08 February 2016

Stephan Schrock admits it's going to take time to adjust to PH style of football

By Karlo Sacamos
STEPHAN Schrock found out it wasn’t going to be easy as everyone expected it would be for him in the United Football League Cup.
The Azkals star, on loan from his German second-tier club Greuther Furth, wound up with a scoreless debut for Ceres-La Salle in its 2-1 victory over Loyola Meralco on Sunday night.
While he conjured some chances that left the crowd in awe, Schrock failed to find the back of the net in 90 minutes on the field, although the Filipino-German standout still flashed his impressive dribbling and pinpoint passing that almost led to goals.
“It's a different game for him from Germany to here, positioning-wise, everything's different for him but hopefully day by day, game by game, he'll be accustomed to Philippine football,” Ceres coach Ali Go said.
The 5-foot-7 Schrock, usually playing at midfield or defense in Germany, was thrust up front as well as in the wings in his first outing for Ceres.
 “We're still looking at the best position where we can play him best,” Go said.
“In a few more games, if we qualify for the quarterfinals, I think he's going to be accustomed already to Philippine football and Asian football,” he added.

Schrock, who arrived late last month, admitted it’s going to take some time to adapt to the local style of play.
“I’ve been here for fifteen, sixteen days so it’s still a long way to go until I adjust one-hundred percent to everything: to the style, conditions, and to the team as well,” the former Bundesliga campaigner said.
“But if we win, I’m happy,” the 29-year-old booter added with a smile.

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  1. Yup, gonna take time to adjust to the shitty level of football in the philippines!! Great career move Schrocky... lol

    1. career move? he's only on loan to Ceres and still tied to his mother club Furth
      Shitty football in philippines?
      what do you expect from a 5-year old league? Premier League level?

    2. @ Anonymous 10 February 2016 at 03:54

      Clearly you didn't understand the comment above. You also don't understand the sarcastic nature of it! lol

  2. Idiotic write up, as if the expectation is that Schrock scores every single time. Ceres won 2-1. Nothing about how the goals were scored or whether he was involved in any of them. Scoring is not the only way to make an impact.

    And yup, the comment by anon at 19:03 is just as idiotic if not more so. Signing up at a high level may not have been an option, or may not even be the best option. There may be personal considerations.

    1. Yes, signing up for a division 1 Bundesliga (or other of the main European leagues) may not be an option and if he got signed in, he will be just in the bench most of the time. Even at Greuther Furth, Schrok was competing with other players.

      Also, personal reasons is a factor, Schrock mentioned this. His move to Ceres has risks. Schrock mentioned that he is using his Ceres stint as a chance to get scouted by Asian clubs. It remains to be seen if he gets out of UFL, or just returns to Furth. But he is happy with his decision to play with Ceres nevertheless.

    2. @ Anonymous 9 February 2016 at 03:57

      The only idiot here you, you dumb ass!! Who says that "signing up at a high level" had to be in the Bundesliga?!?! Schrock even revealed that he had offers to play in the Middle East and even in Thaiiland but instead chose to play in the Philippines which was idiotic!

      Also, Schrock never mentioned anything about moving to the Philippines to get scouted by Asian clubs! That would be just stupid and even ironic as he already had offers from Asian clubs!!!! lol!!!! Why the fuck would clubs from established leagues in Asia scout players playing domestically?!?!

    3. I am "Anonymous9 February 2016 at 04:15" replying to "Anonymous 9 February 2016 at 03:57".

      Yeah I agree that the move to Ceres, and rejecting club offers from Thailand, Middleeast, etc is shocking and stupid on paper. But unlike in football simulators, personal reasons has a bigger factor in real life.

      Besides Schrock is on a loan contract. He is still technically under Furth only "being borrowed" by Ceres in layman. If it was a full-time contract it would be a different story. He is exploring another position and his familiarity of the player of Ceres is also a factor.

      As per http://boxscorenews.com/excited-schrock-hopes-to-play-big-part-in-ceres-success-p134216-68.htm, Schrock says: “Also, to introduce myself to Asia and get to know the Asian clubs, I’m very happy and pleased.

    4. It doesn't matter if it's a damn loan!!!! The offers from the Middle East or Thailand might have been loan deals as well!

      You say that he's "exploring another position"... what do you mean by that? That sounds like a non issue and a really retarded one if that option was only open by playing in the Philippines!!

      And so what if Schrock said that!! Again, he could've "introduced himself to Asia" by playing in the Middle East or even Thailand!! It doesn't he's trying to get scouted by other Asian clubs by playing in the Philippines! Again, that would be completely ironic!!

    5. You ignore about the familiarity factor. Schrock knows more people in Ceres or UFL than other Asian leagues. Schrock most likely don't know how to speak Thai or Arabic. Sure it may hurt his career by not pushing himself out of his comfort zone enough.

    6. @ Anonymous 9 February 2016 at 10:26

      What a retarded comment!! So when players move clubs especially if it's abroad need to have a "familiarity factor"?!?!? Idiot lol!!

    7. Sure... Right way to prove your point by name calling. Its not true for many players (the familiarity thing). It helps if you know a player or two. You still treat this transfer stuff without taking human factors in. Newsflash, And thats not all, the style of play of the club is a factor. An attacking-oriented player would prefer lesd of a club that always park the bus.

      Some players are so adventurous that famiiarity isnt much a factor. Eg. A russian speaking player in ukraine moves to a japanese club instead. The same is true for some. A player moves to a club where some of his former team mates are. There are not clones in a crappy football sim.

  3. Schroki is so precious and I'm happy that there are no longer Armed Forces teams who could hurt him using non-football moves haha.

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