28 May 2015

UFL Cup Round of 16 - Schedule

UFL Cup Round of 16

Kaya vs Bright Star FC
Ceres vs Mendola Fc
Global vs Team Socceroo
Loyola Meralco Sparks vs Laos Fc
Stallion vs Forza
Pachanga Diliman vs Agila
Manila Jeepney vs Pasargad
Green Archers United vs JP Voltes

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Army Fc withdrew from UFL Cup, Bright Star Fc replacing them.

UFL Cup Round of 16 is scheduled from July 7 to 12.
Quarterfinals from July 28 to August 1
Semifinals on August 18
Final on August 22

Winner get a playoff spot in next AFC Cup


  1. So are we sending 3 teams in total to the AFC Cup now? Loyola as the PFF Suzuki Cup winners + the Champion of the UFL + the UFL Cup winner!

    1. Only two allocated for Philippines, well at least two for almost every country
      The league champion -> Group Stage
      UFL Cup or FA Cup -> Group Stage Qualifier
      Last Year: Ceres (PFF-Smart Nat'l Champ)
      Global (League champions)
      The only way for PH flag to get all teams to Group Stage (And maybe someday in ACL) is for the clubs to win more games

    2. Awesome! And what if the cup winner also wins the league? Does the second placed league team qualify? Or haven't they thought that far yet? :D

    3. Second place in season don't qualify
      Usually it's the FA Cup Runner-up qualifies if the league champion managed to win both season and cup
      AFC Cup team allocation is based on club performance in this competition (70%) and country's FIFA ranking (30%)

  2. No,as far as I know it will be UFL Cup winner and UFL league winner.

  3. dates for each match please.

  4. Sorry can you help me about Kabuscorp v Pasargad FC and Mendiola FC v JP Voltes FC ? Second Division of today
    Thank you very much

  5. Some division two games were held today 28th; *Kabuscorp v Pasargad FC & *Mediola FC v JP Voltes FC. I'd like to know their scores?

  6. Global FC is a revelation noong recent AFC CUP..it proves that our local clubs is getting better and stronger.

    step by step magkakaroon na din tayo ng local club sa AFC champions league.

    under NCRFA clubs pa lang natin ang lumalaban sa Singapore Cup and AFC Cup.. what more na i launch na ng AFC and PFF ang first Premier league sa Pilipinas...

    1. The only way it's possible is to have the local cities and people support the clubs too
      The logistics of travelling, sponsorships, The ticket prices, the availability of stadiums for home matches will be an issue also
      According to PFF there will be a premiere league with affiliations to existing clubs with no Division 2:
      Luzon (4 teams)
      Batangas - Air Force FC
      Cavite - Team Socceroo?
      Manila - Manila jeepney?
      Laguna - ?

      Visayas (4 teams)
      Iloilo - Stallion FC
      Negros - Ceres FC
      Cebu - Cebu Queen City Utd
      Leyte - Global FC (Global repped Leyte last 2013 since tacloban is palami's hometown)

      Mindanao (2 teams) Davao and Bukidnon?

      Unallocated NCRFA clubs which could rep - Loyola, Kaya, Manila Jeepney, Green Archers, Nomads, etc
      The Cities of the Premiere League in Luzon and Mindanao might change since league proposal is not final, but one thing for sure Visayas clubs will be stable

    2. is this really true? last time i asked a pff official, wala naman daw ganito. taga-competitions committee pa yung nakausap ko.

  7. When will they release the cup round of 16 schedule (dates and kickoff times)? I'm making travel plans. Also, I'd like information about the provincial competitions in Iloilo and Bacolod.

  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_UFL_Cup