24 February 2016

PFF Advisory on AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 Group Stage Hosting


  1. this 30,000 seater requirement for the group stages is discriminatory on the part of the AFF. we can't even put 10,000 in Rizal on a good Azkals game day. why the need for a 30K seat? maybe let's just boycott the Suzuki Cup. it looks like they don't want us there.

    1. A boycott is outside a question and will only hurt Philippine football.

  2. Why would AFF award hosting rights to Philippines if they required 30000 seats ?

    1. They awarded it to the Philippines because they thought the PSS was going to be the primary venue. But with the PFF pushing Rizal, they decided that wasn't good enough.

    2. PSS is only a 25000 capacity stadium and might not still be enough
      The time when AFF granted PHilippines the hosting rights PSS is still under construction
      PSS is still nothing compared to co-host Myanmar's National Youth Training Center Stadium (which can accomodate 32,000 audience)
      Any current stadiums in PHI are nothing compared to AFF peers
      RAjamangala (THA, 48,000)
      Shah ALam (MAS, 80,000)
      Gelora Bung Karno (INA, 80,000)
      JElan Basar (48,000)

      Even Olympic Stadium of CAmbodia (50,000)

  3. Although, a little late, this advisory is much appreciated. At least we know why.

    But this is ridiculous, in the past the Rizal Memorial Stadium has hosted SEMI-FINAL matches. So that mean's if we advance from the group stages, both legs will be "away" games again? That's what its implying. It may be more than the hosting rights. Is this Lagardere Sports a new rights holder?

  4. The PFF submitted its bid to host the Suzuki Cup 2016 last March 2013. On December 2013 the Philippines was officially awarded the hosting job alongside with Myanmar.

    The Philippine Sports Stadium although having a seating capacity of only 20,000 could have been considered by AFF if the PFF was able to submit a written stadium hire contract before the set deadlines.

    The PFF General Secretary failed to explain why the PFF was unable to secure a written stadium hire contract when it had at least a year to negotiate with the owner of the PSS. What went wrong or did the PFF again act in the last minutes.

    It is a big embarrassment that we submit a bid to host the Suzuki Cup 2016 only to withdraw as host in the last minute. Another wasted opportunity for Philippine football.

  5. The reason may be because the INC won't agree for the Philippine Sports Stadium to be used because of the church's bad relations with ABS-CBN, which happens to be the partner of the Suzuki Cup's organizers, World Sports Group. The INC is unwilling to work with ABS reportedly.


  6. AFF politics in redeem the reputation of Malaysian football federation....Malaysia the country love by PNOY

    Philippine politics between PFF,INC and yung media coveror abs cbn.

    kung pagbigyan man ng AFF ang hosting rights ng Pilipinas kahit less 30K seating capacity ang venue natin and Inc agreed.

    pansamantalang magpalit muna ng media coveror ang azkals kaso may existing contract pa sila sa abs cbn.

    it would be better to give up the hosting rights. malaking advantage pa yan sa Azkal na wag maging complacent and improve their games sa harap ng hostile crowd.