22 April 2016

UFL League: Bigger challenge, Fresh Start

Sparks had an up and down performance during the UFL Cup but the squad is getting ready to bounce back in the upcoming league. A lot of players are returning for the Sparks including UAAP players from the club’s UP contingent. Daniel Gadia, who featured in the final against JP Voltes, will finish with university commitments by the end of the month, and the new Philippine National Team recruit will be big boost heading into the next challenge.
“With players coming back, and us getting more and more confident, I think it’s kind of ominous for other teams,” said McMenemy.
McMenemy also added that some changes might happen to the squad leading into the league and the team is looking forward to a fresh start and to be a title contender. He iterated it might be difficult, but certainly not impossible.
Curt Dizon, who is looking to cement more regular playing time, added that the Sparks will be concentrating more on shoring up the defense in their upcoming games.
“Almost every game we concede a goal but, last two games that we were out we haven’t been conceding. Still, (we wont’t be) giving team opportunities to hit us,” said Dizon.
“We’ve got a lot to work on and the league will be starting soon and we’ll be ready for it,” Dizon added.
The UFL League is currently scheduled to begin on April 30. Full details to be announced soon.


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  3. "UFL League" = United Football League League.


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