04 May 2015

AFF Women's Championship : Philippines 1-4 Myanmar

Livestreamlink :


Starting XI : Palacios Aguilar Dolino Parado Magdolot Larot Castañeda Alquiros Narciso Shugg Houplin

21 mins 1-0 Philippines , Joana Houplin (PK )

1-0 HT

50 mins 1-1 Myanmar
53 mins 1-2 Myanmar
66 mins 1-3 Myanmar
74 mins 1-4 Myanmar
1-4 FT


  1. sayang. after their performance with malaysia i kinda expected a better results with myanmar. but our girls played their hearts out, so cheers to them.

  2. The result was as expected. In fact better than expected given that the team did not play last year at all. The team has lost most of its best players for budget and other reasons and has taken a big step backwards from the team that used to score 5 or 6 goals against teams like Iran. Philippines is clearly better than Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, even with this weakened line up. It sounds like they "parked the bus" against Myanmar as they can not compete with the top 3 of Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar unless the PFF and sponsors commit the resources necessary to beat those teams. But cheers to the girls. They beat Malaysia despite the fact that the Malaysian girls actually get paid to play for their WNT and the Malditas just play for flag and country.