09 February 2013

Queen City United’s UFL stint in jeopardy

Friday, February 8, 2013
CEBU Queen City United’s participation in the United Football League will depend on the decision of the organizers on their request for a home-and-away format for their Division 2 games.
QCU requested that it will play nine of the 18 games in Cebu, while the rest will be in Manila.
CQCU’s Stanley Villacin said that it will be mutually beneficial for the team and the league.
Aside from saving on airfare, which is around P80,000 per trip, Villacin said this will also be a good advantage for the league in making their presence felt in Visayas.
“This is the direction they want and by having games in Cebu, it will pave the way for other teams in Visayas to join and they can eventually tap some teams in Mindanao,” said Villacin.
Villacin has talked to some of the members of the UFL management but they said they are not yet ready now.
“Well, if they are not ready yet, then we can proceed with the first round and we’ll play all home games in the second round,” he said.
The second round is expected to start in May.
With this pending request, they hope that their scheduled game today against Dolphins will also be rescheduled until the UFL decides.
The team indicated in the letter that if the request will be denied, the team will go on a leave of absence.
“We don’t want to play our matches in Manila and eventually not get the support of UFL on this and stop playing,” said Villacin. CDG
Villacin said that the team have other projects lined up which also needs funding.
If the home-and-away request will be granted, they will be able to allocate some of these funds for these projects in the development of football.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on February 09, 2013.


  1. They knew well they would have to play in Manila, and now they start bitchin about it and not even showing up for the first game? This is not good.

    1. Dude, imagine playing 18 away matches for another whole season? It's way too costly for one team. In my opinion, Queen City United did the UFL a huge favor by bringing the league to the Cebuanos and the Visayas.

  2. The team should have showed up for the first game. Anyway this could been the first of the 18 games - 9 in cebu and 9 in Manila, Negotiations could have started here after the match, if their request are not met , then they could boycott the rest of their games for the season.