Their relentlessly positive coach, Fabio Maciel, is pounding home a message that he wants his players to keep giving their all at the tournament whilst also sending out a strong signal to club scouts in the region that they shouldn’t overlook the talents on the national team.

“Between the games we can just focus on recovery but for sure we cannot accept defeat and even if a match is a draw or a loss we can’t have the players leaving the pitch thinking that they could have done more so I keep encouraging the team not to be worried about making mistakes.

“I also have to say that we have some fantastic players in our team that should be playing at a high level in Asia, for example in Thailand or Malaysia.

“You look at Paulo Gali, there is not another player in this group who has his quality in terms of dribbling, you look at Jhon Firth in midfield, he is an amazing player with great passing, and then we have Mouzinho who reminds me of Philippe Coutinho at Barcelona, we have so many great talents in this team.”