07 May 2015

FIFA World Ranking May

FIFA World Ranking for May was released today.

Philippines up 2 to number 137.


124 Vietnam up 1
137 Philippines up 2
142 Thailand -
151 Timor-Leste up 1
158 Myanmar -
159 Indonesia -
162 Singapore -
166 Malaysia down 2
178 Laos -
179 Cambodia -
182 Brunei up 1


  1. Too bad volleyball is more popular than fil am azkals

    1. too bad volleyball is another discipline na neglected for decades despite of recent performance ay light years pa rin ang hahabulin ng Pilipinas sa mga Asian neighbors.

      worst basketball and volleyball survive due to commercial set up leagues ng Oligarchs from Imperial Manila.

      Oligarchs ng Imperial Manila ang nag-didicate sa boung Pilipinas kung anung choice ng entertainment, movies, tv network, politicians to vote and sports ang dapat tangkilikin.

      tanging imperial Manila lang raw ang may powerful resources and hype machinery para sa successful promotion ng mga produkto.

      mabuti na lang may mga traditional sports hotbed sa visayas and mindanao....

      mabuti na rin that NCR and Manila failed to grab the credit sa success ni Manny Pacquaio...ang credit goes to Gensan-Saranggani and Mindanao dahil si Pacman ang produkto nila .

  2. Too bad Volleyball was a sport where tall athletes excel and Filipino were not.

    1. lol local filipinas beat world champ china even if only by a single set. I doubt if the imports can be competitive

    2. Critics says that fans of azkals are only after the pretty boys. The same can be said for volleyball. Heck it can be said for the whole Philippine volleyball. People are only after for the pretty girls.

      That's why men's volleyball is neglected (also due to the damaging view that it is a sport for gay men only).

      All sport suffer from this. Women's football receive less support. Women's basketball too because it is traditionally a men's sport. While China excels in both at least in Asia.

      We have a decent grassroot volleyball program though. We have a professional league although the federation has been plagued by politics recently. I only hope the best for all Philippine sports including volleyball and football.

    3. clarification: China excels in both women's and men's basketball in Asia.

    4. Majority of the followers of volleyball are girls lol not unless if they are tomboys. Its true support unlike fad azkals

    5. Can't philippines be like iran or china? Iran doesn't have much grassroots yet excel in football volleyball basketball
      China has too many millions of youngsters playing these sports
      Philippines has 100 million, 50% are young people yet all's focused on basketball And volleyball where pinoy don't have the height
      Perhaps invest the pinoys natural speed A
      Nd endurance more on football and martial arts, these sports don't need height

    6. Iranians' physiques are closer to Caucasian, which is a crucial factor for their excellence in volleyball and basketball in Asia.

    7. I don't believe in racial factors
      In fact iran's most popular sport is football and polo
      Basketball and volleyball are just sideline sports to them
      The japanese are good at any sport you throw at them yet like pinoy they don't have the height for it
      It's more of sports skills developing at young age
      No excuses

    8. Plus they utilize sports science.

    9. Lol developing football for foreigners not locals ha ha ha this azkaks is a business they only want imports to get profits lol

    10. you guys shudve known.by now that azkals is business. If its for sport development they wudnt mind using locals even if they lose lol im glad this sport is not loved by pinoys

    11. That's correct basketball doesn't have any Imports and it's also not a business. It's good to know that pinoys love it.

    12. Lol how many local poor filipinos had a better life coz of basketball? Soccer is just fattening the imports who have other opportunities at their country

    13. it's because PBA is backed up by big corporations. i still find it pathetic chanting a brand of a product when it's clear that they are not giving them away to the fans.

    14. PBA - doesn't have imports indeed, yet full of fil-ams, maybe except pingris he's fil-french
      Some stupid basketball zealot here compared them to azkals
      I don't see any difference
      Most fil-am footballers you call it don't play for money but rather they play for flag
      Just to make filipinos proud and inspire football generations
      Yet some basketball zealots can't accept the fact that football is the fastest growing sport in ph
      How many? Count the team rosters averaging 14 players multiplied by 12
      So that's 168 hoops players out of 100 million given a better life
      Fair enough hug

    15. Basketball zealot PBA fantard? Do you yourself even have the height to play the sport? Or are you just a spectator?
      Basketball Is only for the ones with height and if you're under 6 feet, just watch
      "Pinoy love basketball" blah blah blah yet even debut in CBA, not even D-League how much more in NBA or Eurobasket?
      PBA is business too you know
      Earning hundreds of millions of pesos yet only few pockets benefit from it

    16. And the argument expectedly goes to basketball. Of course football's business, so is basketball, volleyball, etc

      With this toll's logic, If basketball is truly for sports development, with all the overwhelming resources compared to football, why isn't there a true national league with teams based in cities around the country ala-NBA style, not corporate brands mostly based in Luzon if not Manila playing hoops with each other.

