23 May 2015

Unofficial Azkals roster FIFA World Cup qualifiers

While we are waiting for PFF to announce the official squad list for FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against Bahrain and Yemen.

This is my very unofficial roster :


Neil Etheridge
Roland Müller
Patrick Deyto


Rob Gier
Juan Guirado
Alvaro Silva
Simone Rota
Jerry Lucena
Stephan Palla
Daisuke Sato
Amani Aguinaldo


Martin Steuble
Patrick Reichelt
Iain Ramsay
James Younghusband
Stephan Schröck
Kevin Ingreso
Luke Woodland
Misagh Bahadoran


Javier Patino
Phil Younghusband
Mark Hartmann
Ruben Doctora Jr


  1. Sato and Aguinaldo might be going to SEA Games , roster for SEA Games is also missing

    1. Stephen Palla might miss the Bahrain game because he'll get married on June 7 (says the news)
      Aguinaldo and Sato's senior games experience is badly needed in SEA games they might miss the WCQ this June

  2. Now that Jason de Jong is back in the Philippines, I think it would be a good idea to include him in the lineup as a sub, especially if Sato and Aguinaldo will end up being sent to the SEA games.

    1. He already retired from the NT.

  3. @ jonny

    No Manny Ott in your roster? hehe. For me he's nailed on starter for the NT.

    There's also too many defenders, specifically CB's. Aguinaldo should be with the U-23's. I'd also include OJ instead of Doctora.

    It could also be argued that Ingreso should be with the U-23's as well.

    1. Ott, OJ, Aguinaldo, and Sato will highly likely be in SEA Games instead of Bahrain match, not sure about Hartmann though
      Ott will be the source of SEAG football group A's intimidation
      OJ plays midfield he's not a forward like doctora
      Ingresso is a direct NT player recruit since no mentions of him To be playing for U-23
      No news about gilmar "neymar" fernandez though

    2. Ott is a shoe-in for the NT. He's the only real all action CM we've got that also has some quality.

      If Palla is really available, then it would be alright for Sato to join the SEAG squad.

      OJ does not play in midfield unless he plays as an AM which he doesn't really play. In the new system he plays in the forward line. Plus we've got other players like Doctora but with more to offer.

      Of course Ingreso will be with the NT. But it can be argued that he should be the with U-23's. He "only" plays in the Regionaliga and for an attacking mid which he is, he's only scored one goal all season. It doesn't tell his whole story but it gives a glimpse of where he's at.

  4. please change the forward, drop that garbage.... dummy player.

  5. My personal Azkals prediction of starting XI and subs:
    Formation: 3-4-3 Offensive easy shift to 5-4-1 for defense
    3-4-3 offensive formation
    Patiño for PhilY
    JamesY for Steuble
    Doctora for Misagh

    1. That's a suicidal lineup

    2. Coach used that 3-4-3 formation against bahrain last march, it was suicidal but was worth trying
      FT score was 2-1 bahrain win
      Bahrain didn't play the typical mid-east tactic "slow start" they Scored 2 goals in 2 minutes
      A goal In 2nd half isn't enough for a comeback