06 February 2016

UFL Cup Sunday - Updated

Green Archers United 4-0 Nomads FC


#5 Lee Joo Young 52'
#16 Gary Epesso 74'
#18 Hossein 79'
#30 Jimuel Ariola 86'

Man of the Match: Chieffy Caligdong

Kaya 0-1 Stallion

39 mins 0-1 Mintah 0-1

Ceres 2-1 Loyola Meralco Sparks

35 mins 1-0 Carli De Murga
65 mins 1-1 Valmayor
90 + 3 mins 2-1 Carli De Murga

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  1. For this season, the PFF made the step forward by limiting the foreigners which is mainly to be inline with AFC standards. Now they need to make another step forward and be inline with proper competitive football by limiting the number of subs allowed which should be a maximum of 3!

    Highest level of Philippine football is probably the only one compared to other countries where more than 3 subs are allowed.

    1. haven't watched them because I'm overseas, only reading news about them online
      I do see that they only use 3 substitutes per match

    2. Up to 5 subs are allowed! Its a farce!!

    3. it used to be 6 subs back then- now reduced to 5
      Other ASEAN club leagues have their own rules some still use up to 6 subs
      there used to be no limits in foreign players then it became 5 foreigners + 2 foreign permanent residents and finally the AFC standard 3+1 rule
      the usual informal referees back then have now been properly trained by PFF and AFC
      Hope they do make it 3 subs next time around

    4. 3 + 1 rule will benefit AFC teams andn mainly on the national side. It will give boost to local players playing time and exposure onward to a promising future. UFL was limited now to these rule but it recruits more on Foreign born pinoys which is still a disadvantage to the local homegrowns. Instead of moving up we are still two steps behind due to 'band aid' solution by the Azkals founder Dan palami which is over reliant much on overseas talent.

  2. PFF is a joke until now and it still runs by almost the same people especially in the Technical department.

  3. It would also be great if the UFL updates its website real time. Yeah people are in Twitter and Facebook, some rely on blogs like this but its still a must to update its main website for documentation purposes which can be visited years later plus be cited in academic papers about football. who knows.

    1. Plus one place to get UFL statistics beyond goalscorers (starting XI, subs, cards given) for the stats fanatics like me. This should be the case for the Azkals and other national teams fixtures (past, present, future) up until the far eastern games if possible.