18 February 2016

Azkals' Simone Rota searching for biological parents

Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News

Philippine Azkal Simone Rota proudly introduced his special visitor from Italy, the 90-year-old nun Mother Flora Zippo.
Mother Flora is a missionary from Franciscan Sister of the Sacred Heart.
She first visited the Philippines in 1977 and set up a convent in Better Living, Paranaque City.
It was because of Mother Flora that the baby Simone was able to move to Italy where he was adopted by an Italian couple.
"She is one of the most important woman in my life... it's because of her that I got my family and I was adopted," said Simone.
Mother Flora said a woman named Sonia Tulay left Simone in the convent when the player was still two months old in November 1984.
In 1985, Simone and another baby girl were adopted by Italian couple Maurizio and Marilena Rota. They lived in Milan, Italy.

When Simore turned 29, he returned to the Philippines to join the United Football League and play for the Philippine Azkals.
Simone said he lived a happy life in Italy, but always wanted to return to the Philippines.
"I want to come back here and live in my country," said Simone. "Because I always feel I'm not complete with myself."
When he first arrived in the Philippines, he said he wasn't ready to meet his biological parents.
But now, he wants to hear the whole story of his life.
"I spoke to my dad and mom and they agreed about my decision to find them (biological parents) because they are part of my life," he said.
They tried to locate his biological parents based on his adoption papers but they didn't succeed.
Other leads brought them to places like Cavite, Cebu, and Camarines Sur.
He prays he would be able to meet his biological parents.
"[So I'll understand] why you gave me away. What is the situation of our family that you decided to give me to adoption. I also want to say thank you for giving me the best opportunity in my life to find another family and a good life," said Simone.
To anyone who has information or who can help locate the biological family of Simone Rota, please contact Sister May through cellphone number 0917843 0288. You can also get in touch with ABS-CBN News through our trunkline number 4116397.



  1. Goodluck! You're such a nice man. Hope you can find your biological parents.

  2. "Sonia Tulay left Simone in the convent when the player was still two months old in November 1984."

    Rota was born in November 1984. So he according to this he was two months old when he was born. lol

  3. Maybe that is what listed on his birth certificate, not necessarily the real birth date. This certain Sonia may not have disclosed the real birth date or not even related to Rota and just found him abandoned as a child.

    Grace Poe's issues is similar. Her known "birthday" is actually the day she was found.

  4. Will this become a problem in the future if his real birth parents are not found? We could be fined for fielding in an ineligible player in FIFA sanctioned matches.

    1. if he can't prove himself filipino by blood, maybe by land of birth?

  5. He was adopted by an italian couple, which means, his nationality before adoption, or anywhere in his adoption papers that says Philippines would prove he has filipino blood