24 May 2011

Azkals struggle vs Iloilo college team

MANILA, Philippines – Despite missing their key members, the Philippine Azkals were able to salvage a 1-1 draw against the collegiate line-up of the Central Philippines University (CPU) in their friendly game in Iloilo City.

The Azkals struggled against the impressive ball-handling of the CPU team, which was mainly composed of Korean college students.

The Koreans scored the first goal past Azkals goalie Christopher Camcam.

CPU appeared headed for an upset against the fancied National team, but Azkals midfielder Ricardo “Yoc” Becite struck a goal near the end of the game.

That goal allowed the Azkals to get a 1-1 draw.

Becite, of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo said he was happy he scored the goal.

“Kasi ‘pag natalo kami sa hometown namin, big deal sa amin. [Hindi maganda] kasi Team Azkal, tapos talo,” he said.

The Azkals missed the services of the Younghusband siblings, Phil and James, who had to attend a previous commitment.

Azkals defender Anton del Rosario also didn’t play because he was down with an infection.

German coach Hans Weiss said the game tested the mettle of the team in the absence of its star players.

“It wasn't our best game but I got to see what the other players could,” he said.

The exhibition game is part of their preparations for the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Sri Lanka.

It was witnessed by thousands of local fans who came from different points of Iloilo, which is known as the hotbed of Philippine football.

Meanwhile, Filipino-British goalkeeper Neil Etheridge has arrived in Manila to join the team. -- With a report from Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News


  1. Anonymous said...
    Yes it was a big scare and embarassment for the Azkals if they lost even if it was only a practice game.

    Some comments/observations:
    1) Did the half-breeds played 100%? its either they under-estimated the youngsters from CPU or they're now behaving like stars. If you noticed it was the natives who did most of the work.
    2) It was very glaring that the CPU team out-run, out-maneuvered and out-hustled the Azkals. The CPU team made almost perfect passes and intecepted a lot of the Azkal's passes.
    3) The CPU team are disciplined and physically conditioned. they made the Azkals look like old men.Part of their rigid training.
    4) One thing is sure, though, it was the Ilongos who carried the day for both teams (they made the goals). Johnny said it right - there are a lot of talents residing outside of Metro Manila but they dont get noticed. Maybe Araneta should revise his grassroots program.

    By the way, students at Central Philippine University (CPU) start kicking balls in primary school - maybe they should look more this way.

    May 25, 2011 12:04 PM

  2. Not to mention the kids kicking balls in the dried-up rice paddies cum football field in the barangays of Barotac. Read the following article which appeared on the Inquirer a while back.


  3. the one who score the goal for CPU is not from CPU..heheheh...he is "Manok"...former FEU player..a "Barbarian"..native of Sta. Barbara Iloilo and at the same time..plays for Stallion FC football and futsal.."Balut" was also on the line up with Munoz, IFA U23 goalkeeper and former Azkal Jason Cordova..those Koreans are trained only in CPU..they were there to learn english and play football nothing more nothing less..after which they will be sold to professional football team there in korea...and maybe..in england...(see park ji sung)

  4. -Gudo Dragon

    Do you seriously think those Korean boys in CPU are top prospects enough to be professional players in Korea or Europe?
    Come on, Korea is one of the best footballing nation in Asia. They have great infrastructures, training systems, coaches and all. Their professional league is the best in Asia in terms of competitiveness, (See AFC Champions League history) and the clubs there have superb youth systems. So tell me why would Korean top prospects live and train in the Philippines, one of the WORST footballing nations in the world ? Just to learn English? haha.. then why not England?

    Korean players in Europe, including Park Ji Sung, were all produced under Korean youth systems. I don't know about CPU boys but one thing 100% sure is that they're FAAAAR from being Korean top prospects.

  5. the coaching staff should not be bias in selecting athletes. they only choice player whom they know or their parent were popular to pff. one thing that i observed, they conducted try outs for compliance purpose. They go to the province to find players but they already have their line-UP.