23 May 2015

UFL Cup News


Since the Rules and Regulations of the competition were not amended, the
Knock-out Stages for the 2015 UFL Cup shall remain as is as per the
Rules and Regulations submitted to the Philippine Football Federation
(PFF).  Therefore, the Knock-out Stages will be composed of a Round of
16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals.

As such, the Top 4 clubs from each group will automatically advance to
the Knockout Stages.  For ranking purposes, the following shall be
observed as per Article 35 of the Rules and Regulations:

* The Top 16 clubs will be ranked in the following manner:

* Greater number of points obtained (PTS);
* Goal difference (GD);
* Greatest number of goals scored (GF).

* In the event that two or more clubs are equal on the basis of the
above criteria, their place shall be determined as follows:

* Result of the direct match between the clubs concerned;
* Kicks from the penalty mark if only two clubs are involved and they
are both on the field of play;
* Least number of Red Cards;
* Least number of Yellow Cards;
* Drawing of lots (toss coin) or play-off match as determined by the
Executive Committee.

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