20 February 2016

Philippines U19 NT in China tournament

Philippines U19 National Team is in China to play in a four nations tournament against China , Uzbekistan and Croatia !

Based on information from Croatia FA website , this is the schedule :

Sunday 21. February : China 4-0 Philippines  FT

Tuesday 23. February ; Croatia vs Philippines . Match time 16.00
Thursday 25. February : Uzbekistan vs Philippines . Match time 19.00


  1. Jonny, can you post the line-up please for Philippines

  2. John William Abraham
    Michael Asong
    Jeremiah Chabon
    Marco Casambre
    Andrei Cheng
    Matthew Custodio
    Josh Miller
    Jumbel Guinabang
    Paulo Javier
    Earl Laguerta
    Christian Lapas
    Ross Lee Lawagan
    Vincent Lovitos
    Jerome Marzan
    Gilbert Mendoza
    Julian Miranda
    James Oberiano
    Dave Parac
    Mariano Suba
    Jake Vicen
    Mark Winhoffer

  3. Will this be televised?

  4. thank you Croatia FA for updating us on our national team's activities.
    ano kaya ang lagay ng panahon dito sa bicol bukas? ma check nga natin sa Croatian Radiotelevision.

    1. There website is nice too, an updated (although the Croatian version is more updated). Ours is half baked and outdated (even in regards of the senior team.

  5. Expect them to get smashed in all their games as per usual!!

    1. Ya you'll see alright!!! They're barely competitive against the likes of Cambodia and Laos, no way they'll handle Crotia, Uzbekistan or China!! Plus I bet this was a hastily assembled team which makes it worse.

    2. 4-0 wasn't that bad actually. I was expecting worse.

    3. Losing 4-0 was a ok result.

    4. better they lose now than lose like this when they become azkals one day
      YOu comparing our u19 azkals to laos or cambodia? look at their senior teams they can't carry on their strong start at youth. Always dismal results against Thailand vietnam singapore phil and other asian teams

    5. @Anonymous 21 February 2016 at 23:33

      That's if any of these players become good enough to make it to the senior team! lol!

      As a matter of fact yes, the Philippines U19 compared to Laos' and Cambodia's U19's are just as shit, even worse in fact! It's also stupid of you to go on and comment that the likes of Laos and Cambodia are still weak at senior level because the players they bring through aren't good enough. Well, breaking news, the Philippines isn't any better!! At least they are producing players for their senior team! Specifically for Laos, their players are getting signed by clubs in Thailand!! The Philippines can barely produce a player who is half decent for the senior team!!

      If not for such a large diaspora (one of the biggest in the world), the Philippines would be where they were pre-2010 or better yet pre-2004, proper whipping boys even against the likes of Laos and Cambodia!!

    6. We are not producing better players.
      We are converting fil-foreign to be put of Azkals.
      If we even bother to develop yound players we would be somewhere in the 10 years.
      Really don't mind the result now.
      Problem is PFF and some people are trying to milk Azkals 2010 AFF success for monetary gain.
      So they started to get busy and finding fil-foreign.
      Once the pool of fil-foreign get depleted, then we will see akzals decline.

    7. Anonymous22 February 2016 at 09:39 you are right on your point. Too much Fil Foreign recruits is a detrimental to Philippine Football. Firstly, the Homegrowns will not dream anymore of playing beyond after college due to low moral and discrimination treatment of the clubs as they will prefer mestizos. Secondly, the masses will never fell in love with the beautiful sport because they don't feel any attachment to the Foreign recruits and Third, the grassroots will dwindle as domino effect of the locals un- involvement with the professional clubs..

  6. Match started 2 pm.
    China won 4-0 against Philippines

  7. This tournament is called China-ASEAN International Youth Football Tournament which is a misnomer. Philippines is the only ASEAN country. Probably others were set to join, but backed out and Croatia and Uzbekistan were last minute replacements.

  8. Link to China U19 v Philippines U19

  9. Is Alen Halilovic playing for the Croatia U19?

  10. Is Alen Halilovic playing for the Croatia U19?

  11. No.