25 February 2015

Rude awakening as Global FC dealt a hammering by six-goal South China in horror AFC Cup debut

GLOBAL FC got a rude awakening in its Asian Football Confederation Cup debut as it succumbed to a strong South China side, 6-1, on Wednesday night at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.
The defending United Football League champions fell in a huge hole early and never recovered as they opened their maiden campaign in second-tier club competition in the continent on the wrong foot.
Global still has five games left in the four-team Group G, facing Pahang FA of Malaysia next on March 11 in the opponent’s turf.
Daniel McBreen and Mahama Awal proved thorns in the side of the lone Philippine representative to the AFC Cup by scoring a brace apiece, while skipper Chan Wai Ho and Lo Kong Wai were also on target for South China.
Michael Jonsson provided a consolation for Global with a late goal.
“We need to develop more of our planning and strategy,” said Global coach Dan Padernal, who stood in for Leigh Manson owing to coaching license restrictions.
The rout, though, was not surprising considering Global faced the best club team in Hong Kong, having won 41 Division 1 championships in its premier league.
“But we didn’t expect the score to be what it was,” South China coach Mario Gomez said through an interpreter.
South China caught the Global defense napping just two minutes into the match when the Hong Kong side found the back of the net with a looping goal by McBreen in an ominous sign that left the partisan crowd stunned.
McBreen, 37-year-old Australian striker, doubled the lead in the 27th minute, before Lo added to the cushion with a goal off the rebound 10 minutes later.
South China kept the pedal to the metal and punished Global in counterattacks in the second half as Chan joined the scoring fray just five minutes after intermission with an impressive free-kick conversion.
After being a facilitator in the first few goals, Awal, 23-year-old Cameroonian winger, emerged on the scoring end by scoring twice in a span of just 10 minutes, starting in the 65th.
The Filipino-Icelandic Jonsson, brother of former Azkals defedner Ray, avoided the shutout with a close-range goal off Mark Hartmann four minutes before stoppage time.



  1. Mark Hartman always play long ball and its a sore eye to watch. Theh Global team played like their in UFL while South China is treating every game like an AFC Champions League.

    1. mark hartman was successfully marked,thats why he's ineffective.plus. the global defense in barbaso side is totally cracked.easy to read global offense,misagh is a clown set up for mark.

    2. all too frequent long balls and not passing balls quickly enough. More practice for goalkeeper badly needed. Two missed freekick chances outside the box.
      Poor global defense for not marking opposing strikers. Poor global offense for not putting pressure on opposing defence.
      i can only give credit to M. Bahadoran for his performance. The challenge for the rest of the team is to get at par with misagh's level.
      there should be a way to monitor the overall distance travelled of each player.

    3. side of barbaso?? almost all the goals came from sato stupid! and mark hartman is useless against fast players. he's only good in the ufl. even in the national team he sucks!!

  2. Massacre at it's finest!. If you watch the game of SC with NY cosmos. The Cosmos wins narrowly with this team. Global and Ph football doesn't stand a chance with the calibre of this team.

  3. football is a thinking sport. patience,efficiency and hard training it mold the individuals. in learning in general you should have humility,ready to accept your strength and weaknesses, but if you have "prima donna" attitude,then, there's no learning,it will make a big mess.

  4. filipino clubs now. its time to evolve in this game especially the grassroots then the support from the gods out there willing to invest in this sport , the world eyes is on our side, we cannot stop this sport from becoming popular because of the globalization,the pressure is in our side pushing us to the world stage.if not,then,it repeats again and again and again.fiasco.

  5. If you think about it, South China AA has 41 Div 1 titles since their league's founding in the 1960s, and is the "Manchester Utd" equivalent in Hong Kong
    UFL was only founded in 2009
    Global only has 2 titles (2012, 2014) and was only formed in 2006
    Better to suffer this result now to learn from it and not be sorry and repeat this dismal result next 5 games
    Anyway Deyto needs a goalkeeping coach or needs to be replaced by a better keeper, he has multiple senior team caps and yet concede these many goals in the coub level? Hasn't he learned enough from losing in the past games? Why is his performance so dismal?
    Etheridge would've done better

  6. The coaching staff and Global management made a mistake overall from player selection and team defending plus their tactical approach wasn't effective. Scouting should've done better and i thought Leigh Manson was good at it but I was wrong though.

  7. We need football exposure, if the Television Network will only air basketball games, it wouldn't help establish football in our country. Some of us cant afford cable subscription, I hope they can make it available thru free tv channels.

  8. They have to earn their tv exposure or else it is just a waste of tv time