11 January 2011

Free tickets for Panaad match !

"As to the Azkals' much-awaited AFC Challenge Cup showdown with Mongolia on February 9 at the Panaad in Bacolod, Araneta said it is green and go and that the general admission section of the 10,000-seat venue will be free to the public."

Manila Bulletin

Latest from PFF : Please wait for the official announcement from the PFF on how to avail of the free tickets.


  1. If they are going to have free admission, they better beef up security. Overcrowding is a recipe for disaster. We don't want what happened in Liverpool or in other parts of the world to happen to us. Too many people have died when crowd control is not properly managed.

  2. The PFF are attending to all the preparation for the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers including security and are working with the local goverment.

    PFF is also addressing a major problem were in a certain Catherine Rivilla said to be the manager of the Younghusbands has prioritized her business interest by reserving almost all available rooms in all major hotels in bacolod under her travel agency.

    The federation is finding it very difficult to reserve rooms for the national teams, the match officials and official guests of AFC etc.

    This should not happen and everyone should cooperate in making this event successful----------lets not add more problems for the PFF, there is already much work to do for the PFF and match date is fast approaching.

    unlock those rooms!

  3. Thanks for responding. I am happy to hear that the crowd situation is being addressed. Even major teams like Liverpool and Juventus wee not able to stop this tragedies from happening.

    I am sorry to hear about the hotel situation. I always wondered why the event was not held at Rizal Memorial. Is it not finished yet?

    Hopefully things get worked out. Good Luck. Go Azkals.

  4. Rizal football pitch will be upgraded to international standard and that was published recently in a national newspaper so perhaps in the near future Rizal will be used as a venue for future international football events.

  5. how much will the vip tickets costs?

  6. I'm very excited for this match and certainly looking forward to it. I can only wish that someone would stream this game online so for those of us living in other parts of the world can watch the game live too.

    Also, do Filipino fans have a chant or song that they sing during the match? If not, perhaps some of the fans planning to attend the game can put together some really good chants/songs. They have a month to do it.

  7. Where can we get the free tickets? I haven't heard of any announcements here in Bacolod yet.

  8. I'm from bacolod and i haven't heard any! we all just need to check the newspapers and the internet if we really want to avail that free seat! I've tried to buy tickets for the grandstand seat but by the 3rd week of january it's all sold out!!! We just need to be vigilant guys.

  9. i will not die bcuz its overcrowding but bcuz of kilig