22 January 2011

Azkals will beat Mongolia 3-0 - Borromeo


AZKALS’ team captain Aly Borromeo made a fearless forecast on the possible outcome of the much-awaited Philippines vs. Mongolia match in the first leg of the two-game qualifying series of 2011 Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup in Panaad Stadium, Bacolod City, February 9. “It’s going to be 3-0 in favor of the Azkals,” said the 27-year-old Borromeo, also the team’s versatile centerback. Borromeo told The Manila Times on Friday that the Azkals’ intense focus is to win the game, not by a single goal only but by as many as three.

“I’m very confident we can win it but hopefully by more than three goals in order to give us the advantage when we play in Mongolia in the second leg. The climate there is cold so we really need to gain as much advantage as we can in the first leg,” he explained.

If ranking would be the sole basis, Borromeo said that the Filipinos have the edge to win against Mongolia.
The Fédération Internationale De Football Association ranked the Philippines 150th and Mongolia 183rd.

“We have to proved that we’re better against them [Mongolians]. I’m so really excited to play in front of my fellow Filipinos. It is a great pleasure,” said Borromeo.

Borromeo praised Azkals new mentor Hans Michael Weiss who replaced British Simon McMenemy. The latter was replaced for the lack of A-License, a requirement in any AFC tournaments. “We are focusing more on conditioning and defense. He [Weiss] is absolutely a good coach and we’re very much excited,” Borromeo said.

Azkals team manager Dan Palami and Philippine Football Federation President Mariano Araneta also have positive assessments of the German coach, “He’s quite good,” said Palami. “He knows what the team exactly needs,” said Araneta.

Manila Times


  1. Heart brought the Azkals to the semis of the Suzuki Cup.
    With all the tough training plus the strong home support, I have no doubt that they will beat Mongolia.

    It's also fortunate that we have many Fil-Euros in the team because they're used to the cold, and will be more comfortable playing in cold Mongolia.
    The Azkals...an example of how globalisation works.

    On another note, I have seen pictures of the renovated Panaad Stadium and I have to say... it doesn't look very "renovated".

  2. Can somebody explain please. ALI & Del Rosario played for Global FC during the UFL CUP right?. On loan lang sila sa Global FC? coz according to some articles, Both players will be playing for KAYA FC for the upcoming UFL League. Kaya FC and Global FC are 2 different team right? So whats the arrangement?

    This what you get if you have a league that is not covered on TV, fans get confused.

  3. AFC doesn't need any specific license. Please let's stop the BS, only a local FA coaching license is required by the AFC...

  4. FIFA ranking for Philippines already moved to 153 spot while Mongolia is 182 (as of January 2011). And coach Mcmenemy lacked the UEFA B license and it's true that AFC doesn't really require the head coach to have the UEFA license, in the case of coach Mcmenemy, they would actually just consider it=/. The German Football Association would invest $10,000,000 and other assistance to Philippine Football given that the head coach would be a German - and now that explains why Mcmenemy was not renewed.

  5. If Im Mr.Palami I would do the same. That move is looking beyond the fence, its for the future. Im sure he weighed both options and going with the German is the smarter one. Simon is past we should look forward now.

  6. Anything can happen in football. Its good the Azkals have that swagger now which is unheard of in the past years but lets not be too overconfident. We all know you need to take full advantage of your home leg. Its just me but I wont put more pressure on myself by guaranteeing a certain scoreline.

  7. I also agree Jack. Palami seems to be very powerful these days and I am sure he had a lot to do with Ali and Del Rosario ending up in his team. Thats what I mean we need to have some intelligent reporting and coverage of the UFL. That feature they run on balls and channel 23 (am not too sure about that one) is good but its so youth oriented. Doesnt really appeal to more mature audiences who are looking for more depth.

    Regarding the license issue, why dont you guys actually show a link or any evidence that the AFC does not require the participating national teams to have the head coach at least have an a License. Since that was one of the reasons the PFF claimed why they had to take the German offer (on top of all the freebies), It is relevant. Stop hiding behind anonymous to be more credible.