13 February 2013

UFL - Thursday`s matches, Stallion and Global win

February 14, 2013
5:15 pmPSG FC- Stallion FCMcKINLEY HILL
7:30 pmGlobal FC- Nomads FCMcKINLEY HILL

Update :

PSG FC 0-4 Stallion Sta Lucia Fc

0-0 HT
48 min Kim Hyo Il 0-1 PK (Stallion Fc)
48 min Jerome Orcullo (PSG) red card (two yellow)
75 min Rufo Sanchez 0-2 (Stallion Fc)
78 min PSG red card
83 min Daniel Matsunaga 0-3 (Stallion Fc)
93 min 0-4 PK
0-4 FT

Global Fc 2-1 Nomads

3 min 1-0 Izzo ElHabbib (Global Fc
45 min 1-1 Fidelis Nnabuiffe (Nomads)
1-1 HT
49 min 2-1 own goal by Nomads
63 min B.ElHabbib red card (Nomads)
90 min Nicholas Hacker , red card (Nomads)
94 min Yao , two yellow, red card (Global Fc)
2-1 FT


  1. B.ElHabbib was red carded for spitting at De Murga. The spitting incident was due to a racial slur by Global's player De Murga. The insulting word used by de Murga was in reference to Elhabbib's color-------the "N" word.

    Both offenses are considered very serious but the racial slur is UNACCEPTABLE!

  2. Wow, our very own Azkal. Not good. I wonder how De Murgas teammates react to his racial slur, since many of the Global players are africans.