23 February 2013

UFL Saturday`s matches - PachangaDilman Fc win

February 23, 2013

6:00 pmAgila FC-Dolphins United FCMcKINLEY HILL
8:00 pmPachangaDiliman FC-PSG FCMcKINLEY HIL

Union Int Manila vs Cebu Queen City United at 4 pm has been  cancelled.

Agila Fc 3-2 Dolphins United

0-1 Cuyos (Dolphins)
1-1 Vanzekin (Agila)
1-2 Baleos (Dolphins)
2-2 Manejero (Agila)
3-2 Manejero (Agila)

Pachanga Diliman 2-1 PSG FC

35 min 0-1 Jaham Taher (PSG Fc) PK
38 min 1-1 Jose Andoni Santos (PachangaDilimanFc)
68 min 2-1 Diop (PachangaDilman Fc)

1 comment:

  1. Time for a sanction against the Cebuanos. This is plain ridiculous. They knew what was going to happen, they knew it was going to cost them alot of money, but they still joined. And now theyre making demands. Many may think that the UFL is a fully professional league, but its not. There is only a couple of fields in use, free entrance, and only a few teams have the economy to travel with a bunch of players.

    Who should pay the cost for travelling teams to Cebu? UFL? PFF?