Boys 17, Blessed John blanked USPF, 1-0. In the Boys 14, Abellana National School (ANS) Pomeroy ended its match against Don Bosco Technology Center 1(DBTC) in a 1-all draw.

The other matches had MTI annihilating Cebu International School (CIS), 7-0, and Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu (SHS-AdC) routing Blessed John, 6-0.

In the Boys 12, the younger SHS-AdC did not fare so well after bowing to Springdale, 3-1, while Subangdaku Football Club (SFC) and DBTC 1 did not concede any goals against their respective opponents.

SFC blanked SJSM, 2-0, while DBTC 1 outclassed ANS Pomeroy, 5-0.

DBTC C enjoyed a 13-0 lashing of Bright Academy in the Players 10 division.

Other matches had Giuseppe FC blanking DBTC B, 4-0; SHS-AdC winning over SFC, 4-1; and CIS giving DBTC D a 4-0 whipping.

In the Players 8, DBTC 2, DBTC 3 and DBTC C all added to their number of wins.

DBTC 2 won over DBTC A, 4-0; DBTC 3 squeaked past DBTC B, 3-2; and DBTC C triumphing against DBTC 4, 3-1. /CORRESPONDENT MARS G. ALISON

Cebu Daily News

22 November 2010

Waking up football in The Philippines

As teams in the northern hemisphere prepare to don their gloves, hats and thermals for the upcoming months, the biennial AFF cup in the humidity of South East Asia offers a more tropical alternative. The tournament has been held since 1996 with Thailand and Singapore each enjoying standout success since its inauguration. One country however, which has traditionally been less successful is The Philippines, a nation whose adoption of basketball as the national sport, marks it out from the rest of Asia. However, under the guidance of Englishman Simon McMenemy, the national team made it through an intensely tight qualification campaign and is gearing up towards the tournament which will this year be played in Vietnam. Today we take a look at the job McMenemy faces and speak to the man himself about the challenges and rewards in promoting the profile and quality of football in The Philippines.

More : the Soccer Lens

UFL - Kaya Slapped with Heavy Fine

With accordance to Article 39 section 1 of the UFL Rules and Regulations, Kaya has been fined P200,000 for their withdrawal from the current LBC-UFL Cup.

Article 39 Section 1 - A fine of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos Philippine Currency (PHP 200,000.00) shall be imposed on clubs for withdrawing after the submission of the Official Entry Form but before the submission of the Team Registration Form.

UFL website

21 November 2010

PFF - The Game of their lives Part 2

Frenemies and a bad investment. The truth, however, is somewhere between the lines. The third party in the PFF troubles sits down to be interviewed.

by Rick Olivares

This coming November 27, 2010, the 32 football associations under the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) will come together in Manila to convene for its year-end Congress.

The Congress will be significant for one thing – that disgruntled members will try to seek the vote of 2/3s of the assembly to oust the current federation president Jose Mari Martinez who is accused and has been taken to court for a variety of alleged offenses and violations stemming from falsification of public documents to misappropriation of monies given to the PFF through the Financial Assistance Program of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA provides $250,000 a year not counting the Vision Asia project that provides a similar amount.

In the midst of the contentions between the two parties is one Henry L. Tsai.

Last September 24, 2010, Richard Montayre of the Cebu Football Association and Dick Emperado of the Dumaguete Football Association filed a case against Martinez for falsification of public documents when he appointed Tsai to the position of Executive Vice President and transferred PFF funds into the latter’s account “for safekeeping” both without board approval. Both actions are not only a violation of the corporation code but also the federation’s by-laws and FIFA rules. Martinez admitted that the “appointment” of Tsai was “an honest mistake” and pledged to resolve the mess.

Who is Henry Tsai and what was role did he play in the PFF?

In a conversation with Tsai over coffee at the UCC in Burgos Circle at Bonifacio Global city last Wednesday evening, November 17, 2010, the former shipping man recounted how his relationship with Martinez and the PFF came about.

Both Martinez and Tsai worked together for four years at Soriamont, a shipping company, but lost contact with one another for almost 20 years. After a chance encounter at Amici Restaurant in Connecticut Street, Greenhills in mid-2009, Martinez invited Tsai to help football. Tsai initially declined describing himself as “bored and retired.”

Martinez outlined four responsibilities for Tsai should he accept the offer: one, to help with the marketing; two, to fund the PFF’s activities; three, to put up a shop at the basement of the PFF House of Football where he could sell football training equipment and other paraphernalia purchased from Taiwan (the rent for the basement was pegged at PhP40,000 a month); and four, to provide some living quarters for then-men’s national team coach Desmond Bulpin.

Tsai mulled the offer over because he was “never a sportsman” and he’d be like “a fish out of water.” But he eventually accepted and he infused the federation’s coffers with over PhP 3 million and lent a newly purchased Toyota Fortuner to Martinez for official use. “Without a promissory note that I would get paid back.” he added. “It was a gentleman’s agreement.”

“We didn’t have any money,” recounted Martinez. “We have so many programs and not enough money. So I asked Henry to invest.”

“The reason why Mari borrowed money from me was because by year-end wala nang pera ang PFF. There was nothing for payroll, 13th month pay, utilities, everything,” explained Tsai. Ironically, Tsai did not charge any interest to the loan except that he wanted to be paid back “the minute the aid money from FIFA arrives. I’m a good friend that’s why.”

At the start of 2010, the PFF’s Treasurer, Antonio “Bok” Marty, tendered his resignation but Martinez prevailed upon him to stay a few more months. When it became apparent that they could no longer convince Marty to stay, former PFF marketing officer Gerry Ledonio recommended to Martinez that Tsai be given a position to maximize his abilities.

The title bequeathed to Tsai was “Executive Vice President”.

Said Tsai of that move: “I didn’t want to be a part of anything because what do I know about football? I was there because Mari needed help. If you check, my salary was for only one peso. But Mari wrote three lines in the minutes of the meeting that was without the approval of the Board of Governors.”

The three lines Tsai was referring to was the Secretary’s Certificate to the PFF accounts with Banco de Oro and Bank of the Philippine Islands. Curiously, there were two different certificates. The one dated January 7, 2010 and signed by then PFF General Secretary Cyril V. Dofitas stated that Martinez and Tsai were approved by the board to sign any checks pertaining to the federation’s two accounts.

Members of the board of governors recall approving no such motion when they met up in Leyte on November 28, 2009. And it was because of this “falsification of public documents” that Martinez’ access to the PFF accounts were suspended and the basis for the complaint filed by Montayre and Emperado.