    17. Im not talking bout the pros who have careers in their country. Im talking about imports recruited here lol just look at their ig and dont tell me they have a miserable life lmao while local players are living in the hood taking public transpo lol

    18. if you open ur eyes azkals is really for profit entity lmao higher ranking means more endorsers then more imports lmao

      If its sports develpment, then why not use locals from uaap??? ha ha ha

    19. If you open your eyes know it all nazi. The guys including the so called "imports" are spending their own money to go to the abroad if the FIFA grants are not enough. Many of the "imports" has settled here. The Younghusbands, the Hartmanns.

      If you have been following the team locals and youths are gradually being included in the team, Aguinaldo, Sato, Deyto, Doctora, etc. The "imports" are still needed because they have more experience if you like it or not. Winning is needed.

      The U23, and other youth team has majority UAAP players. The women's team too. This is where grassroots should be mostly honed. Unfortunately, there is a lack of sponsors/support for them. Palami and co has only enough funds to focus on the senior side.

    20. Plus these "imports" have at least one Filipino parent and are Filipinos by FIFA rules. Once they play for the team, they are stuck and can't change teams ever.You are confusing the term "Imports" as used in the PBA

    21. In idiot's terms, obviously locals will suffice national quality as long as they're "locals"
      In an expert's terms, they have quality nowhere near "imports"
      Talking about sports development why won't you be part of it instead of complaining and all these shit
      basketball zealots be like, "thinks basketball is the most superior sport in this planet"
      Gilas can't even beat iran, china, korea (occasionally) when they are mostly footballing nations, basketball is like "meh" Sideline sports to them
      Nagnaturalize na ng dalawang bakulaw no match pa rin
      Azkals U-23 is mostly locals from UAAP, some of them already playing for UFL
      You expect sports development to be like instant noodles huh? They take decades To see real progress, not two minutes

    22. And the hype on the azkals has been down lately. The true fans remains. Many bandwagoners who has supported the team because of its relative success in the past or follow the team because of the handsome players (I believe this is the source of your contempt for the "imports") have been gone. The remaining bandwagoners are in social media or facebook, not here in a humble football blog.

    23. PBA is a league?
      BS if they are truly a league they must have nationwide-based teams based in different cities across the country, not based in imperialistic One city style in Manila
      Would it be nice seeing your favorite team based in your city?
      Of course when you see other sports making real progress all you have to do is bring them down saying "basketball is still this country's number one sport blah blah blah"
      Typical pinoy crab mentality
      Football fans never complained about gilas naturalizing african americans I hope you can do the same in "fil-ams" of football
      They're not meant to stay forever
      Kailangan ba talagang mga itsurang magbubukid ang mga azkals, brown ang balat nagtatagalog para lang masabing locals sila?

    24. Sampolan natin tong mga basketball zealots na to
      Tingnan niyo si mark caguioa ng bgsm
      pinanganak sa manila, lumaki sa america, High school at college basketball development niya sa america din, di naman sa pinas, di naman yan producto ng uaap/ncaa pero tinatangkilik niyo
      Pero "pinoy" pa din kasi mukhang magbubukid at nagtatagalog
      Kahit ball hog o croco no basket mahal na mahal niyo parin
      Kahit takot mga coach sa kanya na bawasan ang playing time niya
      Yan ang totoong sports development di namimigay ng playing time

    25. lol the thing is you already have imports but you still cant dominate asean and still cant make soccer popular lol azkals is a profit company. Lol im.glad people realized they been taken for a ride.

    26. Basketball zealot spotted

    27. I dont even like basketball.duh. i like sports

    28. Doesn't know the difference of "import" and a dual national. Like it or not sports involve business. He says "I don't even like basketball, I like sports", while singling out football.

      Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam has a solid football league, we don't even have a proper football league yet, the UFL is too Manila-centric. The same goes to Malaysia and Indonesia although their is some politics going on with their football. They also have players based abroad.

      Heck many of the "imports" decided to play here despite lesser financial opportunities. If you want to see more "locals", campaign for the expansion of UFL.

    29. People like you are so obsessed with the concept of "pure pinoy". Win or lose their Filipinos, players based abroad like it or or not still has relatively lot more experience than local-based Filipino.

      People like you makes FIFA's campaign NoToRacism remains relevant

    30. Lol are you promoting sports development in the guise of profits development ? ha ha ha why leave out the local population? how can you develop locally if majority are imports? Racusm my ass. Actually, its in the philippine constitution.

