30 June 2009

FIFA Women's Ranking for June

Philippines Women's NT staying at number 77 in last FIFA ranking for June.

Philippines lost 6 ranking points after losing to Hong Kong and Indonesia in a Hong Kong tournament in April.

source : fifa.com

26 June 2009

Philippines in 2010 Asian Futsal Championship qualifiers

Philippines will be playing in Asian Futsal Championship qualifiers in Indonesia.

Group : Indonesia, Philippines , Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia , Australia and Vietnam. Top three to finals.

Takes place Feb 13 to 18 2010 in Jakarta. Finals will be in Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

Villaflor: Virus boots RP Under-14 out of Asian tourney

ONCE again, Philippine football lands in the national and international news for the wrong reasons.

This time, the bad news has something to do with the Under-14 Philippine football team in a no-win situation against the Influenza A(H1N1) virus.

The RP boys’ squad was excited to compete against 12 other football teams at the 1st Asian Youth Games.

Instead, the team ended up being quarantined at a Singapore resort since Sunday. And they got the really bad news yesterday morning: they are officially out of the games.

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22 June 2009

Football in Ipil, Surigao

I was watching Sunday's football tournament in Ipil football field, not far from Mabua Beach outside Surigao City.

Two teams in U14 and two in U16. Ipil FC won U14 and Surigao National High won U16. Ipil got a good grass field and i hope they will use the field for football matches in the future.

I had also the chance to play two friendlies on Saturday and Sunday with Surigao FA officials and some players from Surigao. One of them was former U21 National team player Romnick Echin from Surigao .

Funny but very hot to play at 3 pm in Philippines !

Back to Dinagat Islands and no more football this vacation.

Philippine footballer in Asian Youth Games contracts H1N1

Philippine footballer in Asian Youth Games contracts H1N1
By Lynda Hong, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 20 June 2009 1617 hrs

SINGAPORE: A member of the Philippines Football Team, now in Singapore for the inaugural Asian Youth Games, has been confirmed to be infected with the H1N1 virus.

Organisers said the team arrived in Singapore on Thursday and a routine temperature check on Friday found him running a fever.

The player was then admitted to the Communicable Disease Centre where lab results confirmed the infection on Saturday morning.

Organisers said all matches involving the Philippines football team will be postponed.

The first match was supposed to be against Taipei at 5pm on Saturday.

The entire Philippines football team has also be quarantined.

19 June 2009

Surigao football

Hello, I am here in Surigao City and Dinagat Islands on holiday. Going to a U15 tournament this Sunday. First time I will see some fotball here in Philippines ! I met President of Surigao FA and Gen Secr. earlier this week , and was invited to the 4 U15-team tournament.

Im Jonny from Norway, some may know me from posts in old philfoootball.info and pinoysoccer.com

17 June 2009

Baguio Open Centennial Tournament 2009

Men's Open
Champion : Baguio United FC
1st Runner Up : St. Louis University
2nd Runner Up : Titans (African United)
Fair Play : Pro-Sison United FC

Ladies Open:
Champion : Baguio Ladies
1st Runner Up : Benguet State University
2nd Runner Up : Baguio Ladies Juniors
Fair Play : Benguet State University


New PFF Website !

Philippines FF got a new designed website !

PFF has not been updating the website for nearly a year , but now a new designed website , with one news story !

Let's see if the website will be better updated this time.


15 June 2009

Philippines fourth in ASEAN Fusal Championship

Philippines finshed fourth in ASEAN Futsal Championship.

Philippines lost 3-4 to Indonesia in the bronze medal match. Misagh and Jason De Jong Scored .

Philippines lost semifinals 2-8 to Thailand.

11 June 2009

Philippines in AFF Futsal Semifinals

The Philippines, who had conceded a 3-0 defeat to hosts Vietnam yesterday, bounced back in their second game against Timor Leste in Group B here at the Phu Tho Stadium to race to an 8-2 lead at the half.

The wily Misagh Bahadoran nailed a personal best with four goals (4th, 5th, 5th and 10th minute) as Ali Go (2nd and 4th) and Edward Mallari (2nd and 3rd) contributed the others just before the break.

“We played a lot better yesterday but at least today, we managed to allow some of the younger players the chance to have more time in the game,” said Sedigh Esmaeil, the head coach for the Philippines.

“Now, we will have two days to prepare the team for the semi-final game which is likely to be Thailand.“

The second half saw Jason De Jong completing the rout with goals in the 23rd and 24th minute.

source : aseanfootball.org

12 June 2009
1500hrs: Thailand vs Philippines
1700hrs: Vietnam vs Indonesia

14 June
Third and Fourth Placing

07 June 2009

ASEAN Futsal Championship 2009

Brunei withdrew and Philippines should qualify for semifinals very easily.

8 June 2009
1800hrs: Philippines vs Vietnam

9 June 2009
1400hrs: Timor Leste vs Philippines

12 June 2009

14 June
Third and Fourth Placing

04 June 2009

PFF coaches prepare for leagues

PHILIPPINES: More than 50 coaches are taking part in two ‘C’ Certificate courses in the Philippines as part of the Vision Asia strategic plan to develop football in two key areas of the country. One course, conducted by AFC instructor Marlon M Maro, is taking place in Manila, featuring 24 coaches from Metro Manila and the Luzon area. Fellow AFC instructor AFC instructor Jose Ariston P. Caslib is taking charge of another course in Cebu City for 28 young coaches. The Vision Philippines plan calls for a Filipino Premier League and a Cebu Provincial League to be launched later this year. The courses will enable the coaches to improve their knowledge and skills so they can take charge of teams for the two leagues. Vision Asia is also urging the Philippines Football Federation to start leagues in two other main regions – Visayas, which encompasses Cebu, and Mindanao.

source : afc.com

FIFA World Ranking - Men

Philippines up 6 to number 160 in FIFA World Ranking for June !

Best ranking since 1992 :)

source : fifa.com

03 June 2009

AFC U13 Festival of Football

All ASEAN countries except Brunei and Timor Leste participate in AFC U13 Festival of fotball in Sabah in Malaysia.

Philippines face all the countries in 30 and 60 minutes matches this week.