There was another Secretary’s Certificate, once more authenticated by Dofitas, who has since moved back to his native Iloilo following his mid-year resignation, dated January 21, 2010, this time stating there was a board resolution on November 28, 2010 that added Tsai to the signatories for the PFF’s BDO account.

In both certificates, the position stated next to Tsai’s name read: “Managing Consultant.”

Tsai admitted that he knew that there was no board resolution to his addition but when (PFF Finance Officer) Dennis Lacuesta asked me to sign some papers, I thought ayos na. But I was only with the PFF to sign checks nothing more. I also wanted to collect my money.”

But in documents obtained from PFF sources, Tsai did more than sign checks.

In the April 2010 edition of The Goalpost, the PFF’s official newsletter, it is written that the National Men’s Futsal Team that participated in the Asian Football Confederation Championship Qualifiers in Jakarta, Indonesia from February 20-25, was headed by Tsai.

On June 7, 2010, the Valle Verde Country Club, Inc. issued several memos to the PFF stating that the unpaid accounts of Ledonio, Martinez, and Tsai will lead to the suspension of the accounts and membership shares auctioned off.

In a memo dated June 15, 2010, Tsai informed the PFF’s security detail about the rules for access to the office.

One month later, Martinez and Tsai had a falling out and have hurled one accusation after another against each other. Each claiming the other party owes him money.

Martinez accuses Tsai of duping him into investing PFF money into an illegal venture (the Campo Verde Estates in Tagaytay that is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has a cease and desist order to prevent the passage of a sale which we read more of in Part 3) in order to gain more money. “I realize it was wrong but I am determined to recover the money. I did this because we needed to make extra funds for our programs.”

However, according to Tsai, his fallout with Martinez began when he believed that the PFF passbook and its inflows from AFC/FIFA were being kept from him. He said that while his initial loan of PhP 2 million was paid by the PFF, the succeeding loans were not.

Yet in the final audit by Campos, Campos & Co., the accounting firm found out that Tsai had unliquidated cash advances that totaled up PhP 3,371,707.35. Even worse, the PFF has been left with a serious fund shortage of PhP 2,094,000.00 all the way until the end of 2010.

Last November 7, 2010, Tsai filed a complaint against Martinez and Marty for estafa and the violation of the bouncing check law at the Office of the City Prosecutor in Pasig City.

While Tsai says that their friendship is over, he does not wish to destroy Martinez. “All I want is my money back. And the Fortuner.”

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FPL - Mindanao finals

The anticipated match between Davao de Norte FA (DNFA) and Davao FA(DFA) was witnessed by a sizeable crowd at the E-Park. DNFA controlled most of the tempo of the match, but unluckily they were not able to capitalize on it as reflected on a would be sure goal free kick by Manuel Aspellaga Jr. which just touched the goal line marker by the excellent save of the DFA goalie Jeffrey Albon. However, DFA made its lone goal on the 75th minute by Jayric Iligan on an unguarded net.

Once again the DFA team prevailed with the final score of 1-0 thus making them champion in the first ever Mindanao Finals of the Filipino Premier League with six(6) points. ZANDIFA placed second with 3 points and DNFA down the ladder with o points. All teams got individual trophies courtesy of Tagum City. The cash prizes of P20,000; P15,000 and P10,000 for the champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up were provided by Pres. Mari Martinez of the PFF. Later in the afternoon the referees and other match officials voted unanimously for the individual awards; 1. Jovannie Villagracia(ZANDIZA) MVP and best Striker; 2. Darryl Floyd Bantayan(DFA)- Best Defender; 3. Jeffrey Albon(DFA)- Best Goalkeeper

It is expected that barring any unforeseen events, the National Finals will push through in early 2011 with DFA and ZANDIFA representing Mindanao and wil joining the two(2) teams in visayas and Four(4) teams in Luzon.

The local organizing committee would like to extend its deepest thanks and gratitude to Tagum City Mayor Rey. T. Uy, SP Decarlo "Oyo" Uy, Madam Alma Uy, Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, Vice Gov Baby Suaybaguio,Congressmen Anthony del Rosario, Anton Lagdameo Jr., Mayor Nestor Alcoran of New Corella, DepEd of Tagum City and Davao del Norte, Tagum City Football Club, All clubs under DNFA, the bananacorporate farms, the Irrigators Associations, the secretariat and all the concerned citizens of Davao del Norte who made possible the success of hosting this Tournament.

We would like to take special mention of the management of SNN TV10 and Radio
Caritas 100.7 FM for replaying the games on local cable T.V. free of charge

Source : Renato Cosmod , President Davao del Norte

20 November 2010

Press Conference

Press conference for the Philippine Men's National Football Team this coming Tuesday, November 23, at the PFF House of Football in Pasig City

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Cebu Football - Crazy horse posts second win in men’s league division

DEFENDING champions Crazy Horse continued to enjoy the top of the leaderboard in the men's league division of the 13th Aboitiz Football Cup.

Crazy Horse posted its second win of the tournament last Sunday by inflicting a 6-1 whipping of the University of Cebu (UC) at the Aboitiz Sportsfield along the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City.

DBUFC, on the other hand, barged into the win column with a 9-0 annihilation of the DB Magone FC.

In the men's cup, Xantos FC returned to the winning track with a 2-1 edging of SRRU, while University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R) alumni extended its winning streak to two with a 4-0 blanking of DBUFC 2.

In last Saturday's match, the Cebu International School (CIS) tasted defeat for the first time in the boys 17 division after bowing to the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), 6-1.

After losing twice to different opponents since the start of the tournament, Bright Academy asserted itself with a convincing 2-0 win over the SJSM. /CORRESPONDENT MARS G. ALISON

Cebu Daily News

FPL - Mindanao finals Saturday

The Davao Football Association (DFA) prevailed over Zamboanga del Norte-Dipolog FA (ZANDIFA) 3-2 in a very entertaining match. DFA scored three successive (3) goals courtesy of A. Fernandez, J. Arobo and E. Giganto in the 13th, 39th and 58th minute respectively before ZANDIFA made their stride with aggressive offenseproducing two(2) goals by Jovanie Villagracia in the 76th and 84th minute of the game.

J. Villagracia is currently the highest scorer in the tourney with four(4) goals credited to him. DFA's fluid offense and great defensive maneuvers was the key to their victory. DFA and ZANDIFA are currently tied with three points apiece while DNFA has nil. DNFA has a very tall order to win 4-0 over DFA on November 21, 2010 to have a chance to bag the championship trophy.

Gametime is set at 10:00A.M.

Thanks to Renato Cosmod , President Davao del Norte FA

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19 November 2010

PFF 'mystery man' breaks silence

By Joaquin Henson

MANILA, Philippines - The man accused of absconding with Philippine Football Federation (PFF) funds came out the other day to tell his story and relate how he was hoodwinked into coughing up his own money for the sake of a friend.

