13 February 2016

UFL Cup Sunday - updated

Stallion 4-0 Agila

Stallion XI : Alquiros , Arboleda , Basa, Bonney , Cuaresma , Doctora Jr, Flores, Mintah , Nana , Rota and Wright

Agila XI : Alcoresa , Frias, Fransisco , Galicia , Jang , Orcullo , Reche Donha , Reyes , Rosalia , Safarian , Shozu

32 mins 1-0 Christian Nana (Stallion)
1-0 HT
85 mins 2-0 Park (Stallion)
89 mins 3-0 Soberano (Stallion)
90 + 2 mins 4-0 Mintah (Stallion)
4-0 FT

Nomads FC 0-15 Ceres-La Salle FC
#9 Gallardo Valdes '3 '40 Ceres-La Salle Fc
#7 Bienvenido Marañon '22 '43 Ceres-La Salle FC
#11 Stephan Shröck '27 '49 Ceres-La Salle FC
#29 Patrick Reichelt '34 Ceres-La Salle FC
#23 Martin Steuble '36 '42 '84 Ceres-La Salle FC
#14 Carli de Murga '39 Ceres-La Salle FC
#21 Nate Burkey '59 Ceres-La Salle FC
#10 Jeong Woo Lee '71 '74 '88 Ceres-La Salle FC
Men of the Match:
Martin Steuble and Stephan Schröck

Kaya 6-1 Laos FC


#17 Lopez Mendy 16' 40' Kaya
#17 Aaron Altiche 21' Laos
#19 Joven Bedic 77' 90+2'
#11 Aly Borromeo 79' Kaya
#14 Dom Del Rosario 84' Kaya

Man of the match:

#17 Robert Lopez Mendy


  1. Where are your news about UAAP 78 football season? This is supposed to be about all activities of Philippine Football why only UFL news for the past weeks? Majority of us knows many homegrown players playing in UAAP and we are excited to see and read any articles about their games. UFL may not have many followers due to Majority are Foreign born even if they are the sons of our kababayans abroad.

    1. Because hearing news on fil foreign is more exciting.
      This is the problem with the society.
      Get excited with fil foreign even when they have crappy skills.
      Because they look good.
      Ask all of them to be actors better still.

    2. Football in general lacks coverage. Even the UFL website leave you wanting more. UFL marketing sucks. UAAP football marketing is no better, always basketball and volleyball, no love for other sports including football.

    3. Metro Manila is a dictator as it wants only basketball and volleyball to be broadcast to the whole nation. That's why Federalism is the answer.