    31. really? imports here are underpaid? lol why not compare to locals who still need a full time job and still live in the hood and ride public transpirtation. Gtfoh

    32. The imports of PBA are paid handsomely. Do you think UFL players receive millions. No including the so called "imports". Endorsements
      compensates the income of some players. Yet this troll ignores U23 players who are mostly "locals" by his standards. Fyi they pay the tickets whenever they go to maldives, qatar or everywhere while gilas has MVP to shoulder their fare.

      He just can't stand that many Filipinos there "don't look like" Filipinos. This guy doesn't recognize the imports as Filipinos because they are "tainted with foreign blood".

      The problem is sports here in the country can't move forward without a private sponsor. Just look at the "nicknames" of the relative sucessfull teams "Smart" Gilas Pilipinas. Here I agree that the government should do their part beyond mere paperwork and commemorations.

      Gtofoh my face. Football hater wasting his time in a football blog. I support the gilas team too but I'm not delusional that its all charity and no business aspects at all.

    33. basketball lang kasi alam. Hindi ginagamit ang term na import sa football. Baka sa club football oo.

    34. Enough of euphemisms and word play. Its import. U get it abroad. It is imported. I dont hate football. I love sports. I just hate how football is ran like a business

    35. Same as Basketball

    36. We are getting there. Its not overnight. The problem is football still has an image as a rich kid's sport. We need to integrate clubs from the visayas and mindanao region to the ufl so that we get to see more locals in the azkals. The current coach only chooses players who is committed to a club and he only has access to the UFL. You don't need to put down abroad base players to promote locals, Don't need to scapegoat them, better to direct your complaints to the people behind the team. I understand your passion as a fan of the sports in general.

      To my other fellow fans, please enough with this basketball-football debate.

    37. I think thats a severe flaw of filipino psyche. Colonial mentality. We really like taking thrash from other countries lol

    38. Isa lang naman problema nitong mga Basketball fucktards eh. Hindi nila matanggap bakit football ang #1 sportsa Mundo. Ano ba pakialam ng mundo sa Basketball? Pilipinas lang naman ang baliw na baliw sa laro. Kausapin mo mga TO dito sa Milan na paborito mong laro eh Basketball. Takte titignan ka mula ulo hanggang paa. Minsan tatawanan kapa with your height 5'5 forward ang laro. Grabe sampal sa nukha yun. Kasi kalaro mo sa kalye eh 6'3 average tapos streetball lang yun. yun ang problema kung football lang sana yung sinabi kong laro ko di sana ok lang kahit 5'5 yung height ko. pati ang laki ng problema nyo sa mga player na iba kulay. No big deal yan dito merong mga racist pero hindi tino-tolerate yun.isipin mo nalang yung French National TeM eh kumpleto sa kulay. Meron Black, White, at Soon magkakaron narin sila ng Brown dahil merong Pinoy na Football Player dun na mukhang maglalaro sa trecolore.. Pero dyan sa pinas. Grabe Import tawag nyo sa mga Pinoy na lumaki abroad tsk. Mukang kelangan nyong bumalik sa Secindary School... Sana nga mag bago na sporting climate dyan sa Pinas. Malay nyo pag naging footballing Nation tayo eh matalo narin Natin yung Iran, at ibang European Team sa Basketball.. Saliwa kasa yung mga PAA ng mga players natin 6'6 pataas. Pero siguro kung naglari sila ng Football at their young age eh siguro kasing Agile sila ng mga matatangkad na Player dito sa Europe. Isang example nalang eh si Kobe Bryant. So sa tingin ko malaking tulong yung growth ng Football sa Basketball dyan sa Pinas... Sa tingin ko sa Volleyball din. Kasi yung mga players dito Paa ginagamit panghabol sa bola unlike dyan sa pinas na kelangan pa nilang mag dive. Tsk

  3. Let them play the sports that they want to play. Let them support the sport that they want to support. Wouldn't it be great if we support our National team regardless of what sport it is?

    1. Tell that to basketball zealots who think they know everything about basketball and they think they know everything about football
      I've argued with most of them and i found out they are mostly young kids who don't know a damn about football and think that basketball is the superior sport of this planet
      When they see football progressing, they bring them down with all the hate they could throw

  4. I’ve been a fan of opening up Asia completely, like having an Asian league. It reminds us of Euroleague and a lot of players jump from team to team just like in Europe. I think that’s one way of improving the level of Asian basketball,”

    sam daghles.

    PBA Jordanian import is dreaming of Ala UEFA champions league style or AFC cup model para sa Asian basketball...talagang lag behind ang basketball sa Asia and kahit saang panig ng mundo.

    idiot ang nagsabi na basketball ang superior sport sa ating planeta

  5. Gilas cheater they have an import while other doesnt. Like what happened in Seaba 2015. The Singaporeans will beat Philippine Basketball, Football and also Rugby.