PFF president Jose Mari Martinez earlier said businessman Henry Tsai was accountable for about P2.8 million of missing funds in the national sports association and promised to put him in jail. But even as Martinez charged Tsai with malversation, he offered to cover the missing amount through the sale of a property in Tagaytay and a Toyota Fortuner.

Tsai, however, said Martinez has no leg to stand on because the Tagaytay property is encumbered and the Toyota Fortuner is not his to sell. In retaliation, Tsai assailed Martinez for his excesses as PFF president and helping himself to commissions which should have gone to PFF coffers.

Last Nov. 9, Tsai filed a case against Martinez and PFF treasurer Antonio Marty for estafa in Pasig on the basis of issuing an unfunded check for P302,680. He claimed the PFF owes him about P1.5 million and Martinez, some P2 million.

“I never thought Mari would do this to me,” said Tsai who was introduced to Martinez when they were involved in the shipping business over 20 years ago. “Late last year, he asked me to advance some money for the PFF because they ran out of funds. I was to be paid back as soon as the FIFA subsidy came in. I lent the PFF P3 million without interest. I’m not a football guy but Mari appointed me executive vice president and invited me to use the ground floor of the PFF building at P40,000 a month for a football store.”

Tsai said he went to Taiwan to buy football training equipment to sell in the store and invested over P500,000 in the venture.

“I lent the PFF money in good faith without even getting a promissory note,” said Tsai. “They paid me back my P3 million then last July, they borrowed another P1.5 million. This time, they didn’t pay me back. I also lent Mari about P2 million for his personal expenses. Twice, I paid for his hospital bills in Medical City. I also gave him money for his daughter’s treatment and expenses for his two grandchildren. I couldn’t say no to Mari because he’s a sweet talker. I made a mistake in trusting him.”

Tsai said he eventually realized Martinez was mismanaging the PFF. “He’s good at juggling funds,” he went on. “When Mari couldn’t refuse a friend who lost money in a bank deal on account of his introduction to another friend, he lent him P1.4 million of PFF money without Board approval and never got it back. I understand Mari got a P20,000 commission for lending the PFF money. The security he got was in form of titles for a Tagaytay property but they’re encumbered.”

Tsai said Martinez claims to own a Toyota Fortuner but has no papers to prove it. “When I was in the market for a Fortuner, Mari found out and asked if I could put the car in his name to build up his credit rating,” said Tsai. “I agreed on condition he signed a deed of sale to me on a back-to-back basis which he did. Now, Mari claims the car is his but he signed a deed of sale.” Tsai said he lent Martinez his Nissan Cefiro about seven months ago and wants it back.

Tsai said he paid for his space in the PFF building for three months then held back when the PFF owed him money. “I’ll pay for the space but the PFF should pay me what it owes me,” he said. “I’m willing to run the store but Mari has to go. The PFF is better off without him. He lent out PFF money without authority and now the money is gone.”

Tsai said Martinez is accountable for several poor decisions that compromised the PFF.

“Mari thought of a football show and signed a contract to buy P300,000 worth of air time on a TV channel,” said Tsai. “The show was called ‘Football Now’ and it aired only two or three episodes when the deal was for 32 episodes. Nobody watched the 30-minute show because it was so poorly produced. Then, there was a World Cup show to raise money for the PFF and instead of raising money, it lost money. The PFF sold about P500,000 worth of World Cup tickets and someone got a 10 percent commission. I don’t know where the commission went. There are stories about Mari getting reimbursed for foreign trips which were supposed to be sponsored. The audit ordered by the PFF Board is very revealing.”

Tsai, 60, said he doesn’t want to send Martinez to jail.

“All I want is to be paid back what the PFF owes me,” said Tsai. “I’m willing to forget about the P2 million Mari owes me. I’ve been a born-again Christian for nine years and I’m ready to forgive him. I won’t pursue my personal case against Mari if he resigns as PFF president. He owes that to football.”

The PFF is slated to convene a National Congress in Manila on Nov. 27 but a Board of Governors meeting must precede it to determine the order of business involving 32 provincial football associations.

“I pray for Mari to step down quietly,” said Tsai. “I wouldn’t have come out with my side if he didn’t attack me. He once bragged that he might lose his shirt but I’ll lose my pants. If he has something against me, let him show the proof. I have proof against him and if he wants to face me in court, I’m prepared. His lawyers are sending feelers for us to meet but what for? For his own sake, he should resign gracefully and avoid embarrassment. If he insists on holding on to the PFF presidency, I’m afraid he won’t be backed up by the Board anymore. He’s been offering all-expenses-paid trips to Qatar to gain the support of certain Board members and Congress representatives but nobody’s for sale.”

Tsai said Martinez should leave the PFF in the hands of competent managers. “I pity Mari,” said Tsai. “He’s suffered two heart attacks. He’s stressed out. I’m afraid something bad might happen to him because of all his problems. But I’m pissed off by what he’s doing to me. I entered the PFF only after he asked me to help. Now, he’s accusing me of stealing when I brought out my own money to help the PFF. The public has the right to know who’s telling the truth.”


FPL - Mindanao Finals

Match Results of the Filipino Premier League Mindanao Finals played at the
Energy Park Football Field, Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

Davao del Norte FA (DNFA) was defeated by Zamboanga del Norte-Dipolog FA(ZANDIFA)
with a score of 2-4. DNFA drew first blood by the excellent goal of Birn
Manique in the 5th minute but ZANDIFA equalized on the 15th minute with a goal
from Jovanie Villagracia which he later added with a difficult goal in the 44th
minute. DNFA drew level on the 55th minute with a goal from Glenn Bulaquena- a former U21 National Player. However, ZANDIFA fully capitalized on a slack of
defense of the DNFA team with successive goals on the 65th and 66th minute by Finn Bryan Gumela.

ZANDIFA will play with Davao FA (DFA) tomorrow November 20, 2010 at 10:00AM.

DFA will meet DNFA on sunday November 21, 2010 at 10:00P.M.

Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental FA (CMoFA) did not give formal communication on
why they did not participate in the Mindanao Finals.

Thanks to President Renato Cosmod, Davao del Norte FA

17 November 2010

The national team will head to Thailand next week

For their preparations for December's Suzuki Cup, the national team will have a training camp in Thailand starting on the 24th of November up to the 30th. They will then head straight to Hanoi, Vietnam for their group matches against Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar during the Suzuki Cup championships.


aseanfootball (AFF website)

PFF- Musings on corruption

While discussing the PFF case with a fellow media man the other day, he said that there would have been no problems had the president spread the wealth with every one else. What he meant was that siya lang ang nakinabang sa pera at hindi lahat.

