21 February 2013

31 players called up by the PFF for NT training on Feb 22-24

31 players called up by the PFF for NT training on Feb 22-24, 2013 preparation AFC Challenge Cup 2014 Qualifiers.

1. AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel – Far Eastern University/Loyola FC

2. ANGELES, Marvin Janwer – Global FC

3. ANGELES, Marwin Janver – Global FC

4. ARANETA, Ian – Philippine Air Force FC

5. BAHADORAN, Misagh – Global FC

6. CALIGDONG, Emelio – Green Archers United-Globe FC

7. CHRISTIAENS, Jeffrey – Global FC

8. CLARIÑO, Mario Javier – Pachanga-Diliman FC

9. CUARESMA, Ref Delany – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

10. DE JONG, Jason Nicolas Maria – Stallion Sta. Lucia FC

11. DEYTO, Patrick Phillip – Green Archers United-Globe FC

12. FERNANDEZ, Raymark Kenneth – University of the Philippines

13. GENER, Roel – Philippine Army FC

14. GONZALES, Andres Crisanto - Pachanga-Diliman FC

15. GREATWICH, Christopher Robert – Kaya FC

16. HUGO, Jake – Green Archers United-Globe FC

17. LEUNG, Jerome Stefan – Pachanga-Diliman FC

18. MARGARSE, Nestorio Jr. – Philippine Army FC

19. MARTINEZ DE MURGA, Carlos Alberto – Global FC

20. MELLIZA, Jesus Joaquin – Far Eastern University/Green Archers United

21. PASILAN, Floriano Jr. – Green Archers United-Globe FC

22. PASINABO, Arnie Jr. – Green Archers United-Globe FC

23. PORTERIA, Jose Elmer – Kaya FC

24. REICHELT, Patrick – Global FC

25. SACAPAÑO, Eduard – Philippine Army FC

26. SANTOS, Bruno Gabriel – Stallion Sta. Lucia FC

27. SEGUNIAL, Deo – University of the Philippines

28. UY, Matthew Christopher – Global FC

29. WOLF, Denis – Global FC

30. YOUNGHUSBAND, James Joseph – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

31. YOUNGHUSBAND, Philip James – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC  

source : goal.ph


  1. LOL @ 4,13,18
    The Trio Untouchable !!!

    1. My buddies and I agreed with you.

    2. LOL :) :) :)

    3. haha. How about getting younger or in form local players instead of them during the actual tournament , pero baka ang purpose nila is locker room guys , to keep the team motivated . hahaha or off the pitch .

  2. No CERES players! Being national champions of the national men's club championship surely some players deserves at least a spot in the pool of the national team.lol

  3. Ceres had 8 of 11 foreigners in their line up, that has no Filipino lineage, thats why a league should be put up limiting participation of foreigners to only 2 per team, this will not deprive our locals to shine like a diamond :)

    1. lol but would drive fans away and dry out football in the country again.

  4. no!atleast 4 foreigner each club like all leagues around the world not like much the ufl league it suck they rely only to foreigner some have 6 foreign players it really suck!

  5. Wag na sana sina Gener, Magarse at Araneta. Give chance to Mark Hartman, Joshua Beloya at Marasigan. We need to train them for the sea games.

  6. finally pasilan, pasinabo and deyto were called up

    1. These guys were called up before but didnt want to commit to the National Team. Some if them went as far as not attending practice. capisce?