26 February 2015

2015 AFF Women's Championship

KUALA LUMPUR (26 Feb 2015) – Australia will be sending their national Under-20 side for the AFF Women’s Championship this year although there are no indications yet which team Thailand will be dispatching for the meet.
The AFF Women’s Championship will be played on 1-10 May 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Both Australia and Thailand will also be playing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada this year, with their first game of the tournament scheduled for 8 June and 7 June respectively.
For the AFF Women’s Championship, the Australian U20 side will take on Thailand, Indonesia and Laos in Group A.
Group B are hosts Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Philippines.
GROUP A: Thailand, Australia U20, Indonesia, Laos
GROUP B: Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines



  1. the only hope of football success is with Ernie and the gals.

    1. Ernie is not the coach of ph women's football team anymore and he doesn't have a proper licensing as an AFC coach, and i think he is not keen to coach the malditas again
      He quit after that credit card scuffle in 2013 which involved him (using a "stolen" credit card to pay for the girl's return plane ticket), coming home from AFF women's tournament in myanmar

  2. Australia U20 vs the senior teams??? Hmmm......

    1. Australia senior women's football team (aka Mathildas) is a world-calibre team with multiple fifa women's world cup, asian cup, oceania cup and olympic appearances
      Sending their A-team against asean teams... You know how the story will turn out
      So they sent their women's U-20 instead so ASEAN teams have a fighting chance

  3. We should send our maids there coz we will be just collecting goals lol

  4. I'm torn here. On one hand, I think getting rid of Nierras and his bullshit is the best thing that could have happen to women's football in the Philippines, but on the other hand, it kind of marks the end of the Fil-North American girls, which brought so much promise. I'm one that believes the girls should not be punished for the sins of the coach.

    Because of their lack of experience, Coach Buda and the local players will get annihilated at the AFF Women's Championships.

    What the Fil-North American girls brought to the table that the locals don't besides quality is mental toughness.