Honestly, I was shocked. That's a terrible thing to say. Are we as a people that bad that we'll turn a blind eye to corruption if every one else benefits from it? Are people (or we Filipinos) generally corrupt? Is corruption so deeply ingrained that it's an accepted and necessary evil?

Then he went on to say that it's like that not just in other NSAs but also in the government. Oh he would know. He's a beneficiary of envelope journalism.

What a world! What a life!

One football person who is so against any of the PFF's troubles coming out in the media is now going to make a statement. Jeez. Join the party, why doncha?

Posted by Rick Olivares

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FIFA World Ranking - Philippines up 1

New FIFA World Rankings was released today. Philippines up 1 to number 151.

Highest FIFA Ranking ever !

FIFA Ranking

Davao Football - Medvil, PWC triumph

THE Medvil Football Club and Philippine Women's College of Davao (PWC) beat their respective rivals at the start of the 7th Acosta Cup Ladies Open Football Tournament at the Tionko field over the weekend.

Riza Angelou Caminado's twin goals in the 18th and 31st minutes lift Medvil past Tambayan, 2-0, to enter the winning column of bracket B along with PWC that hacked out a rousing 6-0 victory over the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao Varsity.

PWC's scorers were June May Bunac (third), cherry Mae Vilchez (11th) and July Bunac (13th, 22nd, 29th, 37th).

In bracket A, D' Davao Survivors (DDS) blanked UP Mindanao Alumnae, 2-0, in the bootfest organized as a commitment of former city ouncilor Mabel Sunga Acosta to promote women's football.

It is sponsored by Jollibee and RDL Pharmaceuticals and sanctioned by the Davao Football Association (DFA).

DFA general secretary Erwin Protacio said games will resume on Saturay with UP Alumni taking on United FC at 5 p.m. on field 1 while Ateneo Blue will battle UP Mindanao Varsity also at the same time over at field 2.

The 6 p.m. match pits Lady Knights against DDS. (MLSA)

Sun Star Davao

15 November 2010

FPL - Mindanao Finals

The Davao del Norte FA will be hosting the Filipino Premier League Mindanao
Finals from November 19-21, 2010 at the Energy Park Football Field, Apokon,
Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Participating teams are Davao del Norte FA, Davao
FA, Zamboanga del Norte-Dipolog City FA and CDO-Misamis Oriental FA.

Cebu Football - SRFC bags 3 titles in Delos Santos Cup

THE home teams defended their turf well as San Roque FC (SRFC) wrested three championships in the 4th De Los Santos football cup at the San Roque Parish pitch over the weekend.

The SRFC squads won the Players 10, Players 14 and 38-and-above categories.

SRFC A held Villa del Rio FC (VDRFC) scoreless, 1-0, to bring home the crown of the Players 10 class and repeated over VDRFC, 2-1, to win the Boys 14 title.

SRFC Arsenal, on the other hand, beat Count FC, 1-0, in the finals match of the 38-and-above division.

University of San Carlos took the championship trophies in the Boys 17 and Girls 17 categories. USC warded off Barili FC, 3-2, in the Boys 17 finals and beat SRFC, 1-0, in the Girls 17 championship match.

In the other results, VDRFC took the title in the Boys’ 12 division after crushing St. Paul, 3-1. Inter Barkada wrested the Women’s Open title with a 1-0 victory over USC, while Count FC beat SRFC Arsenal, 4-3, to win the men’s title.

Eight teams participated in the two-day football festival.

Sun Star Cebu

14 November 2010

The Game of their Lives Part 1 When two tribes go to war

by rick olivares

The PFF (Philippine Football Federation) House of Football at 27 Danny Floro corner Captain Henry Javier in Barangay Oranbo, Pasig City is open five days a week from 8-5pm. Nowadays, its current President Jose Mari Martinez, is the first person at the office everyday at 7am. He is also almost always the last person to call it a day. Even if it’s way past closing time. “I’m a workaholic,” he shrugs pointing to the mountains of folders and paperwork that clutter his desk.

However, some view Martinez’ work ethic to being paranoid that he’d arrive at the PFF one morning only to discover his opponents in the local football scene claiming his office as their own.

Martinez scoffs at the notion and dismissed it to his enemies’ far-fetched imagination and schemes to derail his grand plans for the development of football. Today he is battling gout but that isn’t going to stop him from going to work. “There’s lots to be done,” he says with a passion that lights up his eyes despite the deepening bags beneath them.

He played for San Beda, La Salle, and for country. Now as the head of the country’s top football office, he knows he’s still got some game left in those tired bones of his. “I care for football in this country. I am constantly working for the betterment of football but there are just so many kingmakers out there who want the keys to the football kingdom. And I have many spies inside the office who report to my enemies.”

The comparison might be medieval but there’s a little truth to it.

If there is an insurrection in the making, the chief “kingmaker” Martinez inferred to is Mariano V. Araneta, the President of the Iloilo Football Association who has taken the lead to put a stop what he and many others believe to be anomalies inside the federation. Araneta brushes aside the allegations that he wants the position. “I’m fine where I am,” says Araneta who played for the University of the Philippines and the national team in the early 1980s. “But when there are questionable things going on, you have to point them out.”

Football officials have accused Martinez of illegally appointed one Mr. Henry L. Tsai as a bank signatory without necessary Board of Governors approval using a falsified, notarized Secretary’s Certificate. He also appointed Mr. Tsai as executive vice-president of the PFF last January 1, 2010. “It is a position that assumes the presidency in case of incapacitation of the incumbent,” noted Araneta who pointed to Article 15.3 of the PFF By- Laws that states “The President has the power to appoint all members of the Advisory Council and all officers of the PFF including the Executive Vice-President, and the Treasurer subject to concurrent approval or authorization from the Board of Governors. He may, with the concurrent approval of the Board of Governors, create any and all kinds of Committees he may deem necessary for the exercise of the functions of management, including appointment of the Chairman and members of these committees.”

More : Bleachers´Brew

Indonesia friendly is cancelled

Indonesian media reported today that the friendlies against Philippines and Cambodia has been cancelled. Indonesia will try get other teams for friendlies but difficult now.


Just a few days since PFF President gave his word to Indonesia Gen Secr that Philippines will be going...

13 November 2010

Saturday Stuff

This is a hilarious but true story. Last Tuesday, I went to the Philippine Football Federation to interview President Mari Martinez and General Secretary Chito Manuel. I videotaped the interview with their permission but with the caveat that it cannot be posted. During the interview, Manuel brought up the podcast of the the Board of Governors meeting last September. He said, "There was this person who uploaded it to this site -- Bleachers' Brew. Mali talaga yun." Then I said, "Ah, that's my site."

