25 February 2016

Men’s Football at SEA Games 2017 to be U22 event

KUALA LUMPUR (25 Feb 2016) – The men’s football event at the SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur will be restricted to players under the age of 22-years-old, as approved by the SEA Games Federation (SEAGF) which met this week in Kuala Lumpur.
The tournament is currently slated for players under the age of 23-years-old.
At the meeting in the Malaysian capital, where it was announced that 34 sports will be competed – although this number is not yet finalized till July this year – men’s football has been announced as one of the events which will be competed alongside women’s Futsal.
Men’s football at the first SEA Games in 1959 was competed as a full senior side until 2001 where it was changed to U23 following the change in the Olympic ruling in 1996.
Incidentally, Malaysia were also the hosts in 2001.


  1. Come Palami..
    Look for under 22 fil-foreign..
    That is your best strategy to win a football game..

  2. why? Does rivals like Thailand, Myanmar has 23-year old players seen a threat by the host country.

    1. All the teams have development at all age level except PFF.
      high chance we will withdraw from the tournament.

    2. I don't even expect us to participate at all. Especially if the senior will have a busy 2017 season.

      Its been common yet controversial for host to make decisions that will favor them. I am just interested with why make the 2017 edition in particular a U22 edition.

    3. May threats from other ASEAN teams that are currently still U22 players like thailand's chanathip and cambodia's vathanaka
      By the time 2017 sea games start they're about 23 years old so malaysia played the smatass host