13 February 2016

UFL Cup Saturday - Updated

UFL Cup Saturday at Rizal Memorial Stadium
4 pm Green Achers United 1-2 Global 6.15 pm JP Voltes 2-1 Forza 8.30 pm Loyola 7-1 Pasargad


  1. Green Archers has field a protest against Global Fc. Global had 6 foreigners in 18 men roster.

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    1. The nationality of Minegishi is still unclear as he was never able to produce a Filipino passport. Like AFC and FIFA a valid passport is a required document to establish citizenship.

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    1. So that means Nazari isn't counted as Filipino as well!

      Palami is a fuckin fraud!!! Been saying it for years but people continue to buy into his BS! "People's club"... how fuckin tacky and arrogant is that nickname!!! Says it all really!!!

  4. Basing from the roster posted above the foreign players on the players list of Global at match day:
    Serge Kaole (Cameroon)
    Sean Bateau (Trinidad & Tobago)
    Izzeldin El Habbib (Sudan)
    Milan Nikolić (Serbia)
    Arthur Kouassi (Ivory Coast)

    This is discounting Minegeshi (Filipino-Japanese) and Nazari (Iran intertional).

    It should be assumed that all teams had a copy of the rules and regulation of the much. However I think the UFL should have posted the whole rules and regulation of its tournaments. If the UFL ruled in favor of Global saying they didn't used 4 foreign players in the field at the time, (Technically there were at most 3 foreign player in the field at any time;again discounting Minegeshi and Nazari) the UFL risks losing credibility due to the lack of transparency.

    On the side note:The match report is much appreciated although the official website ufl.com is much underutilized. I think the UFL should

    1. Minegishi based on the official UFL players start list is a Japanese player.

  5. The problem with UFL is that they do not comply with their own regulations that they themselves have crafted.

    It has always been a requirement to present a valid passport as proof of nationality --yet some clubs still do not strictly comply that is why there is always an issue regarding some players current citizenship.

    UFL should be transparent and publish the names of all players and identify their nationality.

  6. Noting will happen..
    Fatlami will continue to abuse his authority as long as he is in PFF.

  7. Palami is a 'One -Trick Pony'. His over reliance on Foreign born players is a disgusting sign of how dysfunctional the PFF is. Aris Caslib is also at fault as the PFF technical director himself cannot impose the PFF mandate to UFL. Magaling lang kasi magpapogi at sa lecture pero palpak naman pag sila ang head coach ng team.

  8. https://twitter.com/UFLphilippines/status/698417737559715840

    Minegishi is Japanese . Nazari is counted as Filipino.
    5 foreigners and 1 asian in the 18 man roster

    1. Still 1 too many. Would be incredibly stupid if they get disqualified from the same tournament AGAIN for nearly the same mistake.

    2. "NAZARI IS COUNTED AS FILIPINO" Can someone explain what this exactly means.
      Was Nazari able to produce a Filipino passport to prove that he is legally recognized as a Filipino citizen?

  9. Global is not an exception, even the other clubs are.

    Even GAU has too many foreign players. They have 24 players. The limit is 4 foreign players in an 18 squad team. Additional foreign player slots for teams with more than 18 players. That means GAU is allowed to have at most 6 players with the current squad, but they have 9 foreign players.

    Also in the 4 foreigner limit, at least one of them should be from the Asian Football Confederation. Pasargad has none. All 9 players in the 25 squad are Africans. Also Pasargad violates the squad limit.

    Goodluck for the professional league in 2017, if the UFL can't even follow their rules or be transparent enough (if there were some changes in the regulations BEFORE the first match)

  10. Kinda, Ironic PSG was supposed to be an Iranian club, not a single AFC player. They suck, so nobody's protesting anyway. Protest or no protest, the UFL should actively impose it rules if wants to protect its credibility. Protests should be last resort if the UFL oversaw something (instances of this should be rare)

  11. Foreign limit is 5 players in a 18 man roster.
    4 foreigners on field.
    BOB G : "Asian foreigner on pitch in every game not required, but recommended by the UFL for Cup...."

  12. BOB G : https://twitter.com/PassionateFanPH/status/695414071454093312

    Asian player rule just for league , not UFL CUP.

  13. On January 15 sports reporter Cedelf Tupas of Philippine Inquirer reported that acting on the directives of the PFF, starting the UFL season the UFL clubs will only have 5 foreign players in their lineups 4 of whom can be listed in the 18 man roster for match day. One of the foreign players should be an Asian player.

    There was no step taken from the UFL to correct the report of Mr. Tupas that the asian player rule will only apply in the League.

    This is what caused the confusion brought about by the lack of transparency in the way the UFL is being run.