I wanted to laugh out loud but of course, I had to be polite.

It was an awkward silence (for a few seconds) that followed. Then Mr. Manuel said, "Yes, but in fairness you're a very good writer."


I will have my re-written column on the PFF and its troubles out on Monday.

Will post more thoughts inna bit. Be back here later.

Posted by Rick Olivares

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MANILA (12 Nov 2010) – In an effort to put more defensive cohesion into their game ahead of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 next month, the Philippines could not have chosen a better opposition than to take on Indonesia in a friendly to be played in Jakarta.

After some initial hiccup, the friendly match between the Philippines and Indonesia will take place on 16 November and will be played at the cauldron of the Senayan Stadium.

“We need to improve on our defence and it will be crucial to our AFF Suzuki Cup campaign to make sure that we seriously look to give more cohesion and understanding to our backline,” said Simon McMenemy, the chief coach of the Philippines.

The Philippines emerged as the second best team at last month’s AFF Suzuki Cup qualifiers – behind hosts Laos.

For the final round of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, the Philippines have been placed in Group B against hosts Vietnam, former champions Singapore and Myanmar.

In Group A are hosts Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Laos.

In the meantime Nugraha Besoes, the secretary general of the Indonesia FA (PSSI) has confirmed that other than the match against the Philippines on 16 November, the Indonesia national team will play two other friendly matches.

They will take on Cambodia on 21 November at the Jakabaring Stadum in Palembang and then Chinese Taipei three days later at the same venue.


11 November 2010

Sakya booters to compete in Alaska Football Cup

THREE Philippine Academy of Sakya Inc. Davao teams left yesterday to campaign for honors in the Alaska Football Cup which kick offs on Saturday and Sunday at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

Sakya team manager Michelle Uy, in an interview at Coco's Restaurant, said they are joining the prestigious tournament for the second straight year.

"We are happy that from last year's two teams, we were able to form three teams this year. We are competing in the elementary girls, boys 10-under and boys 12-under divisions. Just being able to participate again is a big thing for us," Uy said.

The boys 10-under squad, which emerged boys 10-under champion in the 4th SOS Goal for a Cause at the Tionko field recently, is bannered by team captain Justin Uy, brothers Andrew and Arvin Tan, Kien Seballa, Mike Nicklaus Ling, Marvin So, Heinzson Lim and goal keeper Carlos Vinci Ostan.

Emil Farinas heads the cast for the boys 12-under team that is also composed of Roberto Gan, Ramon Polestico, Martin Bonleon, Hencci Lim, Kim Jude Seballa and goal keeper Alexander Lam. This team also bagged the boys 12-under title of the SOS bootfest.

Moria Calizo, Christiane Jade Carasig, Veronica Molano, Zuleika Yee, Gwen Francine Allado, Felice Tuason, Tiffany Arantos, Sophia Paredes, Lauren Pineda and goal keeper Sonia Paredes bannmer the elementary girls team. Sisters Kim and Thea Villacencio of St. Paul will beef the squad.

Christian Ea and Sandro Balderas will call the shots for the boys' teams while Nathaniel Ubas and Adel Salida will coach the girl booters.

Uy said they are hopeful since their elementary girls and boys 10-under teams, which competed in last year's Alaska Cup, are intact. But she expects bigger odds will come their way as more teams are participating this year.

The Sakya teams' participation in the inter-club competition was backed up by the academy's Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) under its president Luis A. Uy.

"The parents of the players also gave their all-out support to the teams. We are also thankful to the school administration for allowing the kids to participate," Uy said. (MLSA)

Sun Star Davao

Indonesia friendly - latest news

Jakarta Post reported yesterday that the friendly was cancelled , but Indonesia FA website reported today that the match will go as planned.

The match will take place at Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) in Jakarta.

Philippines are expecting to arrive Jakarta on 14. November.

Indonesia Gen Secr : "Last night PFF President Martinez contacted me and told me it`s ok , all Air Force players have been released and Philippines can come as planned." He denied that they had problems because of Mount Merapi.

Indonesia Fa websiteJakarta Post

10 November 2010

Indonesia friendly

Indonesia FA website reporting today that Indonesia will play a friendly against Philippines on 16. November in Jakarta as previously reported here.

Indonesia will also play a friendly against Cambodia on 21. Nov and Taiwan on 24. Nov. If Philippines staying longer in Indonesia it could be possible to also play them in Indonesia ?

Indonesia FA website

09 November 2010

Cebu Football - De Los Santos Football enters fourth season

THE De Los Santos Football Cup is set to kick off this Nov . 13 at the San Roque Football Field in Mandaue City.

The two-day tournament is on its fourth season, which aims to attract 80 teams.

“We initiated to have this kind of tournament to develop the grass-root level and develop more tournaments,” Lahug Football Club’s Sheba Castañares said.

He said the tournament used to be called the Lahug Football Festival.

However, since the football field in Lahug was not available, they changed the title to “Delos Santos” because it would be ironic to keep the name when the venue is the San Roque Field in Mandaue City.

The tournament will feature several categories, such as players 6, players 8, players
10, boys 12, boys 14, boys 17, which will be using a 7-aside format while the men’s open, inter-call center and 38 above will be using a 9-aside format.

The registration fee is pegged from P1,000 to P1,500 and the deadline will be this Thursday.

The defending cham-pion in the men’s open is the Don Bosco College (DBC) Alumni Football team. Castañares said they hope the DBC will join the tournament and defend heir title.

Sun Star Cebu

08 November 2010

UFL - Army Fritz & Macziol and Navy Roll On, While Union Stuns Global Smartmatic

A total of seven exciting matches were held last Sunday, with the LBC-UFL standings now showing a clearer picture of who willbe expected to participate in the quarter finals.

Armed Forces clubs Army Fritz & Macziol and Navy continued their 100% record in Group C, beating Lions and Sunken Garden respectively to secure qualification into the next round. The two clubs will meet on November 28 to decide who will take top spot in their group.

Union Internacional Manila grabbed their first win of the season, beating Japan K-Line in a match where goals were certainly not lacking. The game finished 8-5 in favor of Inter Manila, leaving Japan K-Line rooted to the bottom of Group B. At the opposite end of the group, are Stallions and Green Archers Orient Freight, who shared the spoils in their goalless match at Alabang Country Club.

