29 January 2011

Football Organizer Told to Respect City Admin

By Edith B. Colmo

It is a laudable move to bring big events to Bacolod City like the upcoming football match between the Phl Azkals and Mongolia on February 9, 2011. However, as of this time, no official communication or coordination so far reached the local officials of the city.

Mayor Evelio Leonardia said, he welcomes activities to the city, but he has not received any official communication about the Panaad footbal match here.

Councilor Caesar Distrito is even urging Bacolodnons to support this event. However, it is sad to note that the organizer of this event forgot to coordinate with city officials.

Whatever happens during the event, the image of Bacolod City is at stake.

There are some football enthusiasts from outside Bacolod who called up City Hall regarding the event, but were surprised to know the failure of the organizer to coordinate with the city officials.

Allegedly, the only contact person referred by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is the Negros Occidental Football Association (NOFA), whose contact person can not give full details of the event.

City officials said, what they need from the organizer is respect to the authority of the city, not necessarily the person. Political idiocyncracy must be taken out already, but credence and professionalism should prevail, Distrito stressed.*

Negros Daily Bulletin


  1. Typhical Filipino attitude,, why are we still wondering?

  2. this people want recognition not respect. Nag pa papel nanaman.

  3. Bacolod City government is KSP - kulang sa pansin.

  4. But on the other hand,, we are just starting to develop our football, is a bit of respect too much for the PFF already that they are already ignoring the local government where the game will be hold? It's not kulang sa pansin ang tawag dyan, the PFF ignored the local government cause the popularity they have gained the last few months went into their heads. On top of that, PFF thinks they have a lot of influencial names on their side now that they can't humble themselves. They should remember that our football is yet too far from being develop. They should remain on the ground and stabilize. They are making football now like a circus. We still have a lot to learn and to climb before we can match up our Filipino mouths.

  5. No Jed, the complainants don't want respect, they want removal for being asleep on the job.
    The Big game in Bacolod has been known about since last year. Every City Hall has a PR or media official on the payroll. This was a golden opportunity to show off the city and pull in piles of pisos for the local economy. If they had any concerns they only needed to pick up the phone. The PFF's responsibility is
    football; event management - with 10,000 free free tickets handed to locals - is Bacolod's.
    Instead of shining, officials responsible have so far shown themselves to be venal, bitchy and unworthy of the national honour this game will bring.

  6. Do you want to be useful? Do you want to help? Do you want to have a role? Then please stop whining and do something to facilitate the installation of additional lights in Panaad. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. Bacolod City government please act your age!

  7. What do these public officials want, cake?