19 February 2015

Matthew Hartmann Speaks on His Transfer to Global

Matthew Hartmann has been the subject of a transfer to Global FC, ending a spell of four years with the Loyola Meralco Sparks. Part of the squad even before the club was renamed to its current form, the midfielder played a key role in winning the UFL Cup and the PFF National Club Championship. His move to Global
“Not for one second was it an easy decision to make. It was very hard. It was a very emotional decision because the club has looked after me so well. For four years they’ve stood by me, they’ve looked after me on and off the field, especially Randy [Roxas] (club’s Vice Chairman) – he’s really looked after me. He’s the one who’s been at the club the whole time. We’ve had managers in and out. We’ve had coaches in and out, but Randy’s been there since the start. I owe a lot to him,” said Matt Hartmann
Although his decision to leave the club was a difficult one to make, the midfielder is relishing the opportunity to once again be playing alongside his brother and former Spark, Mark Hartmann.
“The next step is finally getting to play alongside my brother again. I hated playing against him. I didn’t like winning against him, I hated losing against him. So now we’re on the same team, it’s brilliant. And also it’s a massive chance for me to play in the AFC Cup (where Global is in the group stages).”
Having been at the club even before it officially became the Loyola Meralco Sparks, Matt Hartmann has developed close friendships with more than a few of his teammates, especially with long serving Sparks Roxy Dorlas, Simon Greatwich, and Phil and James Younghusband.
“It’s very sad leaving them, but they understand that it’s a good move for me, and that it’s a good time for me to go. I’m obviously still going to be friends with them. Just because I’m at a different club doesn’t mean I’m not friends with them.”
As he bids farewell to the Loyola Meralco Sparks, Matt Hartmann does so content with his achievements with the club, and confident with the level of quality the current squad possesses
“Winning the UFL Cup in 2013, and of course the Smart Nationals,” said Hartmann of his fondest times with the club. “In four years we’ve got two trophies and we’ve finished second in the League, so it’s been very very good,” he said. “Now we’ve got all the new players in. It is actually the strongest squad we’ve had. As time goes on, we’re bonding more and more, and it will be a very strong team.”


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