The highlight of the night however, was undoubtedly the massive match between two of the LBC-UFL Cup favorites Global Smartmatic and Union. Although the latter has looked dominant in their last two matches, they were deemed underdogs by many going into the match, especially after Global had acquired some of the most talented players in the tournament during the off-season. Even with the likes of Philippine national captain Aly Borromeo, and last year’s top scorer Izzeldin Elhabbib, they could not dispatch of a Union side that never stopped fighting, even after going down to ten men. The match ended 2-1, sending a message to the rest of the league that Global Smartmatic’s formidable team on paper, is very much capable of being beaten.

The action continues on Wednesday, when Stallions play Japan K-Line at Nomads Sports Club. This is the UFL. It’s Our Game! Visit www.footballalliance.ph for all results, news and standings.

UFL Website

Pic : UFL

07 November 2010

Limpag: A chance to save RP football

UNLESS Mari Martinez grows a conscience (and we’d discover life in Mars), it looks like we’re going to have him as the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) president for the rest of his term.

In a recent BOG meeting attended by 10 members, there was a proposal to oust Martinez, who is no longer trusted that he’s been removed as a signatory of PFF funds.

The presidents of the Football Associations (FAs) of Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu, Naga and North Cotabato voted to have the proposal to oust Martinez submitted to the PFF Congress in three weeks’ time.

The presidents of the FAs of Baguio, Camarines Norte, Tagum, Tarlac and Pagadian, said, “No.”

Since it was a tie, guess who had the authority to break it?

Martinez, of course.

The same guy who, in their previous meeting, said he transferred the PFF funds from its account to another person’s for safekeeping. It’s like leaving your laptop and cell phone unattended, outside, for safekeeping.

Naturally, that safekeeping measure didn’t work and based on an audit report, P3.7 million and $44,373 of those funds are unaccounted for.

It isn’t surprising that Martinez got the support of the five Board of Governors (BOGs) (I’d like to know if these five even have a football tournament in their FAs), when the previous president faced similar moves, he released P20,000 to all FA presidents, supposedly for communication assistance.

Did Martinez pay for their support?

More : Sun Star Cebu

06 November 2010

Indonesia friendly cancelled ?

Indonesia friendly on 16. November is probably cancelled. Philippines are missing 4 foreign based players Ott, De Jong , Etheridge and Gier. Air Force players are also doubtful for Jakarta trip.

05 November 2010

UFL - Airforce Rider won by 8 goals against Pasargad FC

Last seasons double cup champions cruised to another comfortable win against Pasargad FC. Ian Araneta initiated the strike with two goals in 10 minutes.

The next fixture will be played on November 7, 2010 (Sunday).
a. Army Fritz and Macziol IBM vs. Lions FC
b. Navy FC - Sunken Garden United
c. Stallions – Green Archers Orient Freight
d. Japan FC - Inter Manila
e. Global Smartmatic – Union FC
f. Dolphins FC – Mama Africa


New Philippines coach next year ?

"Martinez said he is tapping coach Rick Figuerido of Brazil to take over the national team next year. He claimed Figuerido has World Cup experience with Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico."


Martinez hits back at detractors

MANILA, Philippines - Embattled Philippine Football Federation (PFF) president Jose Mari Martinez yesterday owned up to his accountability for about P2.8 million of missing funds but accused an associate Henry Tsai of absconding with the money.

Martinez confessed to making the mistake of appointing Tsai as executive vice president and entrusting him with PFF funds for “safekeeping” only to find out in an audit he himself ordered that the money was gone.

Last week, Martinez staved off an attempt by five members of the PFF Board of Governors to file a resolution calling for his ouster before the National Congress made up of 32 provincial football associations set Nov. 27. The vote was 5-5 and Martinez quashed the motion by exercising his right to break the tie. Martinez said he would’ve been upheld outright if Bukidnon’s Ramon Manulas, who was absent, attended.

Martinez lashed out at his detractors for instigating a “hate” campaign to pressure him into resigning with a year left in his term.

“I’m not hiding anything,” he said. “I told my detractors the PFF books are open to anyone. Before they called on the Campos auditing firm to look into our books, I ordered my own audit with Sarah Fontanillas, a respected accountant who has done extensive work overseas. The audit findings were similar. There is money unaccounted for and it points to Tsai who is now in hiding. I will personally file a case against Tsai and put him in jail.”

Martinez and Tsai were friends for over 20 years, dating back to their previous engagement in the shipping business. When the PFF ran out of funds late last year, Martinez called on Tsai to advance P1.6 million. Tsai bailed out the PFF and Martinez later appointed him EVP on condition he would financially support the national futsal team, pay P40,000 monthly rent for space in the PFF building and provide a condo unit for the national football coach.

“I trusted Tsai,” said Martinez. “When he helped us out with our funding deficiency last year, I thought his heart was in football. My mistake was I entrusted him with PFF funds. I also lent him P2 million of my own money for his container business and never got paid back. By my count, there is about P2.8 million unaccounted for. I can cover it with a title of a property I got as security for about P1.4 million and the sale of Tsai’s Fortuner which is in my name.”

Martinez said money isn’t the issue. “On my own, I’ve saved the PFF about P15 million by getting support from sources for our programs,” he said. “I’ve also brought out my own money. For instance, there’s a football event in Tagum on Nov. 19-21 and P150,000 is the budget. I gave P80,000 from my own pocket to get the ball rolling. I’ve gotten Dan Palami to finance the national team and that’s at least a P5 million savings. I’ve received support from the football presidents of Indonesia, Iran and Qatar. The Asian Football Confederation supports my leadership and president Mohamed Bin Hamman appreciates the progress we’ve made in the PFF, sending 10 to 11 national teams abroad every year, creating the interport series in Taiwan and many more.”

What bothers Martinez is how his detractors are determined to boot him out of office.

“They are obsessed with gaining control of the PFF,” said Martinez. “Someone wants to be president, another a kingmaker. They want to see me die. They’ve condemned my wife and they’re even harassing my granddaughter. They’re killers. I’ve reached out to them. I told them it’s a family problem and let’s resolve it without blood money, without lawyers. They’ve taken me out as a bank signatory of the PFF accounts. I’m not fighting it. Right now, we only have one Class A signatory and two Class B signatories. I think we need another Class A signatory for control purposes.”

Despite a divided PFF, Martinez said he will not resign. “I will serve out my term,” he said. “If I stole any money, I would hide and run away. But I’m accessible. Anyone who claims I used PFF funds in excess for myself has the right to accuse me but I also have the right to defend myself. My credit card and phone bills paid for by the PFF are not for personal use. I never authorized the PFF to pay for my recent hospitalization. It was Tsai who did it and I expect it to be paid out of what he owes me.”

