26 January 2011

Japanese offer help to Philippine football

PHILIPPINE Football Federation (PFF) President Mariano Araneta announced Monday that the Japan Football Association (JFA) is willing to support the PFF’s grassroots football program.
Araneta said the Philippines was advised to follow the same pattern used by the Japanese a long time ago that allowed them to qualify in at least four World Cup events.

“We’re going to follow what the JFA did before. We will use their methodology in terms of grassroots program to help sustain the national team program,” said Araneta.

Araneta also confirmed officials from JFA will arrive on February to help the PFF lay down a blueprint of the program. Besides technical advise, the JFA will also donate football equipments.

For his part, new Azkals German mentor Hans Michael Weiss stressed the importance of developing a national football team, as well as the construction of football stadiums in the country, “How can you put a roof on top of the house if the foundation isn’t strong enough? We must have football venues and a competitive league which we can scout some players,” he said.

Manila Times

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