05 May 2015

UFL Cup Tuesday - Updated results

UFL Cup Tuesday

Ceres Fc 2-1 Army Fc

Ceres Fc XI : Angeles(55), Angeles(24), Casas, Christiaens, Gallardo, Guirado, Kim, Lee, Okunaiya, Steuble, Tacusalme

Phil Army Fc XI :: Albiño, Benitez, Brilliantes, Dela Cruz, Doromal, Gempisaw, Herva, Margarse, Miravite, Muñoz, Gener (17)

19 mins 1-0 Lee Jeong Woo (Ceres Fc)
1-0 HT
65 mins 1-0 Martin Steuble (Ceres Fc)
66 mins 2-1 Joven Benitez (Army Fc)
2-1 FT

Man of the Match : Martin Steuble (Ceres Fc)

20.30 Green Archers United 4-0 Bright Star FC

Man of the match : William Ebanda (Green Archers United)


  1. Hi, could you please confirm that Bright Star made 5 substitutions in todays match against green archers? What is the number of subs allowed per team in the UFL Cup? Also, do you know if Bright Star originally started with 10 players on the pitch but the 11th came on shortly after? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

  2. I believe it is max 6 subs in the cup , same as in the league.
    The player from Bright Star forgot to show up for team picture , but started the match :)

  3. UFL Cup and UFL League first division rules are the same. 7 allowed subs on the bench but only 5 allowed to come on.

  4. When UFL will adapt the 3-man subsitutes only per game?
    It's like FIFA-friendly standard with 6 max subs