06 February 2013

Today : Myanmar 0-1 Philippines

Myanmar vs Philippines, start 6.30 pm Manila time in YTC Stadium ,Yangon , Myanmar
Live on Studio 23

Goalkeeper: Neil Etheridge

Defenders: Rob Gier, Jason de Jong, Jeffrey Christiaens, Manny Ott
Midfielders: Chris Greatwich, Marwin Angeles, Chieffy Caligdong, Patrick Reichelt
Forwards: OJ Porteria, Phil Younghusband

Subs :
Marvin Angeles
Ian Araneta
Roel Gener
Nestorio Margarse Jr
Eduard Sacapano
Matthew Uy
James Younghusband
Ref Cuaresma

67 Mins Chieffy out , Ian Aaneta in
78 mins 0-1 OJ Porteria
90 Min Marvin Angeles in , Marwin Angeles out
0-1 FT


  1. I have got a bad feeling about this friendly... Myanmar will win, 2-0 ?

    1. May I know why? heheh..

    2. agreed with jonny. this is gonna be ugly. you only need to look at the squad to see why.

      i think we'll be very lucky to score a single goal. it was already hard enough with a strong squad during the suzuki cup. what more now?!

    3. home soil for Myanmar, taking revenge for the suzuki cup....hm, 3-0 for Myanmar...especially with the shitiest squad since a long time....and our 3 holy kings are again included....arghhh

  2. we should have gotten rid of weiss a long time ago

  3. Hahah stupid bandwagon crabs. FT 1-0 for PHL. Hahahahaha

    1. "Bandwagon crabs"?? Moron!!

      Even before the match started there is no way you can say with a straight face that with this squad they would've gone on to win.

      When the match did start, Myanmar should've wrapped it up by half-time. But instead, just like the 2010 Suzuki Cup they including Singapore and Vietnam, they can't seem to hit a barn door to save their life!

      Yes, it's a good win but Myanmar really should've scored 3-5 goals. So to come out with some moronic fucktard comment like that is BS!

    2. haha relax ka lang! sapul ka sa sinabi no Ano 13:28 ah hahahaha kahit anong pag awayan niyo or mag suntukan pa kayo, nanalo na philippines. matuwa na tayo na kahit di talaga malakas yung squad na pinadala nila, nanalo pa din. kahit gano pa kadami chances ng myanmar, ang importante is yung bola nasa goal hindi yung attempts. congrats philippines!

    3. I already knew the Philippines was gonna win, so a crab like u coming out with a dumbass reply like that is more BS. LOL

    4. Sapul? Hindi. Pinagsasabihin ko lang yung tarantadong yun dahil sawang sawa na ako sa mga katulad niya!! Porquet mali, bandwagoner at crab kaagad?!? BS!!

    5. @Anonymous 6 February 2013 14:00

      LOL!!!! Right, because fucktards like you always think they'll win no matter the circumstances. Let me guess, you're one of them bitches that "knew" before the Suzuki Cup began that they'd make it to the finals and win the tournament. And oh my how correct you were. lmao!!! You know jack shit so stfu!!

    6. Ahah yeah i was one of those jackshits who knew they would get somewhere on that suzuki cup. Was one of those jackshits too who believed that local players could step up without them superstars. ANd still one of those jackshits who thought the head coach would bring the team up to the right track. My jack shit was doing wonders for me. How about ur jack shit? Aint tired of making all those "expert" and biased predictions yet? LOL

    7. Hey, where's the like button on here??? I have to give it to Ano 14:20 above me. :D

    8. @Anonymous 6 February 2013 14:20

      Biased?!? Hah! You don't even know the definition of that word!! lol!! So a few people, Filipinos mind you, predicted that the Philippines would lose given circumstances, they're all of a sudden "biased"?!? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Same thing for "bandwagon", you don't even know what that is!! Again, a few people, Filipinos mind you, predicted that the Philippines would lose given the circumstances, they're all of a sudden "bandwagoners"?!? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      Clearly you like making a fool out of your own self, but if that gets you off, I'll leave you to it. End of discussion!! Have fun now!!

    9. hoy @Ano 18:47! di ka pa ba napapagod sa pagiging negastar mo? hahaha nanalo na so go back to your own cave and dun ka na magmukmok. wala pa atang panalo ng Pinas na sumaya ka. hahaha

    10. you idiots dont you see? we had a hard time against a crappy myanmar side!

    11. sakto si Anonymous6 February 2013 14:20. bias mo talaga. halos lahat ng threads mo dito anti-azkals ang precitions kasama sa comments. puros naka lean sa circumstances matatalo sila. hahaha

  4. Well, well, well! What about it Jonny? Looks like you guessed wrong huh?

  5. Didn’t see the match. I know we won but has the performance on the field improved? From the last PFF meeting, I know style of play, possession vs. long ball, movement with and off the ball, was a concern. How’s our player’s spirit and morale? Is Weiss creating a competitive environment, and keeping players interested? Does he have the tools to properly do his job? Final question – what’s the fascination of continually inviting old players that can no longer perform in international level? Do they have a contract that they must be invited to all events?

  6. Girls girls wag na kau mag away. Clap your hands na lang for us, papakiligin namin kayo he he.


  7. Off-topic.
    Here's the 2015 AFC Asian Cup qualification 1st round results for South East Asian minnows.

    Jordan 4 - 0 Singapore
    Thailand 1 - 3 Kuwait
    Iraq 1 - 0 Indonesia
    Qatar 2 - 0 Malaysia
    Vietnam 1 - 2 UAE

    As expected, they all lost. lol

    Well nothing's new, this is shitty reality of SEA football. In friendlies, sometimes they get decent results against strong teams, but when it comes to real competition like WCQ or ACQ, this old same story repeats. Automatic 3-point vending machines of Asia.

    This is why i laugh at those pathetic bickerings among SEA football fans on facebook or youtube. lol