04 February 2015

UFL on Aksyon Tv

UFL TV schedules on AksyonTV
(delayed telecast)

Sunday (feb. 8)
7:00pm KAYA Futbol Club v Philippine Army Football Club
9:00PM Global FC v Green Archers United

Monday (feb. 9)
7:00PM Loyola Meralco Sparks FC v Team Socceroo

Tuesday (feb. 10)
7:00PM STALLION FC v Pachanga Diliman FC


  1. Maraming Salamat po TV 5 dahil I tetelevised po yung Laro.

  2. Salamat UFL at TV 5 akala ko masayang ang pagpakabit ko ng cignal cable.

  3. delayed telecast or replay?

  4. dapat ma maintain sana,kahit sa ibang station if ever mag conflict nanaman dito.

  5. It's always the same before every season starts. People complain that there will be no TV coverage of the UFL and start making doomsday scenarios etc. and in the end it was all just a rumor. When will people understand that the UFL has a contract with InterAKTV/Sports5 and that that contract will not be terminated until it expires? The PFF is a different case because they have no contract with any network. The PFF understands nothing about fan culture. They shouldn't be tasked with creating a league.

    1. Its not the same before its live now its delayed telecast what happened to the contract