Martinez said if the majority of the heads of provincial associations want him to run for a second term, he will. “The elections are scheduled next year,” he said. “If they want me to run again, I will. I also plan to run for vice president of the Asean Football Federation to cement my good relations with our neighbor countries. I have succeeded in the PFF because of my good relations with Mr. Hammam and the other AFC officials. We just received an invitation to play a goodwill game with the Indonesian football team – the first ever. I’m arranging for our national team to train in Iran for three weeks and Qatar for a week next year before the Suzuki Cup. All we’ll pay for is plane fare, everything else is sponsored. Nobody else can get that kind of a deal for us.”

Martinez said he is tapping coach Rick Figuerido of Brazil to take over the national team next year. He claimed Figuerido has World Cup experience with Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico.

Martinez said the PFF’s deals with the events company G-World, where his wife Carla has an interest, are above board. “We brought in G-World with Jasmine Jamora to help us with some events which unfortunately, lost a little money,” he said. “Nothing irregular about that. I can show documents that prove nothing anomalous.”

Martinez said his detractors have succeeded in stripping him of his P25,000 monthly allowance and P8,000 monthly salary for a driver. “I don’t think it’s fair to do that to me, after all I’ve done for football, but I told them if that’s the case, I’ll take 20 percent of whatever I bring into the PFF,” he said. “I’ve brought in about P15 million so under my formula, that should be P3 million for me. Now, which is which? Giving me an allowance with a driver or a 20 percent share? My detractors couldn’t answer me.”


03 November 2010

Indonesia friendly in Jakarta

Philippines will play a friendly against Indonesia on 16. November confirmed Indonesia FA.

The match will be played in Jakarta.


Cebu Football - Stream FC wins 'Lacion' Football event

CEBU, Philippines - Stream Football Club silenced one of the early title favorites Dakay Construction, 3-0, to bag the inter-company championship of the 1st Engineer’s Fiesta Cup 2010 football festival in Consolacion.

With balanced offensive and solid defensive stuff, Stream FC dominated the entire battle against Dakay Construction.

On the other hand, Hiroshi FC salvaged the 38-above crown, while the Cebu Amateur Football Club-Queen City United topped the men’s open of the 11-a-side competition after outclassing the Coast Guards.

In the men's 9-a-side, CAFC-QCU lorded it over the Count Football Club.

St. Louis School of Mandaue stole part of the limelight after stunning the San Roque Football Club, 2-0, in the boys 12 final.

St.Louis’ Cynold Retuya and Cied Betua were responsible for preventing SRFC from winning its third tile.

SRFC earlier scored a twinkill via the boys 6 and 8 categories, while Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu reigned supreme in the players 10 division. Danao Football Club dominated the boys 14 class in the event spearheaded by Consolacion councilor Nilo Ferraren. — THE FREEMAN

Dan Palami savior of RP football

LONDON - Republic of the Philippines men's football team, popularly known as the Azkals, is back on the sports pages this past few days.

This time, for a good reason.

The Azkals are back on their winning form. The main reason for this is because they have found a new backer, Leyte Football Association's president Dan Stephen Palami.

The Azkals recently are in form as they finished second to host Laos in the elimination tournament of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup Asean Championship in Vientine Laos trailing behind Laos on goal difference to qualify for the finals in Hanoi, Vietnam in December.

They defeated East Timor, 5-0, and drew with Laos, 2-2 and eliminated Cambodia with a hard-earned scoreless draw to advance to the proper tournament on Dec. 2, 5, and 8 against Asean football powerhouses, Myanmar, host Vietnam and Singapore.

The Suzuki Cup Asean Championship was formerly known as the Tiger Cup until its former backer Tiger Beer of Singapore had been changed by Suzuki motors of Japan.

It is an exciting chapter in the Azkals history and much of the credit goes to the 40-year-old Palami. He is the CEO of Autre Porte Global Inc. (APT Global).

The giant railway engineering company is involved in the construction, operations, and maintenance of railway systems. They are involved in various capacities in LRT Line 1 and Line 2 in Manila.

Palami's association with the Azkals started sometime in December of 2009 when he was approached by the PFF to manage the Nationals. He was just fresh from handling the RP Under-19 team which was formed one month before a tournament.

The RP U-19 team was humiliated for lack of preparation but he accepted the job to manage the Azkals on the condition that he would do it in his own way and isolate himself from the political intrigues that Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is involved in.

Palami's appointment as Azkals manager is probably the only positive credit that the current PFF regime has ever made. The PFF has left him to manage the Azkals like he manages his multi-million peso company. He is a hands on boss and he is always around when there are matches and when they need financial and material support.

Palami is involved in the recruitment of the players and the first thing he did when he was appointed was to get local players and hire a foreign coach to infuse system that could work for the Azkals in short term basis.

British Des Bulfin took charge immediately but was replaced this year by the youthful Simon MacMenemy of England.

Palami then recruited the locals led by the prolific centre defender and skipper Aly Borromeo and Anton del Rosario of Kaya FC, plus Philippine Airforce reliables, winger Chieffy Caligdong, striker Ian Araneta, defender Rey Palmes and the ageless Yanti Bersales.

Other players recruited from local teams include goalkeepers, 16-year-old Christopher Camcam from Southridge FC, and veteran Eduard Sacapano of Philippine Army, defenders Jerry Barbaso, Michael Atienza and Kristopher Relocio of Laos FC, midfielders Jose Caminos of Philippine Navy, Roel Gener of the Philippine Army, Mark Ferrer Philippine Airforce, Joel Ballo-allo, Nestorio Margarse Jr. of Philippine Army, Peter Jaugan of Philippine Airforce, and striker David Basa of UST.

Another teenage goalkeeper Jose Pascual of the University of San Carlos who had been invited to the training pool but has not showed up yet because of commitment to his school in Cebu.

He then re-activated the scouting and the recruitment of Fil-Foreign players. Palami is credited for rekindling the international football careers of the reliable Young husband brothers Phil and James.

The duo who used to play for the Chelsea FC reserve team in London found a niche in the Philippines but has stopped playing for the Azkals after a row with the PFF.

James and Phil are now back in top form scoring one goal each in their 2-2 draw against Laos. James also had two assists in their 5-0 victory over Timor-Liste.

Palami also signed Filipino British goalkeeper Neil Etheridge of Fulham FC of England, and Filipino-Dutch midfielder Jason de Jong from the Dutch League.

Other Filipino foreign players in the line-up include defenders Robert Gier, Gino Pavone, Mathew Hartman, and midfielder Manuel Ott.

In an interview with Palami, he said that he wanted to develop a team that everybody wants to support. At the start of this endeavor, he knew that is very difficult to get a private sector support for a team that has no winning attitude. But now that they have started winning and qualified for the Suzuki Cup, the Azkals have shown to everyone that they are a good team.

