24 February 2016

Philippines withdraw as hosts of AFF Suzuki Cup 2016

MANILA (24 Feb 2016) – The Philippines Football Federation have notified the ASEAN Football Federation that they have withdrawn as hosts for the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup 2016.
The AFF Competitions Committee will meet at the earliest opportunity to discuss this matter.
A decision on a replacement host country will be made by the AFF Council at its next meeting on 12 March 2016 in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Myanmar are still the hosts of one group of the biennial championship.



  1. Official now from AFF website.

    Still waiting for a official statement from PFF

  2. The PFF at least owes an explanation. They are really weak in the PR department.

    1. hallelujah! someone agrees with me.

  3. Not surprising at all!!! All the PFF is, especially that dumb fat ass Palami, is all talk!!! All they do is try make themselves look like gods and be revered!!! Fucking idiots!!

    All they come out is how they want to host this and host that. How they want to qualify for the World Cup by a certain year even if it isn't realistic in the slightest. How they want to do this and do that!! All BS!!! And they don't even lay the proper ground work in order to make those (or at least some) targets achievable!!!

    It's story of the PFF and the Philippines in general!!! All talk/show and barely any substance!!! Fucking pathetic, idiotic and embarrassing!!!