18 January 2011

ABS-CBN to telecast Azkals tiff


Giant TV network ABS-CBN will be the official coveror of the much-awaited AFC Challenge Cup match between the Philippine Azkals and Mongolia on February 9, Philippine Football Federation (PFF) president Mariano Araneta said on Tuesday.

ABS-CBN beat out rivals GMA-7 and TV-5 for the broadcasting rights of the event, which will be held in the 15,000-seater Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

“It’s ABS-CBN,” said Araneta, adding that it was Dan Palami, the Azkals’ team manager, who negotiated with the three TV networks. Araneta and Palami were set to meet late yesterday to discuss the TV rights deal.

Palami could not be reached for comment.

No further detail was given by Araneta, although he said the contract signing between the two groups is set on Monday.

Reached for comment, Peter Musngi, ABS-CBN’s vice president for news and sports, said they are grateful that they have agreed in principle although the details of the deal have yet to be finalized.

Manila Bulletin


  1. Just get some decent commentators this time, not those two ignorant wannabe's who covered the suzuki cup. I remember last time in the SEA games i think it was, they got one of the fil foreigners and then a local anchor which was more effective. The fil foreigner obviously knew tactics, he knew the players and was more familiar with the lingo and guided the local anchor so that you dont get these dumb comments without any depth. Its just irritating and takes away from the coverage. I understand there are a lot of new viewers out there but intelligent commentary without the corny cliches will go a long way in attracting the casual viewer.

  2. There should be a tryout for Football commentators! hehehe

  3. How about Freddy Gonzales?

  4. They should just hire one of those commentators from Star Sports;-)

  5. Hire Coach McMenemy as the commentator. He knows a lot about the AzKals anyway...

  6. Those are all really good ideas..I hope ABSCBN listens to this. Mcmenemy might be a controversial choice but that all adds to the spice right? Imagine all the inside info we would get on the Martinez saga and his unceremonious replacing..one game would not be enough..hehehe

  7. Can someone stream this game online so that for Filipinos living outside the Philippines can watch the game too?

  8. I think it will be shown on the Filipino Channel.. weeeeeh! I'm fron Bacolod but I can't seem to get some tickets.. It's already sold out!