The next step--according to Palami-- is to look for partners who are willing to help the Azkals because, as of the moment, he only gets support from Mizuno for the Kits while all the rest is from his own pocket.

Palami is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and earned his accountancy degree at the University of the Philippines. He has studied to become a lawyer, but left UP law school in his fourth year to set up his railways company. He is now based in Manila but was born and grew up in Tacloban city, Leyte.

Suzuki Cup

With only more than a month of preparation before the Hanoi tournament, Palami is worried by the Azkals defenses. He said that the coming weeks will be spent on preparing the team defenses.

"We are capable of scoring goals and we always look very dangerous when we keep the ball, however we are always being caught flat-footed during counter attacks," he said.

He added that if they fix their defensive problems, they could actually reach the semis. Fil-British goalkeeper Neil Etheridge will be seeking permission from his London Club, Fulham to see action in the finals. Etheridge has been the starting goalkeeper for the Azkals since 2008 whenever he is available.

He flew to Laos to play in the elimination tournament and became a hero in their scoreless draw against Cambodia by stopping countless attempts. The draw sealed their fate to the Suzuki Asean Cup final.

Etheridge has been promoted to the first team of the Fulham FC starting this season after seeing action in their reserve and youth teams for many years.

Additionally, Palami will try to bring in another Fil-German defender Steven Schrock to bolster the team defensively.

Football community

The football community and Philippine sports in general is thankful for having Dan Stephen Palami as the chief supporter of the Azkals.

Danding Cojuangco did it before for the RP national basketball team. Now, Manuel V. Pangilinan is also doing it for Philippine basketball and Philippine boxing. But these two men are business tycoons and they have their own people to manage their teams.

Palami is different, he is always with the team. He even joins them when they travel and sits with them on the bench. Nobody has done this before for Philippine football. He describes this as his personal crusade to help football. Philippine football needs more people like him. It is now time for the public to support the Azkals and for the private partners to help maintain the cost of running the National team. Let's book our tickets to Hanoi. Go Azkals! Go Azkals Go!

GOD BLESS jackbiantan@yahoo.com

Sun Star Cagayan de Oro

02 November 2010

RP football team off to Hanoi tilt

The Philippines will compete in the Asian Football Federation Suzuki Cup main tournament next month in Hanoi, Vietnam. Previously in Laos, the Filipino football team routed Timor Leste, 5-0, before posting a draw with Laos and Cambodia to bag a qualifying berth in the eight-nation tournament. Team manager Dan Palami is implementing a rigid training routine to prepare his squad, which will play in a tough bracket that includes defending champion Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar.

“We may not have the strongest team compared to other squads in Hanoi but we can assure you we will prepare the team the best way we can,” said Palami, noting the coaching staff, would be flying to Hanoi on November 4.

Team captains Aly Borromeo and Chieffy Caligdong believes their squad can pull off an upset in Hanoi Palami said Indonesia has extended an invitation to play in a friendly match with the RP team in Jakarta on November 15.

Manila Times

PFF head gains reprieve via own vote

MANILA, Philippines - Philippine Football Federation (PFF) president Jose Mari Martinez barely staved off an attempt by the Board of Governors to file a resolution for his ouster before the coming National Congress and broke a 5-5 tie with his own vote in a stormy meeting in Pasig last Friday.

Martinez claimed his prerogative to settle a deadlock after the Board failed to resolve the issue of whether or not to submit a proposal for his ouster in the Congress. Voting to thumb down the resolution were Leo Arnaiz of Baguio, Joe Reliva of Camarines Norte, Rene Casmod of Tagum, Glenn Caricativo of Tarlac and Flaviano Fucoy of Pagadian. Supporting the motion to push for Martinez’ ouster were Mariano Araneta of Iloilo, Dick Emperado of Dumaguete, Richard Montayre of Cebu, Jose Luis Carpio of Naga and Mayor Joselito Pinol of M’lang, North Cotabato. Absent in the meeting were Charlie Cojuangco of Negros Occidental and Ramon Manulas of Bukidnon.

Araneta filed the motion in view of an audit report turned in by accountant Tereso Campos certifying that from September 2009 to June 2010, a certain Henry Tsai had an accountability of P3.7 million and $44,373 to the organization. The report detailed transactions where Martinez appeared to use PFF funds for personal purposes, including payment for credit card charges, cell phone bills and hospitalization.

Martinez has been stripped of signing authority in PFF’s bank accounts because of alleged irregularities but after proposing to step down this month, changed his mind and will now cast his fate before the Congress made up of heads of 32 provincial football associations. The Congress will be convened on Nov. 27 unless Martinez himself decides to postpone or cancel it in violation of the PFF By-Laws. Araneta and general-secretary Chito Manuel are now the only authorized signatories for PFF’s bank accounts.

Araneta said the PFF president has the right to vote and break a tie on a motion before the Board. In last Friday’s meeting, Martinez exercised his right to vote and rejected a resolution to propose his ouster in the coming Congress.

At the moment, Martinez is under fire from two Board members, Montayre and Emperado, who filed a case in court alleging that he falsified public documents in relation to designating Tsai as a PFF bank signatory, purportedly with Board approval. Araneta said in light of the recently concluded audit report, a criminal case for estafa may also be filed against Martinez particularly as there are missing funds in the PFF coffers. He added that even as the motion to push for Martinez’ ouster was scuttled, it will not prevent the presentation of the audit report at the Congress.

While the audit report cited Tsai as owing the PFF, he in turn filed a demand for Martinez to pay him P1.5 Million through a letter signed by lawyers Luis Meinrado Pangulayan and Jo Paul Gatapia. Tsai supposedly rents a space in the PFF building at P40,000 a month and the audit report noted that he has not paid for 10 months.

Araneta said Martinez has proposed the sale of a Tagaytay property owned by Centerpoint Property Development, identified as Campoverde Estates, worth about P5 Million to cover for the missing funds. Araneta later found out that Centerpoint is not registered with the SEC and a cease-and-desist order has been issued to prevent the passage of ownership of the property which was apparently used as security for the missing funds.

Araneta said it will take a 2/3 vote in the PFF Congress to oust Martinez.

An item in the audit report that raised eyebrows was a P302,680 payment for the airfare of the Philippine team to Taiwan for the interport competitions last January. It was found out that team sponsor Dan Palami paid for the airfare and turned in his receipt to the PFF for reimbursement but the amount remains unsettled, raising questions as to whom the payment was made. There were also payments made to a company, G-World, in the amount of over P200,000 for a TV show. Nobody claims to know who are the G-World principals.

The report listed a summary of transactions related to Martinez from January to August this year and the amount reached P1.7 Million, including payment for his travel, medical bills, credit card charges and cell phone usage.