13 February 2013

UFL could hand further sanctions to players involved in Kaya - Green Archers melee

Karl Decena, InterAKTV

The United Football League is planning to hand suspensions to some of the players involved in the fight that happened during Kaya FC’s 2-1 victory over Green Archers United Globe last Tuesday at the Emperador Stadium in Mckinley Hill in Taguig.

UFL assistant technical director Ritchie Gannaban said that the league will make the decision after reviewing the video footage of the match.

“I have to bring it to the disciplinary committee,” he said. “(The sanctions) depend on the action (seen on the review).”

Referees slapped six cards to different players from both sides who participated in the melee, which broke out midway through the second half. Green Archers players Chieffy Caligdong and Agbayomi Olowoyeye, as well as Kaya FC members Saba Sadeghi, Dario Dakic and Ugochukwu Obiam each received a yellow card during the incident.

Green Archers reserve Elle Cagayanan got the only red card after throwing a flying kick to Dakic.

Kaya FC coach Maro Rozen and Green Archers team manager Monchu Garcia were also ejected from the match.

Gannaban said that he expects the league to give Cagayanan, who is suspended from the Green Archers’ next match due to the red card he received, a heavier penalty upon review of the incident.



  1. Oh yeah? Who will sanction the UFL organizers if they do not do their jobs? :-)

    1. ibang topic na ito, bay. doon ka sa UFL rejects CQCU request for home games. sige na, bay. sige na lagi.